Jörg Löhr: "In 3 steps to the triad of change!"

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"We live in a time in which there is probably only one constant - and that is change." This is what management consultant and motivational trainer Jörg Löhr claims. He says: "When we look at digitalization, globalization and the transformation of the world of work, we discover an incredible number of opportunities and possibilities. But why do so few people take advantage of these opportunities? And the other way around: what are people doing right who seize their opportunity by the scruff of the neck and go ahead?"

In his talk, Jörg Löhr will tell you! To do so, he first asks whether there is a pattern or certain steps with which changes can be mastered successfully. The well-known consultant and speaker is convinced that they exist. He tells us, "Every change process has three basic steps - I call them the triad of change." Curious? Good, because here come his three practical steps for you!

1. raise your standards

If you want to take the next step, you need to raise your standards. Why? Because we humans are adaptive beings. Jörg Löhr explains: "We adapt our amount of energy to our demands. If you make small demands on yourself, your organism will provide a small amount of energy. If you increase the demands, then the amount of energy increases. However, this only works for as long as your brain deems it useful. If you overstretch it, it will eventually break." Quite simple logic really, isn't it?

We all know people for whom visions and hallucinations have a smooth transition. Jörg Löhr: "If you want to raise your aspirations, you need courage. You also need aspiration goals - not avoidance goals. Because if we have avoidance goals, we don't really get into action and we don't use our resources." So raise your aspirations and set clear aspiration goals!

2. Jörg Löhr: "Change your limiting beliefs!"

Beliefs are an inner force that drives you - but can sometimes also block or even destroy you. If you regularly say to yourself phrases like 'I have no talent', 'I am not good enough' or 'I'm too young or too old,' you're slowing yourself down. The expert knows: "A limiting belief set is like a handbrake on a car. You make progress, but never with the possibilities you have at your disposal.

How to change or even get rid of limiting beliefs? In the first step, you determine them. Then you question your negative beliefs: Find out what happens if you don't change your beliefs. This question may cause pain. But it is exactly this pain that brings you out of your Comfort zone out. Next, replace limiting beliefs with positive and encouraging beliefs. Look for evidence and experience to support your new beliefs. This can be done by talking to people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. And now visualize how you can use your new beliefs to achieve your Achieve goals. Because only what you can see, you will achieve.

3. find your strategy

Jörg Löhr: "First of all, ask yourself where you currently stand - and where you want to be in two, five and ten years. Write it down, put it in writing and set the strategy." If you realize your plan isn't working to get you where you want to be in time, change something. Keep changing - keep changing until it works. The expert says, "There's no problem at all with falling down in the process. The problem is when we fall down. The critical thing is not whether we fall, but how high we bounce back."

Of course, another factor must be added: your desire for success! The sparkle in your eyes and the Enthusiasm, to move extraordinary things for the future. Jörg Löhr: "Enthusiasm gives you wings. It's a magic you can't escape. And to bring about the extraordinary, we don't need a special position or power, but enthusiasm, which gives us a fascinating presence."

Jörg Löhr: "Burning with enthusiasm!"

If you are passionate about what you do, the world is your oyster. Turn up the knob of your enthusiasm and watch what happens! Jörg Löhr: "Whenever I meet people who make the difference, I notice that a very special fire of passion and enthusiasm burns in them." If you feel like making a difference and succeedthen you should know the meaning of the number 72: Anything we humans don't put into action within 72 hours of making a decision lowers the likelihood of realization to less than ten percent."

Make the difference and tackle the things that make an extraordinary life for you! And always remember the phrase of St. Augustine, who once said so aptly: "You can only kindle in others what burns in yourself."


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