Leander Greitemann in interview: Observe the feelings flying through your head!

Leander Greitemann 1/3: Observe the feelings flying through your head!

Let the name "Leander Govinda Greitemann" melt in your mouth. Sounds great, right? And no, this is not a stage name, but the civil name of a real up-and-coming talent: Leander Greitemann works as a speaker, trainer, snowboarder and musician and is a true heartfelt recommendation from Dieter Lange. In an interview, he reveals what connects the two and why the 32-year-old advises experienced top managers on the subject of self-management despite his young age. We hope you enjoy reading or watching the video!

Consultation instead of instruction

The career of the talented speaker began with part-time jobs. He reports: "I already worked as a speaker during my studies and therefore I grew into this activity very pleasantly". By the way, Leander Greitemann attaches great importance to not being instructive in his lectures. In an interview he reveals: "Many of my listeners are successful managers - so they have definitely done something right. So I don't want to tell them how their jobs work. Instead, I want to give them additional impulses from the perspective of the younger generation, which might help them to look at things differently. My goal is to make the lives of my listeners even more successful - but above all, even more beautiful and exciting."

Spirituality in the blood

Leander Greitemann may not look like an old, wise man - if you listen to him, you quickly realize that he carries wise knowledge within him. This is no coincidence, as his father, Christo Quiske, has done very successful work in the field of personality development and spirituality for many decades. He is the teacher of Dieter Lange, who in turn is an important mentor for Leander Greitemann. The 32-year-old explains: "I am incredibly grateful for having come into contact with these topics so early in my life. My father and I have a great relationship. He is now 80 years old, but still very interested. We regularly exchange ideas for hours on end."

Leander Greitemann spent a large part of his childhood in a seminar centre, the Louise Mine. He reveals: "It's an incredibly beautiful place. I grew up there and was already walking among the seminar participants when I was three years old." In his youth he began giving interactive impulse lectures - starting with papers in the ethics lessons at his school. That's how he gained his first experiences and years later he decided to continue on this path and to start his career as a speaker and trainer.

Big footprints

However, following in his father's footsteps was anything but easy for Leander Greitemann at first. It seemed too simple and too uncreative to him. In an interview he explains: "I was raised very alternatively and creatively. And of course you don't want to just do what your own father does. That was a very strong belief that I had and which initially kept me from doing it. But I still found it extremely exciting what my father did."

After his high school graduation, Leander Greitemann finally found a helpful sentence that invalidated his limiting dogma. The helping sentence was: "It is only even stupider, it is only because not than just do it because the father does it." In the interview, the speaker says: "I found the job incredibly fulfilling and that's why I decided to study sociology, business and philosophy and take every opportunity to speak in front of people."

rollercoaster of life

Leander Greitemann has never experienced really severe crises. He says: "There have always been negative moments - and I don't think they ever go away completely. Buddhists, for example, believe that at some point they reach a state of equanimity and are carried through life. I don't share this enlightenment thought that many spiritual people have. I don't believe that at some point you float through the world. Instead, I am convinced that it will always go up and down. There are days when I get up in a really bad mood and don't know why. I think we can only appreciate beauty when there are negative hours or days."

relieve bad temper

How does Leander Greitemann motivate himself on negative days? He says: "I try not to identify too much with it. In such moments you could have the thought that you only have to think positively to create your own world. But if you don't succeed in thinking positively, you get an even worse mood. Because then you are the idiot who can't manage to think positively. When I am in resistance against the bad mood, it is possible that this feeling unconsciously accompanies me all day long. So what do I do? I observe the feeling with a certain curiosity. I make myself aware that I do not have to identify with it, but that the bad mood is flying through my head for some reason. And I have the great gift of watching and observing myself react to it."

You want to know what's next? Then by all means... Part 2/3 of the interview!

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