Being happy - not a coincidence, but a conscious decision

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Being happy - not a coincidence, but a conscious decision

Happiness means something different to everyone. For some it is health, for others prosperity and still others see their family as their greatest happiness. But basically, there is no one specific thing that defines happiness. Rather, it is the interplay of various factors that make up the perfect mix. To be precise, there are five so-called happiness factors that influence your Satisfaction take:

  1. Inner attitude
  2. Self-determination
  3. Sense
  4. Social contacts5. Health

5 factors determine your journey to happiness

Every person is individual and so is their perception of happiness. Nevertheless, we are all concerned with the question: "What means happy be?" Researchers have discovered that it is precisely these five factors that make us feel good. But let's start from the beginning.

Being happy thanks to the right inner attitude

First and foremost is your inner attitude. If you go through life positively and see the good things, you will feel better in the here and now and also look forward to the future more confidently. It is not a matter of becoming compulsively optimistic, but of learning to deal with your own emotional world properly.

If you understand why you are sad or even angry at the moment, you can also better categorize and process these emotions. That's what makes you stronger and stronger, and stressful situations and problems don't bother you as much. You go much more serene with it - you will simply be happier.

Attract happiness through self-determination

Attract happiness through self-determination

Who wouldn't like to be their own boss? This may not always be possible at work, but it is in private life. If you do something out of your own motivation, you are much more committed to it. You show great stamina and simply perform better. If you are pushed to do something, the whole thing looks very different, doesn't it?

Various Studies prove that acting on one's own motivation actually makes one happy. For example, test persons were asked to fill out a questionnaire that not only determined the degree of their own satisfaction, but also that of self-determination in life. The result was clear: happiness increased with freedom of decision and action.

Realize the meaning and just be happy

It is in the nature of mankind to always ask for the meaning. Keep that in mind! Check the meaningfulness of some things, if you are unsure with the question: "What is that? Need behind it?" Close your eyes and see what answer arises in you. Because often we want to possess or achieve something because we fundamentally lack appreciation, attention or recognition.  

It's different with things where you actually see a purpose and realize that you are really needed here. With the feeling of being able to make a valuable contribution, the satisfaction and thus the feeling of happiness also increases.

You don't have to lay the foundation for something world-changing. It's enough if you can help others with it or if it simply brings you fun. The important thing is that you see a purpose behind what you do.

Finding happiness in the group

Finding happiness in the group

Man is and always will be a pack animal. He is simply not for the Loneliness but for life in the community. As a social being, he strives to belong somewhere and that is what makes him happy. Contact with family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues contributes significantly to your well-being.

People who have a very close relationship with certain fellow human beings describe themselves as more balanced and happier and are significantly less prone to mental illness. What is important here is that the contact is personal. A long list of friends on social media has a much smaller effect. So take the time to visit your family more often or to meet up with your best friends after work.

Health as the key to being happy

Health is very important when it comes to being happy. But often you only become aware of this in times of illness. Numerous Studies prove that healthy people are happier - that is hardly surprising. Because those who are happy with themselves are less likely to be ill and do not attract stress in the same way as others. Or deal with it differently! 

We all go through situations that don't go well sometimes. You probably know this - wanting to bury your head in the sand from time to time. But this is exactly where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

If you lose yourself in this negativity and dive deeper and deeper into it, you also intensify the stress. This does not leave your health unscathed and issues like high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, headaches or even heart attacks become more and more present.

9 tips for more joie de vivre

Finally take your happiness into your own hands and get back your quality of life! How to do it? With these 9 tips:

  1. Start your day with a Smile and trick your brain with it. It releases the appropriate messenger substances and lets you attract happiness like a magnet.
  2. Take time for things you like to do and meet people who are close to your heart. In short: Collect moments of happiness!
  3. Be grateful for all that you have already accomplished in life.
  4. Incorporate regular relaxation breaks into your everyday life to Reduce stress and maximize feelings of happiness.
  5. Go out into the fresh air and enjoy nature. It radiates a peace and purity that cannot be put into words and brings you back down to earth. It's not for nothing that forest walks have long been prescribed as a method of therapy in Asia.
  6. Learn to say "no" to things that aren't good for you. You have absolutely no time to be burdened with yet another task that no one else wants to do? Then turn it down, because you're allowed to do that too.
  7. Enjoy the present and don't get lost in thoughts of future or past events. You can no longer change the past. With what you do today, you determine your future. So live in the here and now.
  8. Don't lose sight of your dreams, because they are what make you happy. The closer you get to fulfilling them, the greater the Feelings of happiness.
  9. Write a happiness list and use it to keep reminding yourself of your goals. What you have once written down takes on a presence that mere thoughts can never achieve.
Be happy

Why are some people not happy?

