Supporting the next generation in their personal development with learning coach training

That's how you show kids that learning is fun!

You want children to be perceived and supported as individuals with their strengths, weaknesses and preferences? This can be a great challenge, as the ever-increasing pressure to perform not only puts a strain on children, but also on parent-child relationships: In the 3-month training to become a learning coach, you will learn how you can help children to enjoy learning again and to write good grades without any pressure. Are you in?
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After the 3-month learning coach training, you can:
strengthen children's ability to concentrate and intrinsic motivation in a targeted manner
Keep differences of opinion and arguments with children to a minimum
Solve learning blocks and make learning fun
Establish structures and strategies for study and homework time.
Support children optimally in their self-development
You have questions? Our team will be happy to advise you!
You want children to be perceived and supported as individuals with their strengths, weaknesses and preferences? This can be a great challenge, as the ever-increasing pressure to perform not only puts a strain on children, but also on parent-child relationships: In the 3-month training to become a learning coach, you will learn how you can help children to enjoy learning again and to write good grades without any pressure. Are you in?
Concentrated input
Program start
with the learning expert
Be part of our #Learning revolution

Make a lasting difference in the lives of your children and others now

Homeschooling, motivation problems or the ever-increasing pressure to perform: learning can be quite exhausting. Due to the acute shortage of teachers and strict curricula, individual and strength-oriented support for children is often not possible.

The result: stressed children, parents and teachers. Some children even lose touch with the school material and can no longer keep up. But that's not all: children associate learning with something negative and doubt their self-worth when they get bad grades.

You can change that! As a learning coach, you start right there and show your child how he or she can go through school with a strong self-confidence and ease. With the right learning strategies, your child will learn that it doesn't have to be difficult to get good grades - and that learning can even be fun!

Maybe you're wondering now:
"Do I really have what it takes to be a successful learning coach?"
"Aren't there enough tutors out there already?"
"Do I need training as a learning coach if I'm just going to use it to help my own kids?"
We understand you and to be honest almost all prospective participants of our training are held back by the same doubts. But most concerns are completely unfounded. Our learning expert Markus Hofmann shows you why learning coaches are more important now than ever before:
Markus Hofmann | Memory expert and trainer
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What is learning coaching?

Learning coaching is primarily about helping children and adolescents to to support learning. Therefore, mostly pupils, trainees, students but also teachers and parents use the services of a learning coach.

While tutoring aims at a respective professional competence, learning coaching is holistic and independent of the subject matter. So it's about the "Like" and not about the "what".

Learning coaching is a individual advice and creates necessary conditions for successful learning, that even correctly Fun makes!
But not only that: a learning coach accompanies his coachees in the personal development. For example, children learn how to Set your own goals, reach them without pressure, with Dealing with failure and confidently stand up for their wishes.
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Why learning coaches are the future of education 

Our education system has to fulfill numerous tasks that go far beyond imparting knowledge. Individuals can quickly lose their way in the learning process. Often, tutoring alone is no longer enough.

Learning coaching takes a comprehensive approach: it is not about imparting knowledge, but about identifying individual learning difficulties, training the ability to concentrate, solving learning blocks and finding effective and appropriate solutions together with the children.

In your training as a learning coach you will get all the important background information, techniques and approaches within 3 months - with over 90 intensive videos. In addition, we regularly exchange ideas in a closed community and Q&A sessions.

After your successful graduation, you will have the opportunity to support children and young people as a professional learning coach and help them to achieve more learning success. This way you can build a meaningful and fulfilling business model.
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Why we should always be grateful to our parents

Thanks mom

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For whom is the learning coach training suitable?

You are a mother or father? Imagine what it would be like if your child:
really enjoys learning
goes to school totally motivated
simply writes good notes
experienced relaxed homework afternoons together with you
enjoys learning new things even after leaving school
Learning coach training is for you if you:
1. you are a parent
As a learning companion, you support your child in his or her personal development. Through you, they learn that learning can be really fun. To the point: You are laying the foundation for your child's life path and happiness.
2. you want to start your own business as a learning coach.
As a learning coach, you inspire children to learn and build your own meaningful business! We show you how you can build up a second leg as a learning coach or become completely self-employed.
3. you are in an educational profession.
If you work a lot with children or young people, this training is very valuable for you. Make a positive difference in your immediate work environment and inspire students to learn!
Do you find yourself again? Inwardly you surely know that a training as a learning coach can not only change your life positively, but also that of your family or that of many children.
" ...and take off as a learning coach! "
Learning coaches are now in greater demand than ever before

