Law of attraction: How to become a magnet for magical moments

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Law of attraction: How to become a magnet for magical moments

How often has the following situation happened to you: You think (of) something and a little later everything happens exactly as in your head cinema? Or anger accumulates in you for months. Again and again you catch yourself thinking that you are actually unhappy in your job or that the relationship between you and your partner has not been fulfilling and passionate for a long time. It's just habit. Then suddenly you get laid off. Or your partner breaks up because they've chosen a different path, without you. And you ask yourself: Why me? Why does this (always) happen to me? You are what you think... Learn more about the law of attraction - and how you can become a magnet for magical moments.

Law of Attraction: Stick to your truth

Does the law of attraction really work? Does it really work that I co-create my life? That what I think just comes to me? "Yes, especially when each of us goes his heart's way and wants to build something completely new, our old self likes to knock again and put us to the test!", tell Walter Hommelsheim and Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim.

The Coaches know all too well how challenging it can be to transform your thoughts into the positive. "There's so much doubt that you almost automatically let yourself retreat into old structures. Into the familiar. Into the familiar. That's where you feel at home. That's where you feel safe. Ask yourself in such moments: Can I really be sure that I still want the old? Do I believe in myself? That is the most important question. You may not be able to answer it at the moment with a clear Yes answer. But stick to your truth. Stay true to yourself," Christina recommends.

Can you be sure at 100% that you still want your old life?

Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim

This is how you get to the bottom of your thoughts.

There is a rather simple and, in this simplicity, ingenious way to get to the bottom of our thoughts. Namely, with the law of attraction: our left brain has an infinite number of possibilities to interpret a simple fact in every conceivable direction. "It can interpret every memory, every feeling, every thought... Belief Set from the past and make a pretty convincing "Aha, so that's how it is!", write Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim and Walter Hommelsheim about the law of attraction in their book "Heart Over Head - The Simple Formula for a Happier Life”.

Law of Attraction: How to recognize old beliefs and dissolve them

You can have your own... Belief Set You can ask yourself where you know this thought from and whether you have simply adopted it unconsciously. Maybe that belief, thought or story has existed in your family for generations?" encourages Walter to reflect. The magic moment occurs when we question an old belief and then find examples within ourselves of why the opposite or a reversal could also be true. With this you can release the old belief, overwrite it and realign yourself. This is the law of attraction: the deeper you dive into your new thoughts, the faster you become them.

Protect and honor your energy

"If you only ever think and feel the same things, you'll only ever have the same results. A fulfilled life starts with yourself," says Coach Christina. Change arises from the inside out. Only you determine how much abundance, love, joy and success is possible in your life. "As soon as you start to fill your inner world with love and joy, you will experience the same in your relationships, your health, your job and all other areas of life!" she knows from her own experience. The most valuable thing you have is your energy. It determines what you will attract into your life and what you will create. Christina's tip: Protect and honor your energy. Make sure you bring yourself into a positive state full of joy as often as possible!" Then trust in the Law of Attraction, because according to it, you are surrounded by joy everywhere.

Law of Attraction: How to attract the perfect partner into your life

Chances are you've been in a relationship before - or are currently - and chafe at a lot of the little things. You ask yourself: Why do I keep getting into the wrong partners for me? Answer: Because life keeps giving us the same task until we solve it. If, for example, you have often not received closeness, attention and interest in your relationships, then you may honestly ask yourself these questions:

  1. What was the relationship / marriage like between your parents?
  2. What did they model for you?
  3. What image of man/woman did they give you?
  4. Do you give yourself closeness, attention and are honestly interested in you?

Look closely at the issues behind them. Because what affects you, affects you. And that's why the law of attraction comes into play here again: You attract exactly those partners into your life who hold up a mirror to you on this topic again and again. This is how you get the perfect partner for you in your life:

  1. Consider: what beliefs have you developed about men/women?
  2. Be aware of your thoughts about your current or past relationship!
  3. What values do you associate with a partnership? Write them all down and live them!
  4. Together with your partner, establish shared values such as honesty, trust or commitment.

Become a magnet for beauty

There are various ways in which you can steer your thoughts in a positive direction again. The more often and the more intensively you deal with it and live according to it, the faster you radiate this energy and become a magnet for the beautiful, wonderful, fantastic in your life again. Do you feel like a new ritual for the next four weeks? Then take notes on these questions every morning or evening:

  1. What thoughts, activities, people and environments are currently draining your energy?
  2. What can you do to better protect your energy, to create a positive framework for you to flourish in?
  3. Write down 3 things you are thankful for!
  4. What can you do for yourself today?
  5. What was the best thing about today?

There are so many things you can do to enrich your life from now on. How to gain clarity for yourself. Lay the world at your feet With a Coaching you can already set the first course. Make new decisions and live them: Who are you in your vision? What values do you associate with the individual Areas of life? Paint your future as colorful as possible. Here we are again at the topic "law of attraction": Make it big. Really big. If you are now looking for inspiration for all these aspects and questions - maybe our training as a GREATORCoach perfect for you. Because here it is first and foremost only about you. About the person who so often forgets himself or puts in the background!


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