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Become a certified life coach and change the lives of many people!

Learn in our life coaching training valuable and field-tested life Coaching methods, with which you bring yourself and others into your full power. Let go of fears, follow your vision and plunge into an adventure that will change the lives of many.
Christina & Walter Hommelsheim - Lifecoaches & Greator Life Coach Trainers

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Your journey to becoming a life coach

Recognize what you really want in life

What do you really want to achieve in life and who do you want to be? Learn valuable methods to develop a clear vision for your fulfilled dream life.

Make peace with your past

Free yourself from negative beliefs and heal old wounds that keep you from realizing your dreams. Through letting go and forgiveness you will find inner peace.

Learn effective coaching tools

Immerse yourself in the unique coaching method of the "Lying Eight" by Christina and Walter. Take on the attitude of a coach, apply the method and explore your own issues.

Become a certified Greator Life Coach

Receive the exclusive "Greator Life Coach" certificate upon successful completion and become visible to potential clients on the Greator Coach Map.
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The more I live it, the better I feel!

- Mounier - Current training participant

The unique coaching method

The reclining Eight is a globally unique life coaching method that Christina and Walter developed themselves a few years ago. It combines retrospection in your Past (depth psychological work) with the preview of your future (findings from brain research and modern vision work). Thereby you direct the released energy from solved blockades to what you really want in your life. your Life drag want.
In short: this method combines causal work - "Why you Sync by honeybunny are as you are" - with vision work - "Like Be you Sync by honeybunny as you its want?".
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Tried and tested methods with guaranteed success

At Greator Life Coach, well-known and proven methods are used to bring you and later your clients to their full potential. Get to know them better here.

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    Deep meditations

    Embark on a journey into your inner self and gain new strength, new insights and new courage to go your own way. Professionally produced meditation music and sensitive guidance from our top coaches will bring you to your essence. With the help of guided meditations, you will move past thoughts and beliefs and finally recognize what you really want in your life.
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    Ho'oponopono - the forgiveness mantra

    The Hawaiian mantra according to Dr. Hew Len will support you in dissolving painful situations from the past and aligning yourself positively with the future. With ho'oponopono you learn to forgive yourself and others and thus regain valuable energy, which you need for your happy and self-determined life.
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    Vision work and mind movie

    Vision work is an important part of the training. Here you take a close look at your wishes and dreams - and find out how you can achieve them. You then create your own vision film with images and excerpts from the future you want to have. Your mind movie is a powerful tool that you can use to positively align your mindset and thoughts with your new future.
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    Your personality type with the help of the Enneagram

    Your Enneagram gives you information about the type of person you are. You will gain important insights into your needs, challenges, strengths and weaknesses - in later dealings with yourself and your clients, the Enneagram is very valuable, as it serves you as an interpersonal compass.
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    Inner child work

    Each of us has buttons that cause us to take certain actions when they are pushed. Behind this is often our "inner child". Learn to know it and to deal with it and your past in order to bring serenity and ease into your life.
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    "The Work" by Byron Katie

    Best-selling author and speaker Byron Katie has developed this powerful method that will help you dissolve old negative beliefs and come back into your full power.

What makes the certified Greator Life Coach training so special?


Full flexibility & highest training standards

New Videos Weekly: In several high-quality online coaching videos per week, Christina and Walter Hommelsheim teach you the respective topics and methods in an easy and varied way.
Digital Workbooks: Each week you will receive several workbooks with exercises and reflections to review and reinforce what you have learned. 
Live Sessions: Every month you can look forward to two inspiring live sessions with Christina and Walter. You will experience them up close and in exchange with some of the participants. Alternately, every 2nd week you will have the opportunity to participate in a live Q&A and get in direct contact with your co-/head coach.
Meditation: In each session, deep meditation will allow you to free yourself from your old thinking, feeling, and behaviour patterns. Learn more.
Quiz: After each week, you will receive a short quiz with a few questions to test your current level of knowledge and reinforce what you have learned. This way you always know that you have understood and internalized the content.

Opportunities for direct exchange

Live Events: During the two live events you will have several days to exchange ideas with other participants, you will get to know Christina and Walter and you will practice the learned coaching methods yourself in live coaching sessions.
Community: In the exclusive Greator community you will meet like-minded people for personal exchange. Thanks to our local learning group, you will immediately know which other participants are located in your area. Learn more.
Local Meet-Ups: You will have the opportunity to share experiences and topics or practice the coaching methods you have learnt at one of our (self-organized) small group meet-ups. These will take place either online, on-site, or in a city or town near you.