Show kids as a learning coach that learning is fun

Whether you want to become a sought-after learning coach, provide optimal support for your child, or simply acquire knowledge faster and recall it more specifically yourself, Greator is a nationally recognized educational institute and enables you to become a professional learning expert with this in-depth program.
Learning Coach Training is a 3-month, hands-on, in-depth training that will transform you into a knowledgeable, valuable, and highly skilled learning coach.

The special thing about our training is not only the flexible timing and the concentrated knowledge of the experienced learning expert Markus Hofmann, but also that you get all the content digitally and can thus access it individually - wherever you are. This is how modern training works!
97 video lessons
Inspiring community
Live Q&A Sessions
numerous exercises, instructions and practical tips
Weekly tests
*100% free & without obligation

Known from:

Our vision

We want children and young people to enjoy learning again, to enjoy going to school and to recognize education as the cornerstone of a good life. Lifelong learning should not only be recognized as a matter of course - but also as meaningful and positive.

To this end, it is important that even children are given tools and methods to challenge their beliefs, leave their comfort zone, deal wisely with emotions, pursue their dreams, set and achieve goals, overcome challenges, and ultimately realize their full potential.

With the learning coach training, you can start right there and make a positive difference. Join us now and become part of our learning revolution.
*100% free & without obligation

These are the contents you will learn during your training to become a Greator learning coach

Just click on the + to learn more about the respective week

# 1

Measure the learning child against himself - and set learning goals together with him. You learn the first memory technique ("the unicorn list") and some things about giftedness.
Measuring the child against himself
Learning objectives - learning coach and parent
Learning objectives - learning coach without being a family member
Entry-level exercise
The unicorn list
Intelligence Quotient & Giftedness

# 2

Observation and self-observation are good prerequisites for creating a positive learning environment. You will learn motivational techniques to praise learning goals and show your child how to learn from mistakes.

With the "body list" you get a memory method at hand, with which your child can easily memorize learning material. In addition, you will learn how to permanently remove your child's test anxiety in just four steps.
Observation and reflection - learning coach and parent
Observation and reflection - learning coach without being a family member
Praise the achievement of learning objectives
"The Body List"
Dissolve test anxiety

# 3

Every child learns differently. If the child is supported in its individual strengths, learning can even be really fun. You will learn how the memory technique "The Auto List" works and get all the important information about mind maps. In addition, you'll gain insights into the right way to deal with ADD or ADHD.
Every child likes to learn
Concentration - the individual approach
"The Car List"
Learning Coach Pro: Career Opportunities

# 4

How do you prepare learning material according to the child's preferences - and what does the child's learning location look like? Markus shows you more memory techniques, explains the different learning types and how you can deal with the learning disorder dyslexia.
Optimize learning locations
Loci lists
"The Cinema List"
Learning Coach Pro: Branding and your own coaching personality

# 5

This week, you'll learn all about motivational techniques. You'll also learn how kids and parents can properly set goals and improve the learning situation. You'll get all the information you need about the learning technique called the "church list," which allows kids to easily memorize a lot of information. In addition, you will learn how to properly deal with the learning disorder dyscalculia.
The own motivation - learning coach and parent
Motivation of parents - learning coach without being a family member
Learning situation
"The Church List"
Lerncoach Pro: Become a brand - the profile of your ideal customer

# 6

Now it's time to show what you've learned and accomplished in 6 weeks! You will also be given a new memory technique: "The Classroom List", with which you can remember information more easily and recall it in a targeted manner. In addition, if you have chosen the Learning Coach Pro, you will take the big midterm exam.
"The Classroom List"
Learning Coach Pro: Intermediate Exam

# 7

This week you will learn how children can use the resource map to become aware of their own strengths, why fair rules strengthen the child, punishments demotivate and what you should do instead to motivate your child. In addition, Markus will show you how to link the opera "The Magic Flute" with the learning technique called "open-air list".
Learning coach professional: resource map
Alternatives to punishment
"The Outdoor Pool List"
Learning Coach Pro: What benefits do you deliver to your ideal client?

