I help ambitious women to find the balance between masculine energy (doing) and feminine energy (being/feeling) and meaningfulness. I want you to live a life and profession that inspires you wholeheartedly and ignites your inner fire! I use the Big Five for Life according to John Strelecky, human design, modern spirituality and life coaching. With my holistic approach of body, mind and soul, I support you sustainably on all levels so that you too can achieve your inner and thus also outer transformation with great ease and joy. Everything always starts within you first, Sunshine!

With my calm manner, I give the coachee space to develop their own ideas and grow beyond themselves. The joy of learning is the ultimate goal. With the resulting ease, every learning material becomes simply "strange". Learning goals and suitable units are determined and set together with the coachee.

This is me ... A passionate coach Born in Rheine in 1970, widowed, two grown-up daughters There is not much I enjoy more than what I do for a living: advising people and supporting them through change. Whether as a former finance graduate in a management position or today as a trainer and coach - the focus is always on people and their concerns. My personal and professional journey has broadened my expertise and sharpened my focus on people and their solutions. I see myself as an attentive encourager, a curious source of inspiration, a respectful listener, an empathetic nudger, an energetic opportunity thinker, a motivated discoverer of strength and an honest sparring partner.

I support you in perceiving yourself and your needs again and integrating them. I give you and your feelings the space you need to feel everything that wants to be felt. My own challenges from childhood enable me to perceive and understand you in your depths. We look at the beliefs, inner convictions and unconscious ways of looking at things in your life that keep creating things that you don't want. You give yourself the time for your inner clarification process. In this way, you will find your home within yourself so that you can weather all of life's storms. Everything at your own pace, as you can allow it. YOU are the center of attention. I look forward to seeing you. From the bottom of my heart, Anja.

It is important to me to offer a safe and familiar space and to conduct the coaching in a mindful and loving way. I have a high level of empathy for the people who confide in me and always give them plenty of space and time to really feel deeply and let go. I try to give good impulses in the right places to provide additional support. I want to inspire and motivate people with joy and enthusiasm. It is particularly important to me to treat people with loving appreciation.

My superpower is my empathy and sensitivity, which, with my fine antennae, make me a loving, honest companion for your issues. Sometimes you just need someone to take you by the hand and show you again how beautiful and unique you are, with every single facet, and how behind the supposedly greatest weaknesses often lie the most beautiful potentials. Are you ready to feel the magic of life again? 🙂 I look forward to seeing you! Your Sarah

As a coach, I am characterized by my strong empathy, which enables me to seamlessly empathize with the energy of my coachees. My loving guidance in the coaching process supports my coachees in achieving their goals and developing their full potential. Thanks to my own life experiences in various areas, such as relationships, in my job and within my family, I am able to empathize with my coachees' situations and support them with a wealth of experience.

Through my many years of professional experience as a qualified social education worker in various social professions, I have gotten to know a wide variety of people, each with their own challenges to overcome. I got to know many personalities and was able to learn how to respond to each person individually. I have developed an emphatic attitude that can look at the challenges in a solution-oriented and systemic way and can therefore provide a guide for my clients.

In over 20 years in the management and HR department of a large corporation, I have dealt with a wide variety of people and issues. They placed their trust in me and together we mastered conflicts, both in our professional and private lives. With the further training of the CHT technique and biological decoding, a successful program for women who want to live now was created. Since 2020, I have been supporting women in overcoming their limitations with their own abilities and thus creating a fulfilled life full of vitality. Through intensive feeling and logical understanding, the soul and the mind come together again and are thus in harmony again. My qualifications: Personality coach - Biological decoding - Cantor-Holistic-Touch - Channeling - Facilitator

A few years ago, a personal crisis led me to what I am passionate about today. Coaching! My experiences have made me the person I am today. I would be delighted to accompany you on your journey! Your Verena

I love supporting women in creating a life full of lightness, vitality and positive energy. I support you in regaining your balance, your inner center and in sorting yourself out, uncovering and questioning old patterns, inner drivers, etc. I motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and to be open and courageous for new things. I am convinced that you can use this power to be an incredibly attractive magnet! For your dream life! I want you to strengthen your self-worth so that no matter what happens on the outside, you stay with yourself and are always aware that you are valuable, important, unique and enough. That you live a freedom within yourself that offers you security at the same time. I support you on your journey into this wonderful, enchanting energy. Into your balance. Let's go on this exciting, wonderful journey together, on the journey back to YOU ♥

My way of coaching is a combination of sensitivity and clarity. I love being able to accompany people on their journey to recognize their own potential and to observe how new paths emerge for them.

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