Dr. Stefan Frädrich: How to tame your inner pig dog

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Dr. Stefan Frädrich: How to tame your inner pig dog

Almost everyone knows him, the inner pig dog. Do you? And if so, does he have a name? Dr. Stefan Frädrich's pig dog is called Günter. The expert reveals, "The inner pig is a metaphor for our inner self-talk." Surely you too know situations in which you discuss with yourself? Moments when you ask yourself, "Should I really get up or do I still stay lying down? Do I actually go to the gym or do I make myself comfortable on the couch?"

Inner pig loves the old comfort zone

Your inner pig dog loves his comfort zone and likes everything that is cozy, comfortable and used to. What is behind this? Dr. Stefan Frädrich knows: "We humans do most things based on our feelings. We want to experience nice feelings and avoid bad feelings. But the problem in our everyday lives is that we mostly just try to avoid bad feelings instead of actively creating nice feelings. It's only when a challenge comes that we need to make a change."

Inner pig needs Motivation & Dopamine

A very important aspect for changes is motivation. If we know what we are doing something for, then we are motivated. Without a reason, on the other hand, it becomes difficult. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "In essence, that's the whole trick to taming the inner bastard: We humans need to know why we do things. If we get up in the morning and don't have a plan for what we're getting up for, that's bad. But with a purpose, it's very different."

When we know our reason and are happy, our body releases the substance dopamine. Dopamine makes us alert and powerful. It ensures that we set out on our way. Dr. Stefan Frädrich: "We can generate dopamine by giving things a meaning. Moreover, once we get started, we get going and then things get easier." So the second trick in taming the inner bastard is to start in the first place, and then notice that things get easier instead of harder.

5 tips for the inner pig

To get you feeling really motivated and ready to take the first step from today, we've got five handy tips for you. Are you ready to start your Barriers to success behind you and live your best life? Well, let's go! With these Tips to tame your inner bastard immediately.

1. good habits

Good habits prevent your bastard from stealing your willpower. This works like a muscle: the better you train your willpower, the stronger it becomes. In order to tame your inner pig, you need small rituals and habits that you simply carry out without thinking about it. For example, get up at the first ring of your alarm clock. You have to get out of bed anyway - so why wouldn't you do it right away, but discuss it with yourself first? Just do it and you will see that the good habit will be established quickly.

2. support & reinforcement

Your pig dog is a lone wolf. How do you outsmart it? With support from outside, which helps you to leave your comfort zone. Together with friends or allies you will overcome yourself much easier. For example, go jogging or to the gym with friends, because this is much more fun and creates a certain commitment. Your bastard doesn't stand a chance against several strong-willed people. Try it out!

3. higher target

In addition to motivation, self-discipline also plays an important role in Leave comfort zone. That's why it's important not only to look at individual stages, but to have a higher goal in mind. For example, why do you want to exercise? To lead a healthier, balanced life and feel good in your body. Think about this higher goal when your bastard wants to keep you on the sofa again. When you know your big goal, you're much more willing to put in the effort.

4. good plan

You complement your higher goal optimally with a clever plan. Because you need not only motivation, but also a strategy. If you know exactly what to do and when, you only have to implement it. For example, think about the days on which you will do your workout, and ideally keep a record of specific exercises. Write them down and keep reminding yourself of them.

5. mindset

Your attitude is everything! When your inner pig simply no rest then only one thing helps: ignore his voice and just do it. Or as Dr. Stefan Frädrich says, "Don't argue with yourself - just do it. Until it becomes a habit." We wish you a lot of fun and success with it.


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