Job Coach - increasingly important for success in professional life

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Job Coach - increasingly important for success in professional life

Feeling stymied at work and not progressing as you once hoped? A job coach helps you to assess your situation correctly. With his support, you work on your professional development, and thus also on your career. You're nowhere near where you want to be. So roll up your sleeves and find a job coach. Who knows, you might just get so excited for coachingthat you are thinking about becoming a coach yourself!

What does a job coach do?

The Definition is already in the job title: A job coach advises his clients on career issues. This can involve initial advice on career choices, but also career counseling at a later date.

The coaching can be done individually or in small groups. For an individual consultation, the job coach creates a profile and conducts tests for this purpose. Together with your coach, you will find out where you stand and which tasks suit you best.

strengths and weaknesses, professional orientation, conflict resolution in everyday work, a new job, preparation for a personnel interview - the Job Coach helps you to focus on your career.

Typical job coach responsibilities:

  • Improvement of the Communication in everyday work,
  • Career changes,
  • Dealing with conflict,
  • Stress and Time Management,
  • Further development of individual skills,
  • Accompaniment during the familiarization phase.

Benefits of job coaching: how it can advance your career

Sometimes it feels like you're stuck in a time loop. The same routine every day, at work and in the family. To get out of it, you need help. With a job coach you will be able to get out of the Habits to break through. This will give you more courage to change something.

An Coaching is very useful for success. With an experienced job coach, you start fresh and practice your communication skills. If you want to improve your Potential you'll enjoy everything again and you'll be able to achieve your original career goals.

More Advantages:

Career counseling

Finding a job coach: Criteria for choosing the right coach

To find a good job coach, you need something Patiencebecause there is no special training for these consultants. The professional title is not protected - that's why you need a accurate checkif you search in the online databases. The database of the German Federal Coaching Association (BDVC) is considered a safe source.

Pay attention to the qualifications of the job coach: Some have a sound educational training or a degree. Many coaching providers are career changers from fields such as business and media. Here it is important that the basic training of the coach matches your interests.

In the meantime, there are also more and more training and continuing education programs to become a job coach or career counselor. Pay attention not only to the certificate of completion, but also to the coaching methods that job coaches use. Important techniques include the MBTI test, the Peak Performance Potential (PPP) tool, and the DISC potential analysis.

What is the situation with Experience of the coach out? If you want to get ahead in your profession, it's better to look for a somewhat older consultant with foresight than a young university graduate who is just starting out as a job coach. Some consultants have their own management experience behind them, but the idealism of younger coaches is particularly strong. What is more important to you?

In a preliminary interview, you can see whether the chemistry is right. In addition, you can ask in this conversation how the job coach wants to proceed. Does the work style match your expectations?

Important note: By the way, this preliminary discussion is free of charge at a reputable job coaching.

The costs are an important issue anyway: That's why the coach should bring a detailed list. Also check the terms and conditions.

Tips for successful cooperation with a job coach

Career coaching should lead you to success - but there is no guarantee. It is therefore all the more important that you talk to your coach about all important problems.

A good consultant doesn't give you solutions, but gives you tips on how to help yourself. After all, the coaching will be over at some point, and then you will want to manage on your own.

A successful job coaching works with different methods. The important elements include the Change of perspective. This one will help you to Understand people better and find new solutions.

More tips are aimed at activating your resources and making better use of your potential. There are special questioning and creative techniques for this. You should also be aware of what you have achieved so far. The job coach supports you in this review and thus also in your positive self-perception.

Once you have defined your current location, you can formulate goals. On the one hand, you are guided by your desired success, on the other hand by your personal Life goals. What about work-life balance?

Together with the job coach, you will succeed in planning your future career path. Recognize your possibilities and Set priorities. This way you can make your own decisions about your career.

Greator Coaching Offers: Our contribution to your success

At Greator you will find an interesting offer of coaching trainings. Use your potential and build on the support of our recognized educational institute.

What are your plans for your life - how would you like to further your education? You can choose from the following training courses:

  • Greator Business Coach - effective Coaching Skills for a goal-oriented professional life,
  • Big Five for Life Coach - Discovering your five big life goals,
  • School of life - for self-discovery and fulfillment,
  • Greator Learning Coach - Experience the joy of learning with children.
  • Greator Life Coach - go through life with more peace and inner clarity.

Success stories: Examples of positive change through job coaching

Working with a job coach boosts your optimism - and changes your life in a positive way.

A typical experience of success can be seen in job application coaching. After numerous rejected applications, you turn to a coach. He makes your personal strengths and explains how you can best prepare for your next job interview. It's not just about self-presentation, but always about the company you're applying to. How do you fit into the team?

With job coaching, your next job interviews will go much better - and suddenly you have a choice. Great job!

Second example: In stressful phases, you lose track of things and frantically try to get everything done yourself. However, the job coach shows you other possible solutions. In this way, you learn to proceed in a relaxed and yet effective manner. Communication is a crucial point.

In the third Example case it's about job security, but you no longer enjoy it. Unmotivated, you are stuck in your job. A career counseling session with a job coach helps you to recognize your own desires. You still want to develop and make a career, perhaps in another company. So it's time for a change. When you understand this and follow through, you are finally happy.

Conclusion: Climbing the ladder of success with job coaching

Job coaching is the key to your fulfilling career - take advantage of the opportunities and tap your own potential! With coaching you get closer to your personal desires and make your career. This way you will be satisfied in the long term, be it as business coach or in another job where you can use your skills optimally.

Success makes you happy, it gives you more Energy and composure at the same time. Learn from the experienced business experts and continue to climb the career ladder.

Reviewed by Dr. med. Stefan Frädrich

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