Hello, nice to have you here. My name is Grit, I am 51 years old, have a thirty year old son and enjoy a happy relationship. My journey of self-knowledge and growth began 10 years ago. At that time, a burnout forced me to radically rethink my life. This painful turning point was also the greatest gift of my life. I gathered a lot of experiences and dealt with personality development, potential development, happiness research and psychology and found sustainable answers to create a self-determined and content life, in love with myself. Are you also on a journey to yourself and want to find out what potential you have inside? Then I am happy to accompany you as a Greator-Coach. Discover with me your true personality, gain new strength and courage to go your own way, recognize old patterns, beliefs and limitations, dissolve them and let go.

I lovingly accompany you towards more mindfulness and self-love. I support you in dissolving inner blocks and to exploit your full potential. Full of confidence to arrive fully with you and to go your heart's way.
I'm looking forward to seeing you!
Sincerely yours Daniela

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