You are already a speaker?

THESTAGE is your way to the Greator stage.

For experienced speakers made for the Greator stage. You have the choice which stage it will be. The requirement: You prove yourself in front of our Greator jury.
SO you get on stage

THESTAGE at a glance

Summarized briefly and succinctly for you once again:
What includes THESTAGE?
2x 1:1 online performance coaching sessions (1 hour each)
1x online final coaching (à 1 hour)
Your personal contact for questions about your appearance
Dress rehearsal for the preparation of the performance
Performance on the stage of your choice
High-quality recording of the performance in HD & TV quality with several high-resolution camera perspectives for your own marketing purposes
Image package with high-resolution photos of the appearance for self-promotion

For whom is THESTAGE thought?

For all those who ...
have already appeared before our "G" and can present a new keynote
Have successfully completed the Greator Speaker training.
Who can convince us with a well-structured keynote that is relevant and offers real added value for the audience
4 steps onto the stage

How to get your Desire stage

Fill out application form

We want to know more about your stage experience and keynote.
Book a consultation

We will advise you in detail and answer your questions about THESTAGE
Submit Keynote Video

You submit a recording of your keynote via video.

The Greator jury will decide if you are ready for the Greator stage. 

Give your words a stage - 
3 stages to choose from

Whether it's the classic with the Cologne Volksbühne or the festival performance - you can be sure of an enthusiastic audience.

Greator Festival Online

Your choice if you're looking for the widest possible reach. Over 100,000 people signed up for the online festival last year. You inspire thousands of people from the Greator studio in Cologne. Plus, you're part of the premium recording package. 
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Greator Speaker Night

Are you looking for a real event feeling and interaction with the audience? Then the Greator speaker night at the Volksbühne in Cologne is just right for you. 300-400 enthusiastic spectators and the real Greator flair await you. An experience that you will not forget in a hurry.

Greator Festival

Are you in the middle of the line-up at the biggest festival for personal development? Yes, you can! You can perform next to the biggest stars of the scene at the same event. Probably the biggest gig of your life.
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Why this application process?

Our highest demand is quality for you and our community.
Maybe you have already visited a Greator event and experienced this special atmosphere. An enthusiastic audience makes the performance something very special. 

We want to create an unforgettable event for you as a speaker and also for the entire audience. And that's exactly why it's so important for us to have quality control.

This quality control is exactly your application to get on the Greator stage. First we have a get-to-know-you interview, then you send us your application video in the form of a keynote and after that we make the decision if you are ready for the Greator stage.
"A high quality content and professionally organized online festival."
Joey Kelly
Musician, extreme athlete & entrepreneur
"Why Greator? Because it brings personal development to many people in a very personable way."
Laura Malina Seiler
Visionary, Empowerment Coach,
"Incredibly awesome!!! The guys and gals behind the scenes, have only made it this incredibly awesome moment / event!"
Benjamin Schäfer
Speaker & Coach
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