Greta Silver (71): "A new start is possible at any age!"

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The thoughts in our head get us down. Greta Silver can tell stories upon stories about that. For years before she decided to reboot, she panicked about being targeted by burglars. "By becoming aware of my fear and flipping the switch, I was able to finally sleep again. No one ever came, by the way," Greta told us at the Cologne Speakers' Night at the Volksbühne on Rudolfplatz. "I don't mean the fear of the saber tooth. But the one that gets us down, that takes away our courage to dare something new."

Before the new start: Free yourself from your fears

Only later did Greta Silverthat 95% of her energy and thoughts vanished into thin air. Because she became aware of her fears. "By the way, this is a statistically proven number and it affects you too. Look at it, what does fear do to you? It's a marketing tool, a commodity to be sold. But I live fear-free today. It's pure freedom, an incredible gift," the speaker encourages. And you can do it too!

Greta Silver: Bring your life into balance

What is your perception, she asks the audience? In Hamburg, she says, the number of burglaries and thefts has improved by 48.9%. "People living in extreme poverty worldwide was 29% 20 years ago. Today, it is "only" 9%. "Without question, there is still much to be done. As long as one more child goes hungry and dies from it, that belongs in the news. But it's up to us to bring balance to these facts," Greta Silver finds.

New start - take responsibility for your happiness now

"What are you Fear? To make a decision or to speak plainly? Are you afraid to take responsibility for your own happiness? This isn't working. It's your responsibility. You'll learn what that really means once you realize you can't blame anyone else for your unhappiness," the Youtuber knows from her own experience. "When I realized this back then, I felt it was cruel at first. Until I realized: this is pure freedom. I am no longer dependent on circumstances, people or the weather. Instead, I decide for myself - in everything! Because I have my happiness in my hands."

"You can grow from defeat"

Do not be afraid of old age, is the Life motto the 71-year-old. "Especially from the age of 60, you get a package as a present - and with a red bow. I get up in the morning and think, 'What great thing is happening again today?' Now is my time to make my dreams come true," spouts the "Best Ager Model" full of joie de vivre. Try yourself out. Really get into it - she urges. "Use your trampoline as a life skill. Because no human being can avoid defeats. They are part of life and make us strong. You can grow from defeats. But I have learned at my age to look around to the right and to the left. Because there are many gifts waiting. I can tell you this: At 60, life really begins!"

Greta Silver: A new start is possible at any age

But the elderly among us may also be aware of some treasures, says Greta Silver. "The rollator, for example, is a great little helper. Not to mention all the technological advancements. A stair lift doesn't take you straight into the coffin. It's Ferrari, getting you from point A to point B. Internalize what your value is. That's important!" Brain research has proven that there is a great deal lying dormant in our heads, which we can use by Enthusiasm may kiss awake. We have all the opportunities. "But how often do I hear from 40-year-olds: 'I'd love to do that someday!' Fresh starts are possible at any age - I'm the best example of that."

Find the little happiness in the everyday

Because Greta Silver has high school diploma. And nothing else. "For 17 years, I've taken care of my three children. In that time I learned one thing: I have to find the little happiness in the everyday. Then, at the age of 48, I went into business for myself. My not knowing anything made me jump into projects in a completely different way. I was able to break through boundaries - and I still do the same today. I worked as a journalist, had my own PR agency, and became a model at 60." At 66, when others retire, she opened her own YouTube channel, where Greta tells the world how great it is to be old. And most importantly, how you can manage to live in ease again. It's all doable!

Live your talents like Greta Silver

"I've become the gateway for business - completely surprising to myself - for the best-agers, where you used to think they were only for support stockings and magnesium!", Greta Silver makes it clear that there is creative power in everyone. "When I was 17, I decided I was going to live to 120. I am now in the prime of my life at 71. There are still so many talents that want to be lived. And I throw this ball to all of you now. For there is still so much slumbering that now wants to see the light of day. Live your full version now, just like you order your car. With all the extras. The world needs people like you. Expect this from life. It's yours for the taking!"


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