Balanced diet: 7 steps for a healthy mindset

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Balanced diet: 7 steps for a healthy mindset

Do you watch what you eat? Are you between 28 and 42 years old? You weigh between 60-80 kg and would love to eat a delicious pizza tonight? Enjoy it! The best thing to do is to find a sports colleague who will play 100-150 minutes of football with you afterwards. According to the study "Fast Food in the Reality Check" by "Intersport", this is necessary to burn off the calories you have consumed. Oops. For eight years, from 2009 to 2017, the eating habits of 44,000 subjects were studied.

Nutrition: A lot of fast food increases the mortality rate

Most of the study participants were over 45 and female. Out came, for every ten percent increase in fast food consumption, the risk of early death increases by 14 percent. "Higher consumption of processed food appears to be associated with an overall higher mortality rate," the study leaders said. A recent study by the University of Bonn provides evidence: fast food not only makes you fat, it also weakens the body's immune system.

"A switch to a plant-based, whole foods diet reconciles us with creation"

Our diet can make us sick - or heal us. This is the flaming plea of holistic physician Rüdiger Dahlke for a diet of peace. From his point of view, our food contains too much dead matter and therefore makes unhappy - as he writes in his book "How renouncing meat and milk heals body and soul". Rüdiger Dahlke's heartfelt concern: "Nothing brings so much on so many different levels as simply switching to a whole-food, plant-based diet and reconciles us with creation," says the author of "Peace Food.

Nutrition: "You are what you eat!"

Have you ever honestly reflected on your eating habits? Are you and your health really in balance? How much unhealthy stuff do you consume in a day, at what stages and why? Mindset is everything - or, "You are what you eat!" - You've probably come across this famous quote from German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach. We would like to give you 7 steps on how you can live healthier and feel fit again.

7 steps for a healthier mindset

  1. Change your mindset: Be aware of the quality and locality of the products you consume.
  2. Meditation: Guide Meditations as a regular ritual in your daily life.
  3. Give your body a rest. Bedtimein which you can completely relax and start the new day fit and well
  4. GratitudeWrite down every evening 3 things for which you were especially grateful today.
  5. Sports: Overcome your inner bastard and get your butt in gear. How can you integrate sport into your everyday life with joy and passion?
  6. Healthy dietA homemade shake is a healthy way to start the day. Just add 150ml of water, 150ml of almond milk, 2 tablespoons of whey protein powder, 1 teaspoon of chia seeds and a handful of fruit.
  7. MindfulnessYou should consume 0.03 litres (30 millilitres) of water per kilo of body weight per day. Through excretion and through the skin, an adult person loses about 2.5 liters per day - so this amount must also be reabsorbed: 1.5 liters through drinks, the rest we usually take in automatically through solid food. Some examples:
  • With 50 kg body weight you need 1.5 liters of fluid
  • 60 kg body weight 1.8 liters of fluid
  • 70 kg body weight 2.1 liters of fluid
  • 80 kg body weight 2.4 liters of fluid
  • 90 kg body weight 2.7 liters of fluid

"Your diet should give you energy instead of robbing you of it."

On 174 pages of passion, love and creativity, Laura Helser shows how you can implement healthy, conscious nutrition for yourself in a tasty, easy and fast way. By the way, a detailed interview with her will be published here in the magazine on Sunday, October 26 " Nutrition is so much more than just food intake. Conscious and healthy eating is a form of respect and love for yourself," says the cookbook author of "LOA's Fitfood Kitchen." "This is your life! Your health and energy are the most precious things you have. Do you realize that? Every day we make choices for or against our health through our meals. How about every meal from now on gives you energy instead of it taking energy away?" The goal of the trained personal trainer is to make every meal nourish you and give you power and Lightness in everyday life gifts.

Feel good - inside and outside

You are your own creator and all the power is already within you to create the new you right now. Come into your center to feel your life force again. We are excited to learn from you how life-changing it is to feel good - inside and outside.

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