Laura Helser 2/3: "Are you worth eating healthy?"

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Laura Helser 2/3: "Are you worth eating healthy?"

Laura Helser summoned up all her courage: She reduced the full-time job at the startup where she worked to 20 hours a week. This allowed her to increasingly focus on her outdoor workouts. In addition, she had in the meantime achieved such a high profile on Instagram that she received her first requests for collaborations. Looking back, the 27-year-old says: "There were many people who told me I should rather do something sensible. But my heart had been calling me! I knew there was endless potential. Then I went to Bali and realized I wanted more of it. I wanted more freedom and more gratitude in my life."

"The most important value to me personally is vitality!"

Laura Helser

She says that it felt as if the island had been created for her. Laura Helser: "The most important value for me personally is vitality. Life force is a very deep feeling of lightness in combination with determination. It is a power of feminine and masculine energy. Life force stands for the power to create your personal dream life. In Bali I felt how much potential life offers. I felt more at home there than ever before anywhere else. It was also in Bali that I started looking into digital nomadism."

Laura Helser: "Not a second in doubt

Then, on the flight back to Cologne, something completely unexpected happened: the plane got caught in a dangerous typhoon. There was severe turbulence and Laura Helser was scared to death. In the interview, she recounts, "At that moment, I took out my cell phone and wrote down what I would do if I survived that flight. I wrote down that I was going to quit and become self-employed Would as soon as I landed. I wanted to help as many people as possible come into their life force and live a healthy lifestyle."

The plane had to make an emergency landing, but the passengers were unharmed. Laura Helser made it back to Cologne. Shortly afterwards, she quit her job. She reveals, "I quit at the end of September 2017 and wanted to really get started with my self-employment in January 2018. My goal was to rock my selfie in time for the new year. I really went all in with all my passion. I didn't doubt it for a second or think it couldn't work."

The mission of the soul

Today, work no longer feels like work to Laura Helser. That is why she does not speak of a Work-life balancebut of a life that she creates for herself - and does so in such a way that she draws as much energy as possible from it. She says: "My work gives me energy, because it is my soul mission. When I meet my clients smile it gives me an incredible amount in return. It drives me on. And the community that has emerged is simply amazing. When I get the great feedback from my community, I can't help but keep going."

Vegan diet with Fitfood

Laura Helser eats a vegan diet. She says: "I even have a Cookbook with vegan recipes written. It is called 'Loas Fitfood Küche - mit Leichtigkeit zu einem Leben voller Power'. For me it is important to enjoy healthy and to live the vegan lifestyle with ease. Healthy, colorful food just makes me happy. For me, arranging food beautifully on the plate is an act of Self-love. Each of us should ask ourselves the question: How much are you worth eating healthy?"

According to the expert, a balanced diet and sufficient exercise are among the most important levers for increasing inner strength. She says: "That's why you shouldn't react when you're sick. Instead, you should use healthy eating for prevention. I sometimes ask myself: Why do we make life so difficult for ourselves when it is actually extremely easy? All you really do is buy healthy food, chop it all up at home, and suddenly a new recipe emerges. My book was a mix of self-realization and feeling like I wanted to help other people."

Energy through personality development

Besides diet and exercise, there's a third big adjusting screw for Laura Helser - and that's personal development. She says: "When I only worked 20 hours as a salaried employee and was already halfway to self-employment, I started listening to podcasts about personal growth - for example, the podcast by Laura Malina Seiler. I literally soaked up those themes and found that I wanted that energy around me every day."

Then she applied to Robert Gladitz's talent factory - again without knowing that this step would change everything. Laura Helser: "I went to the casting and had three minutes to pitch my business idea. I said that I would love to make the whole world a better place and take the step from self-employed to entrepreneur to really make a difference." And so Laura Helser became one of the six participants in Robert Gladitz's first talent factory, who is now not only her business partner but also her life partner.

The best time

Laura Helser talks about this time today: "It was like a class trip for adults and the best time of my entire life. This month simply changed everything. I had already managed to be independent before and was super happy with it. It was really wonderful, but then it went to the next level. I was totally ready, almost like I had done all the training at home just in preparation. And suddenly you have this community around you. It was really a mixture of business coaching and character development."


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