Help - I can't make up my mind!

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Help - I can't make up my mind!

You're standing in the kitchen in the evening, your fridge is full, but you just can't decide what you want to eat. It all started in the morning when you stood in front of your closet for half an eternity because you were having such a hard time choosing what to wear. In the office, it went straight to the coffee machine: latte macchiato or cappuccino? "I can't decide!" you think every time.

Do you also belong to the undecided faction? This can manifest itself not only in seemingly trivial situations. The situations that require a decision are sometimes much more complicated. You have two great job offers but don't know whether to listen to your heart or your head. You're in love with two people, but just can't decide who suits you best. Or maybe you're even faced with the choice between your dream car and a new apartment, but have no idea which would be the right path to take.

Those who are anything but decisive often stand in their own way. Time is wasted that could have been put to much better use and doubts accumulate. Leading a carefree life in this way is not so easy. We'll help you to take things in hand! Below you will find out how to recognize your indecision, why you feel this way in the first place and what you can do about it. Soon you'll never say: "I can't decide" again!

"I can't make up my mind" - why?

Should I or shouldn't I? Yes or no? Or would you prefer maybe? Sometimes it's not so easy to make the right decision. It can take a while ponder. Every day, countless people carry a certain amount of Uncertainty around with you. They don't want to take the risk of making the wrong decision and prefer to put off the choice for as long as possible instead of learning from a possible mistake.

The possible reasons for this could hardly be more diverse:

  1. You have the urge to want to do everything perfectly and don't allow yourself any mistakes.
  2. The Fearto fail is very pronounced.
  3. You are afraid of the reaction of others when you have made a certain decision.
  4. You are afraid of the changes that your choice could trigger.
  5. You don't trust yourself to Taking responsibility for your decisions.
  6. There are too many options and you are spoiled for choice. overwhelmed.
Not being able to decide

I can't make up my mind - these 4 tips will help you

Certain decisions influence the course of your life. Others only have an impact for a short period of the day. But that doesn't automatically mean that they will be easier for you. Whether groundbreaking or comparatively banal - with our 4 tips, you will say the sentence "I can't decide" much less often.

1. pro and contra lists

A pragmatic way to take control of your decisions is to create a pros and cons list. Grab a piece of paper and a pen or simply your smartphone. Write down the advantages of all possible decisions. Then make a note of the disadvantages that each choice would entail. For which option do the pros far outweigh the cons? Which one do you choose?

2. listen to your inner voice

"I can't make up my mind!" Your inner voice does. If you are faced with a decision, listen to yourself. Does your whole body resist when you make a certain choice? Or does a pleasant, cozy feeling Feeling spread within you? Yours intuition is very reliable.

You don't trust it yet? You can learn to listen to your inner voice better. Start with small everyday decisions. Be aware of why exactly you are making this decision. You don't know exactly why because your gut told you to make this decision? That was exactly intuition. You will be amazed at how often you follow it in everyday life and learn to follow it consciously.

3. act according to your goals

"I can't make up my mind!" - Yes, you can! And you can do so by focusing on your goal. You are pursuing a certain purpose with your decision. Keep this in mind before you make your choice and think carefully about which option will bring you closest to your goal. The more precisely you have defined it, the easier it will be for you to make your choice.

4. consult with your neighbors

Sometimes our loved ones know us better than we do ourselves. So if you see too many walls in front of you to make a rational decision, it's helpful to talk to family or friends. Outsiders look at the situation from a much greater distance, but still know exactly what is important to you and what is good for you.

They will help you to see the matter from a different perspective and take a less cerebral approach. You can also consult with them in detail and weigh up all the options. At the same time, you will have support and can feel much more secure.

why can't I make up my mind

I can't make up my mind - these 8 steps will help me succeed

We guide you in 8 steps to better decision-making skills. You will learn how to mindset consciously and make a choice more quickly with practical techniques.

  1. Define the question precisely.
  2. Analyze what decision-making options you have.
  3. Ask yourself which of these options are realistically feasible and which are not.
  4. Think about which Achieve your goal'd like.
  5. Weigh up which of the decision options brings you closest to this goal and, if necessary, work with pro and con lists.
  6. Talk to family or friends and get a more neutral view from the outside that still reflects your personal wishes and needs. Needs is included.
  7. Check what effects each decision is likely to have, but don't be rigid about it, because you can't know exactly what will happen 100 % in advance.
  8. Make your decision and stand behind it confidently.

I can't decide - but thanks to coaching you can!

"I can't make up my mind!" Don't worry, help is on the way. Are you finding it difficult to jump over your shadow and be brave enough to simply make a choice? Don't go crazy, it's not just you. A coach can help you overcome the blocks that are preventing you from making a decision.

Together, you will go in search of the reasons that make decision-making so difficult for you. He also supports you in changing your mindset. and give yourself more confidence to give. You become more effective make decisions and see how much more carefree you go through life.

I can't decide, do I still have to?

Making decisions is part of everyday life. They steer your life in one direction and show you the way. If you keep avoiding making them, not only your life but also your mind will become unsettled. There can only be clear structures if you pave a clear path for yourself. If you always keep dozens of options open, you will never be able to move fully in one direction.

At the same time, you constantly ask yourself the question: "What if?" All the time and energy you invest in thinking about this is almost wasted. You could be much closer to your goal if you decide on one path and follow it consistently instead of trying to follow several at the same time.

You will see how the clarity you create for yourself with your decisions will make you much more Satisfaction gives. Your life will become more relaxed because you will no longer be constantly under pressure and asking yourself question after question. Your basic attitude becomes more positive and you yourself become happier.

Embracing change: a key to decision-making

You only say "I can't decide" until you accept that change is part of life. It's even important that things evolve, because otherwise you wouldn't evolve either.

Be brave enough to accept change, because it's going to happen anyway, whether you like it or not. If you accept that they are happening, you can come to terms with them more quickly and make decisions that will help you to cope with them in the best possible way.

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