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Greator Coach is a 9-month coaching training consisting of two levels:
Month 1-3: Greator Coaching Practitioner (looking inward)
Month 4-9: Greator Coach (learning coaching methods and how to apply them).
After 9 months you will receive your Greator Coach certificate following your successful completion of the final exam.
The Greator Coach training started for the first time on 01.08.2020. The next start of the training is on 10.11.2021. It is important to us that you do not start the training alone, but together with a group of other participants. This should make it easier for you and the others to network and exchange ideas. For this reason, you can only start the Greator Coach training at a certain time (usually every 3 months).
Yes, after successfully completing the training, an exclusive certificate will be issued for you! We deliberately have our own certification, because external certifications require criteria that do not fit the coaching concept we have developed ourselves.
The training lasts 9 months and takes place online. So you can participate in the training from any location.

If you choose the Greator Coach Practitioner (month 1-3 of the training) you can additionally participate in a 3-day live event online or offline. If you want to complete the full Greator Coach (9 months), your training will include two live events. Currently, the decision whether the events take place online or offline is very much related to the development and expansion of COVID-19. You will also have the opportunity to meet independently with local groups in the field.
We want everyone to have the opportunity to do the Greator Coach training. Our high-quality and extensive online coaching and workbooks will allow you to work flexibly from home, whilst still receiving the highest quality training. We believe that managing your own time allows you to reach maximum success. In addition, our online training saves you a lot of hassle and even money: You don't have to spend a single cent on travel or accommodation costs that would be incurred if you had to travel to coaching sessions in Germany. And don't worry, because with this online training, you will still maintain close contact with the other participants. You will learn, support, and develop together. In the exclusive Greator member area you will interact with your community and receive support from certified Greator Head Coaches. There will also be two exclusive live events for the chance to meet each other in person!
Your online training consists of numerous live digital events in which you learn and apply all the methods and tools you need as a Greator coach. These take place - depending on the occasion - sometimes in small and sometimes in larger groups. For example, every month you will be connected live to intensive coaching sessions in which you will experience first-hand how your coaches Christina and Walter apply the methods they teach. You can ask them your questions directly and effectively gain practical experience. In order to apply the methods you have learned in practice, you will also coach other participants regularly via video call in your practice coaching sessions from the 7th month onwards.
When you have successfully completed your training, you will receive a Greator Coach certificate. This entitles you to start your own Greator Coaching Business. As a certified Greator Coach, you are also part of our community and benefit from our Greator Network, which already includes many renowned coaches. This gives you the opportunity to be included in the international Greator Coach Map, which makes it easier for you to get started in your coaching business and build your client base.
In order to get your first clients for your own online coaching, you need the right tools and the know how to position yourself as a coach. All this you get after the 9th month of your Greator coach training in the form of the "Greator Coaching Business Bonus" from us for free. In this online coaching, your already well-known trainers Walter and Christina Hommelsheim will show you how to take the first steps into your self-employment with the right mindset. You will also get the best tips for your positioning from Greator founder Dr. Stefan Frädrich. The successful online marketer and entrepreneur Marvin Schulz will also show you how to win your first customers through clever online marketing.
You can participate in the Greator Coach training from the age of 16. Of course, there are no upper limits 😃
After over 50 incredible personal development events and with over 80,000 visitors, we are excited to offer our own coaching training. We want to make our training available to as many people as possible - with the greatest flexibility in time and space. A coaching training that can be easily integrated into everyday life - and still has the quality, intensity and experience of a 'traditional' on-site training.

But our training is characterized above all by the fact that we are firmly convinced that a good coach should also have worked on his own life issues. In order to ensure this very high quality standard of our training, you will dedicate the first three months of the training primarily to your own topics. This will not only give you a better access to yourself, but also to your future clients. You will not find this in any other training.

At the end of the Greator Coach training, we will also help you to successfully build your business as a coach - with positioning and marketing knowledge that will be irreplaceable for you.
Basically, the training to become a Greator coach takes 9 months. During this time you will receive regular weekly coaching content in the form of videos and workbooks from us, which require about 3 hours of time. In addition, there will be live sessions and Q&A's that will take about 1-2 hours of time. Beyond that, you can still spend time with your buddy and the community. However, when and at what pace you work on the content is completely up to you. If you need breaks, want to review content, or just need more time, that's perfectly fine. This training is intentionally online to give you maximum flexibility and independence.
Definitely! We believe that any excellent coach should first go through their own processes and issues, because only then you will know what you are talking about in your coaching sessions. You can empathize with the feelings and thoughts of others, show them understanding and provide competent, fast, and lasting support. That's why every Greator Coach goes through his or her own transformation process (Greator Coaching Practitioner) in the first six months of his or her training with us. Only then do you start the part of the training where you learn how to coach and support others (Greator Coach).

Helping people - Why coaching yourself is so fulfilling

Maybe you've experienced how good it feels to be there for someone in a difficult time. It doesn't matter whether you can give good advice, speak loving words to that person, or simply listen when you are needed.

We - Christina and Walter Hommelsheim - have been experiencing for over 15 years how good it is for ourselves to help people rediscover their zest for life and turn their inner radiance outward.

This is exactly what makes us jump out of bed joyfully in the morning: Showing people ways out of their dead ends and helping them to more ease, confidence and success.
Coaching Experts Christina & Walter Hommelsheim

Now is the time to live your future!

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