Always ahead in class thanks to homework support

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Always ahead in class thanks to homework support

All the learning material, classwork and homework can be quite a lot for children. Not everyone finds it easy to stay on the ball - performance can drop off. But then no one has to bury their head in the sand. A competent homework tutor can help. What exactly you can expect from them and how you can find a good homework tutor, you can read here.

What is homework help actually?

Students are often left alone after the end of class. They are expected to do their homework on their own and to work through material they have not yet understood. This is often quite a lot to ask, especially of young students. Parents are often not the right person to talk to, either, because their school days were a while ago. Homework tutors, on the other hand, know exactly how to offer support in such situations.

They do not only support the students in doing their homework, even if the name suggests that. They also offer help with learning and catching up on lessons. Not every student has the same learning speed. Some learn things quickly, while others learn things more slowly. For other learners, it's the other way around.

Each student is individual and so is the learning behavior. Homework tutors respond precisely to this. The children do not have to be afraid of being ridiculed or even laughed at because of their questions.

What do you do in homework help?

Homework supervision can take place at home or in a permanent facility. In a pleasant learning atmosphere, the students solve their schoolwork and can ask questions and seek help at any time. Together with the tutors, they can study for the next test if necessary, or go over content that they are still having problems with or that they have missed due to illness, for example.

Homework supervision made easy - 4 tips for getting started

When it comes to the topic of homework supervision, your child will certainly not be very enthusiastic at first. So it's all the more important that you make things as pleasant and easy for them as possible. To help you do that, we've put together four valuable tips for you.

1. choose the right time

To determine the perfect time, observe how your child behaves in everyday life. Does he or she come home from school completely exhausted and need a break? Can he or she still be motivated to get back to schoolwork afterwards? Or should he or she do it right after class because the train has simply left later? Based on your observations, you can determine the ideal time for homework supervision when your child can still concentrate well.

2. search out the suitable place

Some students have trouble studying at home because they can't concentrate enough there. Distractions lurk everywhere and homework time drags on unnecessarily. This can be very demotivating. If your child feels the same way, choose a different location for homework time.

But it can also be the other way around. If homework help takes place in another place where your child feels incredibly uncomfortable, he or she will be very reluctant to show up. In that case, your own home may very well be the right choice.

3. form a learning group

Sitting down alone in the afternoon to do homework - there are definitely nicer things for children and young people. They would much rather spend time with their friends! That's exactly what you can do. Talk to the parents of other children in your child's class. Surely your child is not the only one who would benefit from some support.

Form a small group that meets together again and again for homework help. This turns annoying studying into a nice afternoon with friends, which is also great for good grades provides. A win-win situation! But make sure that the group is not too large. After all, the children should not distract each other too much and the caregiver should still be able to respond to each child individually.

4. set rules

To make homework help as efficient as possible, you should set rules. Of course, this doesn't mean that learning shouldn't be fun. Rather, the rules are there to keep distractions away. For example, one of the most important is: No cell phones during homework time! If the supervision takes place in the group, then no private conversations should take place during it.

Would the children like to explain the facts to each other? Great, of course that's allowed! But if it's about what they have planned for the afternoon or what happened during the break, that has no place in homework supervision. You can also make a little game out of it. Whoever breaks a rule has to answer a particularly tricky question about the current topic, for example.

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What does a homework tutor do?

A homework tutor makes sure that schoolwork is completed conscientiously and without errors. If there are questions or problems, he/she is there to help. In this way, the homework tutor takes a lot of work off your shoulders as a parent. You no longer have to check homework in the evening or read up on classroom topics to explain them to your child. You can be sure that your child is always up to date in school and that any uncertainties regarding the subject matter have been resolved.

At the beginning of the care, the homework and the learning units are divided. The subjects that cause your child the most difficulties are the first ones. This way, your child has mastered the biggest hurdle right at the beginning. Your child prefers to start with an easy task because it is more motivating? Then, of course, that's perfectly fine. Nevertheless, the main focus is always on the weak points.

What makes a good homework tutor?

A good homework tutor naturally has the skills that are necessary to teach children. She knows the contents of the lessons well and can always help your offspring if they have questions or have problems understanding. Make sure that she has experience in dealing with children or teenagers to ensure that there will be no problems.

The supervisor always has an open ear and shows understanding. She goes patiently The teacher is always calm with the learners, even if it takes longer for your child to understand something. There are no hopeless situations in his/her eyes. If your child needs a little more time than others, that's perfectly fine. Each student has his or her own learning speed and the supervisor is aware of this.

Homework help is a safe place for your child, also mentally. He doesn't have to be afraid to ask questions, because no one laughs at him here. After all, they can only learn something if they ask.

The right tutoring - more than just homework help

Homework help is first and foremost about homework, sure. But there's so much more to it! It brings your child a big step forward and ensures that he or she is always up to date with what's going on in class.

Homework tutors also act as the Learning Coaches and help your child find ways to learn more effectively. This is not necessarily about specific school subjects, but about learning itself. At least as important is the strengthening of the Your child's self-confidence. The learning coach proves to him that it is quite intelligent and has its very own strengths on which it can build. This is an important point to help the learner not to hang his head, but to stay motivated.


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