Laura Malina Seiler: How to increase your energy level

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Laura Malina Seiler: How to increase your energy level

Laura Malina Seiler is one of the most well-known coaches and keynote speakers for personal growth. Her passion is to bring more happiness and abundance into your life. Do you feel like opening your heart, positively influencing the universe and learning more about your creative power? Great, then this magazine article is made for you! Here you'll learn how to increase your energy level and communicate clearly with the universe. Because your time is too precious for ambiguity. What this means and how you can get more energy, you will learn in the following lines. Let's go!

Energy flow & joie de vivre

"Your energy is your most valuable currency." Laura Malina Seiler is convinced that the universe responds to your energy and feelings. The more energy you radiate yourself, the more energy you will get back. She reveals, "You have to be energetic in the here and now and allow your feelings. Our big challenge in life is that at some point we start to reduce our energy. That's when we're not in our heart one hundred percent and we're not really playing along. We close our heart and let our head decide. And by doing that, we start flying under the radar and stopping our own energy flow."

The reasons and triggers for this often lie far back in time: Perhaps you also had negative or traumatic experiences in your childhood and youth, which still affect you today and impair your energy level? Maybe it feels safer for you to close your heart? Possibly you are afraid that your heart will be broken or hurt again? Laura Malina Seiler says: "For a long time I myself had built a partition between myself and life. Personal development and my spiritual path helped me realize that I had taken a big step back from life. I wanted to change that back." And you can too!

Your inner world - what's your energy level?

But how do you manage to approach your own life once again and get back to one hundred percent? Joie de vivre and feel fulfillment? Laura Malina Seiler shares her personal insights with you: "If you want to live an exceptionally happy life, you have to change in your inner world what you want to change in your outer world. You can't numb the inner pain in the outer world. If you want it to stop, then you have to change your inner world. Because the universe is a mirror of your inner energy."

Energy Level: The inner healing

Your energetic vibration determines what the universe has in store for you. If you are in lack inside, then you automatically receive more of it. But when you are in abundance, you attract more abundance. Laura Malina Seiler: "Since I've healed myself internally, I suddenly have so much more energy available to manifest and create the things I want to create. If you want to create something extraordinary, you need extraordinary energy to do it." So if you want to increase your energy level on the outside, the secret formula is: create more abundance and more energy on the inside; not sometime in the future, but here and now!

The only moment you can really create something is now. Laura Malina Seiler: "Be the energy you want to have in your life. Don't stay in the past energetically, but be in the here and now. Then the universe will always say yes to you and your dreams. Your feelings are the language you use to speak to the Universe. If you speak to the Universe in fear, lack, or doubt, then the Universe will give you experiences that match. On the other hand, if you start talking to the universe in love, abundance, gratitude, and creativity, you'll get experiences to match."

5 steps for a better energy level

Wow, so it can be that easy to boost your energy level! And it gets even better, because Laura Malina Seiler shares her five steps to gather more energy and get back into your own power:

  1. Realize that there is another way to create your own life: Create an awareness of the infinite possibilities of your creative power.
  2. Make peace with yourself, with life and with everyone else. Take responsibility and stop fighting. Be in the here and now and let go of the past.
  3. Come into action! Because if you don't tell the bus of life where you want to go, it will go somewhere and you will get off at some station. Don't let that happen, decide for yourself where you want to go. Tell the universe where you want to go!
  4. Begin now to be in the energy that you would like to manifest in your life. If you want more love, be more love. If you want more joy, be more joy. And if you want more money in your life, be abundant. Be the energy you want to have in your life!
  5. Strengthen the trust that only the best awaits you. All that has gone before has been but a faint foretaste of what is to come. Your great life is waiting for you!

Are you ready to bring the wave of energy back to you and your body? Do you feel like taking charge of your life again and creating something new? Then Laura Malina Seilers 5-Step-Plan should be the perfect starting signal for you. Go ahead and start now! We are sure you can do it!


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