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Understand your behaviour. Live your strengths.

What would it mean to you when... would better understand your own behavior and that of others? know where your potential lies? could handle stress better?
greator personality test pro

Scientifically proven

Greator Personality Test Pro

It's as simple as that:

Step 1
Get the Greator Personality Test Pro and the 
>> Knowledge of human nature<< video course (free of charge) for only 67€.
Step 2
After payment you will receive your personal questionnaire. You answer a total of 48 questions about your personality and click >>Confirm<<.
Step 3
As soon as you have answered all the questions, your questionnaire will be evaluated. Your individual test result will be sent to your e-mail box about 10 minutes later.
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greator personality test pro
Greator personality test Pro

In your personal evaluation, you'll learn...

... where your individual strengths lie
... what potential still lies within you
... how to avoid stress in everyday life to get the most out of yourself every day... to avoid conflict with others...

Not sure yet? Take the free personality test!

In the personality test you get 16 questions about your personality and a first impression of what type of person you are. The personality test helps you to identify your personal strengths in the first step. Answering the questions takes only 3 minutes. The result will surprise you - guaranteed!
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The short test was just the beginning - now take the next step towards your self-realization!


Your individual result:
What color are you?
Dr. Stefan Frädrich's knowledge of human nature course
(value: 49€)
How do you come across to others:
Your external behavior profile
Recommendations for action, how to achieve your goals according to your type


New, more extensive test with more in-depth result
The 6 areas of life
and how you act in them
What effect do you have on other people?
Your 3 behavioral profiles show you!
Recommendations for action, how to achieve your goals according to your type
BONUS: Knowledge of human nature course with Dr. Stefan Frädrich (value: 49 €)
Includes 30 day money back guarantee!
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Your result is scientifically sound

The model is based on the four behavioral dimensions D (dominant), I (influencing), S (steady) and G (cautious).

It is originally based on the work of William Moulton Marston, was further developed by Prof. Dr. John G. Geier and supplemented by the DISG personality test.

The scientific model explains to you the various human behavioral tendencies.






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What our participants say

"It's impressive how accurately the test mapped my personality. I realized that I already really like a lot of facets about myself, but that there are still a few points I can work on a little!"

- Isabel Krämer -


"I can't believe how right this test was. Really made me think about what I actually want to achieve in my life. I now understand my negative behavior patterns and can proactively work on my relationships. Thank you!"

- Susanne Maier -

Marketing Expert
personality test testimonial
"After the test I almost felt caught out. My strengths and weaknesses were recorded in great detail - I'm really surprised how accurate the evaluation is! It was definitely worth it - a great investment in my personal development!"

- Philipp Eppig -

100% money back

With our trust guarantee you take no risk! 

You can ask for a full refund within 30 days. If you are not 100% convinced that the analysis and the course will pay off for you, just let us know. Without giving any reasons. That's it for you. Your 
Money back guarantee

Frequently asked questions about the Greator Personality Test Pro

The analysis is created individually based on your answers. You will receive your analysis conveniently by e-mail no later than 10 minutes after completing the questionnaire. By the way: For the personality analysis PRO you need about 10 minutes.
No. You only pay once for your Greator Personality Analysis, which by the way costs you less than 100 euros - and you finally find out who you are, how you are liked and how you can become successful & happy. You also get the online course "People skills" by Dr. Stefan Frädrich for free.
The test is based on scientific findings. It has been used successfully for years by professional coaches, trainers, therapists, companies and even large corporations worldwide. The personality analysis is very detailed and accurate. Nevertheless: Should you be disappointed against all expectations, you will get your money back. Completely and without further questions.
The Greator Personality Test PRO is based on scientific findings of the psychologist Prof. John G. Geier. The results of his work can be traced back to the behavioral observations of psychologist William M. Marston. From them Geier developed the personality model. You have already seen it in your short test result: Your behavior is broken down into 4 different dimensions. In your short test result you are the dominant, initiative, steady or conscientious type. That is one of your main characteristics. But you also know that you react differently in certain situations. These are the other behavioral dimensions that are based here on your basic type - but still correspond to several. In all 4 dimensions it is mainly about perception and reaction to your environment. In order to understand why you react, how you react and what really drives you from within, you need to find out which dimensions complement your main type - and this is what you will find out in the scientifically based Greator Personality Test PRO.
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