Qualified degree & good prospects

Certified Greator Coach: After fulfilling all the requirements, you will have access to the theoretical and practical final exam. If you pass, you will receive your Greator Life Coach certification.
Inclusion on the Greator Coach Map:  After your training you will become part of our community as a certified Greator Life Coach and benefit from our Greator network, which already includes many well-known coaches.

What makes the certified Greator Coach program so special?


Full flexibility & highest training standards

Weekly new Weekly: Christina and Walter Hommelsheim will teach each topic and method through two varied, high-quality, and efficient online coaching videos per week.
Digital Workbooks: Every week you will receive a digital workbook with exercises and reflections to revise and consolidate your learning.
Live Q&A Sessions: Christina and Walter are available to take questions and interact with participants directly during their monthly online live Q&A sessions
Meditation: In each session, deep meditation will allow you to free yourself from your old thinking, feeling, and behaviour patterns. Learn more.
Tests: After each week you will receive a short test with some questions to assess your current level of knowledge and to consolidate what you have learned. This ensures that you always understand and internalize the content.

Opportunities for direct exchange

Live Events: During the two live events you will have three days to share experiences with other participants, get to know Christina and Walter, and practice the methods you have learnt in live coaching sessions.
Community: In a community of like-minded people you will learn and develop together. In the exclusive Greator Member Space you will meet your community for personal exchange and receive support from certified head coaches. Learn more.
Local Meet-Ups: You will have the opportunity to share experiences and topics or practice the coaching methods you have learnt at one of our (self-organized) small group meet-ups. These will take place either online, on-site, or in a city or town near you.

Qualified degree & good prospects

Certified Greator Coach: After completing your 12-month training, you will receive your certification as a Greator Coach.
Inclusion on the Greator Coaching Map: After your training you will be a certified Greator Coach and become part of our community. You will join the many renowned coaches who are already benefiting from our Greator Network.

Trust that everything will come at the right time

- Melanie - Current training participant

About Christina & Walter Hommelsheim

Christina and Walter Hommelsheim are successful coaches, trainers, speakers and bestselling authors. They have not only realized their dream of owning their own house on the lake, but also live their calling to accompany other people with passion sustainably to more ease, confidence and success in life.

But that was not always the case. Both have gone through different personal crises - and have consciously created their own self-determined and happy lives along the way. They have realized that they are only truly free when they make peace with their past. That is why they have completed numerous trainings and intensively dealt with themselves. Their qualifications include: the "Heilpraktiker Psych", "NLP Trainer and Coach" (n. R. Bandler), Gestalt therapy (5 years, Däumling Institute Bonn), systemic coaching (Sieger Consulting), a yoga teacher training (Aum Hari, Frankfurt), Dr. Joe Dispenza vision work, epigenetics coach (Dr. Manuel Burzler), neurosystemic integration, trauma sensitive coaching (Verena König), DAN energy work, medial coaching (Yvonne Grevenitz) and much more!

Today, they have been accompanying people as trainers and coaches for over 20 years to believe in themselves again and to realize their dreams.

Greator as a state-approved educational institute

Greator is one of the most successful coaching institutes in Germany. As a state-approved educational institute, we work closely with the best experts in Germany to ensure that we provide the best quality for our trainings. With over 6,000 satisfied training participants already, we have proven our expertise and commitment to excellence. Our vision is to empower as many people as possible with the best coaching methods to unleash their full potential for themselves and others. Discover Greator and get trained as a certified coach!
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Your Greator Life Coach Certificate

After your successful practical final examination you will receive your Greator Life Coach Certification and your entry on our Greator Coach Map. So your Self-employment no longer in the way.

This is what our participants say about Greator Life Coach Training

"As the training has progressed, I have regained confidence in myself and feel reconnected to myself. That is such a wonderful feeling, everyone should know that! As a Greator Life Coach, I want to make that possible for others."
Nadja, 34 I Employee in HR Consulting / Human Resources and Organizational Development
"I am currently in the 10th week of training and already feel much more relaxed and balanced than before. I really notice a relevant relaxation and improvement in the quality of life that I really didn't dream of."
Oliver, 47 I Doctor
"I felt for the first time in a long time that I was allowed to just be myself without filling a role. I learned that I am absolutely okay the way I am. For the first time, I felt what my heart really wants, what my true calling is, and where I'm allowed to go."
Sandra, 32 I Self-employed as Greator Life Coach
What happens in the initial interview

How can you be part of the training?