You have your happiness in your own hands. But that is often easier said than done. Some people are simply not happy, although they would like to be of course. How can one be happy and what is the reason that some are not? In most cases, the cause lies in one of the following four points:

  1. You compare yourself too much to others.
  2. You're not grateful for all the things you already have.
  3. You don't dare to use your  Leave comfort zone.
  4. You cling to the past or fear the future.

You are unique, never forget that. What good does it do you to constantly compare yourself to others? What will get you ahead is to put your old Beliefs and dissolve patterns. Everyone takes their own individual journey through life. Everyone starts at a different point and faces different tasks.

If you always compare yourself with others, it will often make you dissatisfied make. One thing you must never forget: You don't know if what a person shows on the outside is the whole truth. A life, no matter how perfectly portrayed, can be marked by countless negative events that you just don't get to see.

If you focus on yourself and your own personal strengths, you will continue to develop them. Of course, there's nothing wrong with being inspired by others - it's even good! But in the end, it's you and what you put your mind to that counts.

Don't forget how lucky you already are...

Keep reminding yourself of all that you have already achieved in your life! Being happy with what you have is an important step in the right direction.

A small example: More than 200 million people in India go to sleep every night with growling stomachs. A filling meal triggers indescribable feelings of happiness in them. Recall such examples again and again when you think that you don't have any food. Happiness in life.

Dare to take the first steps in a new direction

Of course, being grateful doesn't mean you should disregard your goals. Quite the opposite! Personal progress makes you happy, no question. But you can only progress if you dare to step out of your comfort zone. As nice as it is there, it prevents you from growing, also in terms of your own happiness.

Don't hide in your comfort zone, because your dreams are out there waiting to be fulfilled and give you unique moments of happiness. Have the courage to live the life you want, not the one that is comfortable. Don't waste too many thoughts on what might happen if you fail. 

The present counts

The last time you showed any courage, you weren't... successful? Why would that mean it won't be you this time? Detach yourself from the thought in your head that is associated with a fear. More than 60,000 thoughts run through our heads every day and more than 95 % of them revolve around the past. Isn't that an incredible amount of wasted potential?

Live in the here and now and learn to enjoy the moments. Don't worry about the past, but also don't worry about the future. Of course, in certain situations it is important to think ahead. But don't forget to be aware of the present.

Later you will be angry that you did not fully enjoy special moments because you were mentally trapped in the past or the future. You may find yourself more and more able to see positivity in the negative events of the past. Like gratitude. 


Can you learn to be happy?

Are you one of those people who think some people are just born with the right amount of luck in their pocket and everything just flies to them? Then you probably laugh at the saying, "Every man is the architect of his own fortune." But the fact is, no one comes unhappy to the world.

Believe it or not, your happiness is in your own hands. The difference is not in your genes or the power of the universe. Happiness is a choice. Are you willing to change your inner attitude and actions? Because this is exactly how everyone can learn to be happy.

Happiness comes from active action

A whopping 40% of the differences in happiness are due to being active. Of course, sometimes there are setbacks in life that make it quite difficult to always be happy. But no matter how difficult the times are, you are left with one thing: your own personal places of happiness. How do you find your way there? With the help of your decision for a positive life.

You yourself have the choice of which profession you pursue, with whom you spend your free time or on which things you concentrate after your well-earned evening off. All these seemingly small aspects have a big influence on your personal happiness.

In a self-determined and happy life there is no place for negative thoughts, so banish them as soon as possible. You are the person who holds the responsibility for your own happiness in your hands and no one else.

Find your own formula for happiness

Not all happiness is the same. It is as individual as you are. So to find out what makes you really happy, you should first understand your personality better. Our free personality test will help you with that.

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