Dr. Stefan Frädrich: This is how you tame your inner bastard

Almost everyone knows him, the inner bastard. Do you? And if so, does he have a name? Dr. Stefan Frädrich's bastard son is called Günter. The expert reveals: "The inner bastard is a metaphor for our inner self-talk." Surely you know situations where you discuss with yourself? Moments in which you ask yourself: "Should I really get up or do I still lie down? Do I really go to the gym or do I make myself comfortable on the sofa?" 

Inner bastard loves the old comfort zone

Your inner piggy loves its comfort zone and likes everything that is cosy, comfortable and familiar. What's behind it? Dr. Stefan Frädrich knows: "We humans do most things because of our feelings. We want to experience beautiful feelings and avoid bad feelings. But the problem in our everyday life is that we mostly just try to avoid bad feelings instead of actively creating beautiful feelings. Only when a challenge comes do we have to change things." 

The inner piggy needs Motivation & Dopamine

A very important aspect for change is motivation. If we know what we are doing something for, then we are motivated. Without a reason, however, it becomes difficult. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "That's basically the whole trick to tame the inner bastard: We humans have to know why we do things. If we get up in the morning and don't have a plan for what we get up for, then that's bad. But with a reason, it's very different."

When we know our reason and are happy, our body releases the substance dopamine. Dopamine makes us awake and powerful. It ensures that we are on our way. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "We can produce dopamine by giving things meaning. Once we start, we also get going and then it becomes easier." So the second trick in taming the inner bastard is to start at all and then realize that things get easier instead of harder.

5 tips for the inner pig dog

So that you feel really motivated from today and are ready to take the first step, we have five practical tips for you. Are you ready to take your Preventing success and live your best life? Let's do it! With these tips, you'll tame your inner bastard right away.

1. good habits

Good habits prevent your bastard from robbing you of your willpower. It works like a muscle: the better you train your willpower, the stronger it becomes. So to tame your inner bastard, you need little rituals and habits that you simply perform without thinking about it. For example, stand up when your alarm clock rings for the first time. You have to get out of bed anyway - so why not do it right away, but discuss it with yourself first? Just do it and you'll see that the good habit will quickly establish itself.

2. support & reinforcement

Your bastard is a lone wolf. How you trick him? With outside assistance to help you leave your comfort zone. With friends or allies, you'll be able to overcome it much easier. For example, when doing sports: go jogging with friends or to the gym, because that's much more fun and creates a certain sense of commitment. Against several strong-willed people your bastard has no chance. Try it out!

3. higher goal

Besides motivation, self-discipline also plays an important role in leaving your comfort zone. Therefore, it is important not only to look at individual stages, but to set yourself a higher goal. Why do you want to do sports, for example? To lead a healthier, more balanced life and to feel good in your body. Think about this higher goal when your bastard wants to keep you on the sofa. If you know your big goal, you are much more willing to put in the effort.

4. good plan

You complement your higher goal perfectly with a clever plan. Because you need not only motivation, but also a strategy. If you know exactly what to do and when, you only have to implement it. For example, think about the days on which you will do your workout and it would be best if you already have concrete exercises. Write them down and keep reminding yourself of them.

5. mindset

Your attitude is everything! If your inner bastard simply won't give you any peace, there is only one thing that helps: Ignore his voice and just do it. Or as Dr. Stefan Frädrich says: "Don't argue with yourself - just do it. Until it becomes a habit." We wish you a lot of fun and success with that.

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