Laura Malina Seiler: This is how self-discovery works!

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Laura Malina Seiler: This is how self-discovery works!

Laura Malina Seiler is a YouTuber, blogger, Spiegel bestselling author, founder of the Rise Up & Shine- Uni and shooting star of the German self-help scene. I'm sure she's already caught your eye on social media. Maybe you've even listened to one of her podcast episodes "Happy, holy, confident"? In it, Laura talks about mindful empowerment, spiritual development and reveals everything about her personal experiences with self-discovery, healthy appreciative relationships, Mindfulness, Meditation and Personality Development. Exciting!

For Greator, the 31-year-old spoke with speaker, motivational expert and entrepreneur Stefan Frädrich. In the Conversation about self-discovery, joie de vivre and the meaning of life Laura revealed what moves her, why gratitude plays an important role in her life and how she found herself. Of course we don't want to keep that from you. So here are the best thoughts and Laura Malina Seiler's quintessence for you. Have fun reading!

Of joie de vivre and light

Laura's big vision is to give as many people as possible access to personal development. In doing so, she would like to primarily address people her age and younger, i.e. generations Y and Z - although of course all other age groups are welcome as well. Laura knows what she is talking about, after all, she herself had to struggle with doubts and a lack of orientation: "When I went to a coaching session for the first time, I was absolutely thrilled! It helped me immensely and changed a lot in me. That was my path of Self-discovery. That's when I realized that I want to be the person who creates a channel for personal development, spirituality, meditation and mindfulness offers. And that's what I do today."

Laura takes people into her inner world. What does this world look like? And what can you learn from it? "I personally believe that the shadow is just as much a part of life as the light. It's a process and doesn't happen overnight. It takes courage to look where it hurts you." To find new Joie de vivre So it doesn't help to sweep unpleasant things under the table. Instead, you have to work intensively on your own perception in order to find the light again.

Self-discovery through a change of perspective

In the interview Laura Malina Seiler In this context, she talks about one of her personal key moments: "My mother left our family when I was ten years old. That was a traumatic experience for me at that moment. Because as a child we relate something like that to ourselves and stop trusting the world. But at some point I managed to transform my own story so that my self-image changed. I no longer think: How unfair that this happened to me of all people. I eventually took the stand and asked myself: what did this happen for? What was the point of me having this experience?"

The moment you take that stand, the light comes back. You step out of the darkness because you no longer feel that life just sort of happens and there's nothing you can do about it. Suddenly you understand the connections. And then you can put your past, which may be blaming and blaming, into wisdom and knowledge transform. Laura: "By healing my past, I can suddenly see things in it that I can pass on to other people." Laura encourages looking at difficult or sad situations from a new perspective - away from a loss perspective, to a meaning perspective. This is how you become the creator of your own life.

Self-discovery: Following the inner compass

After her studies, Laura received a lucrative job offer: "Intuitively, I thought: Don't do it! But everyone else said, "Laura, this is such a good offer, a great opportunity, you have to do it!" So I let myself be talked into it. And when I make a decision, I'm consistent." At some point, Laura's body rebelled, "I really lost weight and I didn't want to eat anymore because I felt so uncomfortable." As a result, Laura quit her job and drew an important learning: if something seems reasonable and is a great opportunity, but your heart says "Don't do it!" then don't do it!"

But how do you get this inner compassthat voice of the heart? Laura: "I wrote down my own values." It's not about your parents' values or society's values, it's about your own. The moment you know them, you've found your compass. From then on, it's much easier for you to make decisions. "Money is not one of my values," Laura says. "I had made the decision about the job at the time because of the money, though. So the fact that it couldn't work and didn't feel right to me was clear."

Remember: It is important to know your own values. The best thing to do is to reflect calmly on which values are really valuable to you - regardless of what your environment demands. In addition, you should think about how you can concretely determine that you are in harmony with these values. And then you have to live your values day by day.

For your self-discovery: Ask your inner executive

Laura, of course, has more tips in store: "I have what I call an inner board of directors, because I see myself as the CEO of my own life. To do this, I have a certain picture in my head: The picture includes a visual room with a huge table. At this table I put all the people who inspire me. For example, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson and the Dalai Lama are sitting there. In total, there are eleven people sitting at my table."

If Laura Malina Seiler is unsure or does not know what to do, she now leads the following mental exercise Through: "I close my eyes, walk into this room and high-five everyone sitting at the table. Then I describe my problem, pick three people, and get advice from them. I ask them what I should do, and I usually get the best advice!" This idea is based in part on Friedemann Schulz von Thun's "Inner Team" personality model. Laura: "This is one of my favorite coaching exercises." It's best to try it out for yourself. Form your own board with people who inspire you. Whenever you get stuck, ask them for advice!

Spirituality and meditation

Laura's podcast is called "Happy, Holy, Confident". But what exactly does the 31-year-old associate with holiness or spirituality? Laura: "To me, lived spirituality means that you live the highest possible thought of yourself. And that you allow yourself to find that thought every single day." That sounds pretty abstract. How do you find your highest thought?

It worked great for Laura. MeditationI closed my eyes and went into my inner world. It is impossible for you to find this thought outside. When you turn inward, you realize that you have a whole universe within you. And then suddenly it becomes quite easy for you to think a beautiful thought about yourself. In that moment you realize again how valuable you actually are. Then you are complete, and I think that is our natural state."

Visualization for wish fulfillment

In addition to meditation, Laura Malina Seiler deals with visualization. She asks the following questions: "When you get up in the morning, how would it feel if you liked yourself? How would it feel if you visualized today being the best day of your life? What would happen?" Laura does just that every morning before she gets up, "I start visualizing my day. And then I get up and get totally excited about what's coming."

Laura also has a long-term visualization for her life. She knows: "Visualization has an effect on your brain. Your brain is like a wish-fulfillment machine and you give it this image. You can see it in your mind's eye and load it with lots of energy. positive energy up. Your brain now mobilizes all its capacities and releases resources to draw the image into your life." In addition to meditation and visualization, there is a third point that Laura considers particularly relevant for self-discovery: Gratitude!

Gratitude and the meaning of life

DISCGratitude is for me the fastest and most effective way to experience self-discovery as well as find fulfillment. We always think we're happy when this or that happens. That means you keep postponing your happiness until the future. But each of us has accomplished so much in our lives now that we dreamed of a few years ago." Laura suspects there's even far more to it than that: "Gratitude magically draws into your life everything you would like to have. Because then you are in abundance. And you always receive in life what you send out. When you send out gratitude, you are happy, and you automatically attract like a Magnet More of the same."

Impressive words, aren't they? Also with the meaning of life is what Laura Malina Seiler deals with. She says: "In the end, our lives are about being the creators of our own lives and creating. That we create in gratitude and in abundance. In that moment, you're also happy on your way to your goals. It's simply about creating. Why? Because you can. Because you can, because you enjoy it, and because ideally you're doing something good for someone else. Then you've done everything right." Perfect closing, right?


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