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Your new life with Dr. Stefan Frädrich

Shape your life according to your ideas. The top expert for personality development Dr. Stefan Frädrich becomes your coach & mentor - start now 14 days free of charge into your new life

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The 99 weeks of coaching at a glance

Every week a new coaching video with Stefan. Learn to break old principles and build the life you want.

99 weeks of high quality workbooks with exercises & tips in which you can feel your personal growth every week.

5 Audio Impulse per week during your entire coaching experience. Here you will be personally motivated and supported by Stefan in voice notes.

At the 99-week community you will find support in the hectic everyday life and experience the power of positive people - who will help you to move forward.

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The coach who changes your life

"Your new life" is one of Germany's best online coaching sessions in the field of personal development. Dr. Stefan Frädrich has a degree in medicine, is known from various TV formats and is one of the country's most successful non-fiction authors, experts & trainers.

This year alone, over 1,500 participants have benefited from the success coaching and Stefan's knowledge from 30 years of experience. What are you waiting for? Convince yourself!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, as promised, you will get access to the weekly videos, workbooks, audio impulses and access to the exclusive Facebook group! That means you can start implementing your new life right away.

You don't have any risk. All contents of the respective coaching week are available to you for 14 days free of charge - videos, workbooks, audio impulses and access to the exclusive Facebook group! Only after that you start your subscription, which you can cancel on a monthly basis

You will receive a new video every week for 99 weeks, with exciting exercises, the results of which will surely surprise you and are guaranteed to help you progress. At the same time you will also receive a workbook with all the exercises, valuable tips and space for your reflections. Sharing is possible in the exclusive Facebook group (only for participants)!

Simple: Everything! Stefan will accompany you intensively online for 2 years (!), you will never have the feeling to be alone and you will get the knowledge of a coach who has over 20 years of experience in the field of personal development. And you will learn to bring all this into your life in a sustainable way.

Don't worry! Stefan is going through all areas of life with you bit by bit. You will get exercises from him that fit exactly to your level - and so you will definitely not be overstrained. So Stefan is with you almost every day and accompanies you intensively on the way into your new life. In addition, you will find countless like-minded people in the exclusive Facebook community, who will always be at your side even in challenging moments.

Oh yes! The exclusive 99-week Coaching Facebook group is for participants only - and grows every day! This is where the participants exchange ideas and experiences on a regular and intensive basis, sharing their experiences and ideas. Challenges are also openly addressed here - so you have a strong community behind you that will accompany you on your way to yourself!

As much as you want, as much as you can and as much as you're worth! You shouldn't forget: This is about you. You will be accompanied for 2 years by one of the most successful coaches in the country. Week after week you will receive a video plus the corresponding workbook. The videos are not too long and not too short - so that really everyone can spend enough time to work with and on themselves.

The concentrated knowledge of one of the most successful personality coaches in the country! And of course not only that: Stefan will take you by the hand and find out together with you what your strengths and weaknesses are. Where your potentials lie - and how you can achieve everything you really want. You will find out what the meaning of your life is and learn from Stefan how he mastered the challenges of his life - and not only became successful, but happy from the bottom of his heart.

Our participants are enthusiastic

What are you waiting for? 

Test 14 days without obligation and risk-free "Your new life" - and see for yourself. 

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