How can you recognize a good rhetoric trainer?

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How can you recognize a good rhetoric trainer?

Rhetoric trainer wanted - preferably with superpowers! You want to become a convincing speaker and have decided to become a Rhetoric seminar to visit. Good decision! Now all that's really left to do is find your new public speaking coach and you're good to go.

But how do you find the right rhetoric trainer for you and your project? How can you tell that the rhetoric trainer has a lot to offer from which you can learn and benefit? Public speaking coach There are quite a few, and when researching on the web, you will always come across self-proclaimed gurus who promise you the blue of heaven. How can you distinguish between real experts and dubious freeloaders with dangerous half-knowledge without prior knowledge?

What you should consider when choosing a rhetoric trainer

So that your search doesn't become a dilemma, you can find a practical overview here. Find out what you should consider when choosing your rhetoric trainer! A little tip beforehand: Take enough time to find the right rhetoric trainer. Should you only find one in the course of the Seminars that you do not fit together, it is very annoying. So when you're buying eggs... ...uh, choosing your public-speaking coach. And here we go, here are eight features you should look out for!

1. technical competence

The professional competence of your rhetoric trainer is the be-all and end-all. Do you have the impression that he himself is a genuine Rhetorical Genius is? Does he speak convincingly? Can he formulate well? Does he pull you in? If not, you are at the wrong address. By the way, you can tell pretty quickly whether the trainer has professional competence. If necessary, ask him for his licenses or for meaningful references. In the best case, the trainer is an established top expert, as you can find for example at Greator Business you'll find.

And always remember: The rhetoric trainer is the professional and is supposed to teach you, the layman, how it's done. If he doesn't know his own field one hundred percent, you'd best leave him alone. You deserve the best of all rhetoric trainers. With superpowers! After all, it's about your further education!

2. methodological competence

In addition to technical competence, methodology is also an important key competence. Because the best Rhetoric skills of your trainer are of little use if he cannot convey them in a way that is appropriate for the participants. A good rhetoric trainer picks up each participant at his or her respective level. He proceeds in a structured way, works goal-oriented and has a clear concept. In addition, he should be able to convey well and have a long thread of patience. After all, you never know how many attempts you will need for individual exercises.

3. time management

You can also recognize an experienced rhetoric trainer by the fact that he has developed routine procedures beyond methodical competence. This does not mean that he should be inflexible or doggedly reel off one exercise after the next. The opposite is true: good time management means that the rhetoric trainer structures the seminar units sensibly. Also phases, in which you have time to internalize the learned, are important. If at the end of the seminar essential rhetoric exercises are still missing, your trainer has not planned well. Likewise, if there is too much time left at the end of the exercises. Therefore, inform yourself in advance about the course contents and the course of the seminar. This way you make sure that you get the best performance for your money.

4. price and performance

And that brings us to the next point that distinguishes a good rhetoric trainer: the classic price-performance ratio. Of course, you don't have to spend a fortune, but quality has its price. And a good rhetoric trainer knows his value. In addition to asking yourself, "What's it going to cost me?" you should ask yourself, above all, "What's in it for me?" A public speaking seminar is an investment. Of course, a high price does not automatically stand for top quality. But offers that are too cheap indicate that the trainer is perhaps doing his job more as a hobby, or at least not at a professional level. Therefore, it is best to get different offers and prices. This way you get a feeling for the costs and can then choose the rhetoric trainer that suits you best.

5. passion

Be sure to look for a trainer who is himself a passionate rhetorician and who burns for the content of his seminars. Enthusiasm is the best learning effect and the more motivated your rhetoric trainer is, the more motivated you will be. If the trainer rattles off the content lifelessly or even shows disinterest, you should look for another one as soon as possible. Because all his expert knowledge is of no use if the rhetoric trainer does not put his heart and soul into it. By the way, you can tell pretty quickly whether someone puts their heart and soul into something: a passionate trainer will sweep you away with his enthusiasm! This leads to you becoming more inquisitive, wanting to learn more in a short time and clearly having more fun with the subject. And that in turn gives your willingness to learn an extra kick!

6. individual support

Many rhetoric seminars are group courses. You can certainly also book private lessons with some rhetoric trainers - but in most cases this makes little sense. After all, you want to learn to speak in front of groups. And that works best when other participants are present besides your trainer.

At the same time, it also means that your trainer has to dedicate himself to several people at the same time. A good trainer nevertheless takes enough time for each individual. He listens, corrects weaknesses and promotes strengths. He has a tried and tested concept, but is flexible if individual participants need longer or are already further along than the others. When choosing your rhetoric trainer, keep an eye on the size of the group. With a small number of participants, the chance of being supported more individually increases.

7. modesty

No false modesty, please. Or is it? Well, there are rhetoric trainers who are predominantly self-promoting and ego boosting. You can tell because he cares less about your progress than about his self-promotion. Such behavior can not only be exhausting, but also quite frustrating. So make sure your coach is natural, authentic and humble. A professional knows what he or she can do and does not need to constantly seek confirmation. After all, the rhetoric training is about you, not about him.

8. the chemistry is right

Last but not least, the chemistry between you and your rhetoric trainer counts. Do you get along with him interpersonally? Do you find him likeable? Your rhetoric trainer doesn't have to be your best friend, but there should be a certain basic sympathy. After all, you'll be working closely with him. And we generally prefer to take advice if we like the person giving it.

Whether you are on the same level or not, you can usually tell in a split second. If you are unsure, take a trial lesson and get to know your public speaking coach live and in action. This way you'll quickly get an impression of his work - and at best of his superpowers!



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