John Strelecky 2/3: From world tour to world bestseller

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John Strelecky 2/3: From world tour to world bestseller

Getting to know and defining your personal 'Big Five for Life' is not that easy. Bestselling author John Strelecky finds, "For the 'Big Five for Life' to become a reality, you have to allow yourself to be creative." Sometimes the writer and speaker is asked how long it takes to find his 'Big Five for Life'. Then he answers: "It depends solely on the person. Some take years and others only two days. Everyone is different. But one thing is true for everyone: if you can find creative solutions, it's always better than just thinking one way or the other."

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John Strelecky's World trip after economic crisis

But let's take another look back at John Strelecky's personal development and the low point of his life. After he had to give up his dream of flying due to a heart defect, he started again from scratch. Despite all obstacles, he eventually earned a place at the prestigious Kellogg Graduate School of Management. He graduated with success and began working as a consultant.

I'm very good at teaching myself new things quickly.

John Strelecky

In an interview, John Strelecky reveals, "I'm very good at teaching myself new things quickly." And so he was very successful as a consultant. He earned well, worked for a renowned company - and yet the work was not an affair of the heart. When he lost his job in 2002 due to the economic crisis, John Strelecky finally followed his heart. Together with his wife, he set off on a trip around the world. And this trip inspired him so much that he wrote 'The Café at the Edge of the World' after his return.

John Strelecky: "That's How You Solve challenges!"

During the nine-month expedition, he learned to look at the world in a completely new way. John Strelecky had a very special experience on a train in China: in the interview, the personality expert reveals that he suddenly remembered a long-forgotten situation from his childhood: "After that, my fear of failure disappeared. Today, I'm no longer afraid of something going wrong. Because that's the only way to get to the next level of success."

Besides, the expert knows that it's easy to pass the blame for something on to others. John Strelecky: "But my personal philosophy of life is that we are here to learn and grow. I think you pick certain challenges before you're born that you want to solve during your lifetime. By the time you're born, you have no idea what challenges you've chosen. But it's part of your life to figure that out and take on those challenges."

Your experience & responsibility

And for that to happen, you need other people to play a certain role. John Strelecky: "It's important to understand that you don't have to stay in a toxic environment. But it's okay to ask yourself what you learned from that toxic experience. Ask yourself the question, 'What am I grateful for that I got to learn before I move on?' Otherwise, you'll spend your whole life blaming others for creating your reality."

Therefore, do not ask yourself: Why is this happening to me? Because then you make yourself a victim. Instead, learn from the moment and make sure you don't make the same mistake a second time. John Strelecky: "If you learn from the mistake, you won't get into the same situations again." Find out what other exciting thoughts and ideas John Strelecky has in Part 3 of the interview.



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