Step 1

Initial interview

In a non-binding initial interview, you will first find out with one of our experts whether the training is right for you and whether you feel comfortable with us.

Step two:

Does everything fit?

Great! Then you can make a second appointment. Here you can ask all your questions in detail before we decide on the way together. Afterwards we will help you with your registration.

Step Three:

Let's go!

Soon you will start your Greator Life Coach training together with all participants, Christina and Walter. You can expect 9 months full of exciting, educational and life-changing content. Have fun on your journey into the life you desire with all your heart.
100% free & without obligation

We look forward to getting to know you!

When you book an interview appointment, you will automatically be assigned to one of our experts.

Each of them is looking forward to answering your questions about the Greator Life Coach training and to find out together with you if the program is the right fit for you.

The conversations are of course completely free and without obligation. You should simply have an all-round good feeling.
100% free & without obligation

The most frequently asked questions about training

What exactly does it mean to be a Greator Life Coach at the end of the training?

When you have successfully completed your training, you will receive the Greator Life Coach certificate from us. This entitles you to start your own life coaching business.

As a certified Life Coach you are also part of our community and benefit from our Greator network, which already includes many well-known coaches.

This will give you the opportunity to be included in the international Greator Coach Map, which will help you get started in your coaching business and access to your clients.

What can I use the Greator Life Coach training for if I don't want to start my own business with it?

Many of our participants do not do the training because they want to take off later professionally - but use it for their personal growth.

Because through the tools you get taught, you develop yourself personally enormously and at the same time you can support people in your professional or personal environment.

For example, if you work in a hospital, in a practice or in nursing, after this training you will be able to respond even more empathetically to your patients and also find out "non-physical" reasons behind their complaints.

As a teacher, the skills you learn here can help you better understand your students, identify problems earlier, or discover and strengthen potential.

In your circle of friends and acquaintances, a better understanding of personality types and communication patterns will help you resolve conflicts more easily and elevate relationships to whole new levels.

As you can see, the application possibilities are very diverse!

How much time do I have to invest if I want to do the training?

How much time you spend training per day is up to you!

However, we recommend that you invest at least 4-7 hours per week in your Greator Life Coach training to stay on top of your game.

If you don't have time or energy to work on the assignments and exercises for one or more weeks, don't worry!

You can always make it up and continue at that pace to keep the enjoyment of the training and not make it a compulsion!

Am I bound by the requirement to complete the training in 9 months?

The 9 months are a guideline for you to motivate you to stay on the ball. You have a total of up to 18 months to complete the training.

Since new videos, workbooks, and exercises will be unlocked to you every week, and the live sessions are also weekly, it makes sense to stick to the 9 months in order to stay on the same page with your group.

But it's no problem at all if you want to take more time.

You can watch all live sessions as a recording afterwards and all content (workbooks, videos, exercises, meditations) will remain with you indefinitely.

This way, you really won't miss anything and you won't be at a disadvantage if, for example, you go on vacation, are sick or simply want to take a break.

The Greator Life Coach training takes place online. How do you ensure the quality and support?

The training is structured in such a way that you can conveniently access the content from anywhere and at any time. You continue your education at your own pace and also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with the community at any time.

Through our proven buddy system, you will also find your exchange partner for the next 9 months right from the start of your training. So you are never alone.

In addition, there is a live session with Christina and Walter in person twice a month. Here you always have the chance to get a mini-coaching from Christina and Walter and ask your questions.

To make sure you're well looked after in the meantime, there are more live Q&A sessions with our head coaches. The appointments take place at different times: In the morning, in the evening or even on the weekend. You can choose the date that suits you best.

You will also have a local learning group with 20-30 participants from your area with whom you can exchange ideas at any time.

For Greator as well as for your trainers Christina and Walter, it is a top priority that you achieve sustainable success during your training and that we offer you the highest quality standards.

I would like to start my own business as a life coach. How do you help me with this?

A great decision! With your successful final exam, you will receive your certificate as a "Greator Life Coach" from us and can use this as a seal of quality for your coaching self-employment. You can also be listed on our Coach Map, which makes you visible and bookable for potential clients.
We also support you with your positioning, your online marketing and give you a concrete roadmap that you can use for yourself and the start of your self-employment.
Still there? Then clarify your questions now!
100% free & without obligation
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