Laura Malina Seiler: 3 questions to recognize your vision

Laura Malina Seiler: 3 questions to recognize your vision

"More than two years ago I was on a plane from Berlin to Bali." Laura Malina Seiler is the coach for Mindful Empowerment. The YouTuberin, blogger, podcaster and successful author has found her vision in her work as an expert for mental strength and mindfulness. But that wasn't always the case: "Back then I had just quit my job in music management. I still had about 500 euros in my account and no idea of business management or marketing".

When Laura remembers back, she remembers sitting in the plane and looking out the window: "Do you know that moment when you're above the clouds, the sun is shining and you feel like you're limitless? Intuitively, three questions came up for Laura at that moment. What they were and why Laura's questions can also help you to recognize your vision, you will now experience.

3 questions by Laura Malina Seiler

Laura: "The first question I asked myself then was: What do I want to create? The second question was: For whom can I make a difference through my being in this world? And the third question was this: How will the world be any different place because I've been here?"

Laura's plan was to take a month in Bali to find her own personal answers to the three questions. Laura: "One month later I flew back to Berlin - with even less money in my account. But what I had were answers to these three questions."

The success in the outside world

Two years later Laura loves and lives her answers. "When I got off the plane, I promised myself I would live those answers no matter what. I promised myself I would find a way to live into those answers. Although at the time I had no idea what exactly that would be."

Today what you see on the outside is Laura's professional success. She is one of the most famous German coaches for self-discovery. She has created a podcast that has been downloaded over seven million times. Laura also has a bestseller book and a huge community of people who motivate each other. She says: "I live the vision that grew in my heart at the time. I wanted to be a person who inspires other people again for themselves and for their own lives. These are the things that happened on the outside."

Laura Malina Seiler about the magic within

But what's in Laura's heart? She says, "When you begin to live into your answers to these three questions, magic happens. Because suddenly you come in contact with something inside you that you didn't know was there before. I think it's an illusion that the calling is something that comes totally easy to you. Your vocation is something that comes to you, and you say to yourself first of all: "No way I'm doing this!

For example, Laura was very afraid to write a book and record a podcast. "I'm still scared to this day because I wonder if what I'm doing is good enough." But the professional knows: "Whenever you meet this call in life, whenever life tells you that you're here to do exactly this thing, and this thing scares you, then you know you're right for it."

The limitation of time

On her way, Laura has gained three insights and cognitions that have completely changed her life: "The first insight is: My time is infinitely valuable and limited. We live in a society in which we sometimes pretend to be here forever. But at some point the moment will come when we are no longer here. And that is a good thing. Because it means that we begin to value the time we have." Your life is not a test. It is the original performance waiting for you! Your time is limited, but you can make the most of it.

Laura Malina Seiler: "You are thehe creator of your reality!“

Laura tells: "The second realization I had is: I am the creator of my life. Your life is as far and as wide as you allow it to be. You yourself set the boundaries. Depending on what you believe is possible or impossible, it will be possible or impossible." By telling your mind where you want to go, you manifest your purpose. So you bring it out of your mind and into your reality.

Your gift to the world

Laura's third insight is that I am an original. She is certain: "We learn relatively early in life that we are not right in some way. As a result, we begin to want to be like others. I have found that one of the biggest problems of our society is that we compare ourselves to each other. But if you start doing things that work well for others, you lose your uniqueness and your gift to the world." But you can't find your original if you keep comparing yourself to others all the time.

Laura: "I think we need a world that is more colourful. A world where people stand up for what they really believe in. A world where people make a real difference. When you start to see yourself as an original, you come into contact with yourself in a way that you didn't know existed before. And then you start to think about how you can share and pass it on. "That's the magic we all need.

The highest possible thought about yourself

What is the highest possible thought you can think about yourself? What is the answer your heart gives you? Laura: "Let that answer rise up within you. Maybe it will surprise you. Maybe it is a sentence you have never said about yourself. Whatever the answer is, it comes from your heart and it is right."

Imagine how you take this thought and how it flows into your heart like a golden seed. Now plant this highest possible thought about you in your heart. Laura: "Feel the energy that is spreading in you at this moment. Imagine how this golden seed arrives in your heart and is allowed to grow there. Imagine how your life changes when you start to live the highest possible thought about yourself.

How will your relationships change? WPossible will your profession change? How will your whole life change if you start to live this thought about yourself? Laura knows: "If you want to create an extraordinary life, you have to start thinking in an extraordinary way - first of all about yourself. Because what you think about yourself will be what you bring into the world."

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