# 8

You'll learn how to dissolve negative beliefs, create a study plan for the next exam, and effectively reward your study child. You'll also learn how to use the Bundestag to easily memorize information - with the "Bundestag List".
Effective reward methods
Negative beliefs
Set up learning plan
Lerncoach Pro: How to create your website

# 9

How do you go through the school material in a structured way? With a common learning plan! You'll learn how to build an effective learning plan and how to use the Allianz Arena to memorize specific information.
Learning units
Learning plan in times of crisis
"The Allianz Arena List"
Learning Coach Pro: What do I post? Everything about social media marketing

# 10

How do you bring kids together to learn? You will learn how to connect children with a common homework and learning game - also digitally! You'll get insights into digital learning and practical help.

In addition, after this week you will know how to use memory techniques to remember long series of numbers in a playful way and also teach them to your learning child.
Homework & Learning Game
Smartphones & Co.
Remember long series of numbers
Lerncoach Pro: Your successful career entry into the coaching business

# 11

In this week, you will learn how to acquire knowledge faster and how to recall it in a more targeted way. You will learn how to repeat a flashcard in a structured and effective way, how to learn vocabulary faster and how to convey this knowledge in a child-friendly way.
Repeat with flashcard
Vocabulary technique
Understanding and embracing learning differences

# 12

You'll learn how you can easily remember names and faces and keep them in your memory for a long time. If you decide to take the Learning Coach Pro, the big final exam awaits you!
Remember names and faces
Learning Coach Pro: Final Exam

The learning coach training is made up of these pillars:


In order for children to enjoy learning again, certain conditions must be met and obstacles to learning must be removed. Here you can learn what really matters. With many practical tips, you will learn what really matters.


Every child learns differently. You will learn how to recognize the needs of your learning child and find the optimal work organization together with him: From learning goals to the appropriate learning location to the learning plan.


What would it be like if children went through their school years with the best tricks of the memory world champions? From history data and knowledge to vocabulary and abstract information. With these memory techniques, any child can remember information faster and more sustainably.


Every schoolchild has his or her strengths and weaknesses. Here you'll gain insights into learning specialties such as giftedness, dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and test anxiety - and tips on how to deal with them properly.


If you want to become a learning coach professionally, you will learn in the Learning Coach Pro training how to get started in the learning coaching business and how your first steps towards brand building can look like. We support you and give you many practical examples and tips.

Bonus: This is what you get beyond the training

As a participant of the Greator Coach training you get the best support we can offer you. No matter if you do the training to get ahead privately or professionally - we offer you the all-round package for your self-realization at Greator Coach.

Bonus: Online course - "Positioning 

with Dr. Stefan Frädrich

You'll learn the real Secret successful positioning to differentiate yourself from the competition and to become a leading expert in the market. position.
You unleash your motivation by Business Targets to of your Vision ausrichtest and create a path that you follow with passion and ease.
Learn how to integrate your personality into your business and use it to at Market to stand out. Build a business that suits you.
Crystallize your personal Competencies and use them in your business.
You get a general Introduction on the subject Marketingso that you can then develop strategies with Marvin Schulz that will help you in your Coaching Business, for your self-employment as a coach forward.

Bonus: Online Course - "Online Marketing for Coaches 

with Marvin Schulz

You learn the most important Basic terms of the Marketing and how you use your positioning in practice.
Then you'll get step-by-step instructions on how to make your own Marketing process Sync and corrections by n17t01.
For that, you put your perfect Offer and build your own Website which you can also read about Facebook Advertise.
In addition, you will learn how to contact your new contacts on the phone... convince you can.

Bonus: Business Mindset Online Course 

with Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

Christina and Walter Hommelsheim talk to you about how you can really visible and what it takes to make it happen.
They also address the issue of mindset and explain how you can overcome the fear that is now keeping you from success is holding you back.
For that, you get to do another deep dive into your family history and make sure no old Beliefs and Strategies from the family.
Then you can make a Reference frame for you and your Business that's going to set you up for next Level will lift!

What our participants of the learning coach training say

The Greator seminar leader training

Theory from home. Practice also on site.
This training should not be an additional stress for you, but added value! You will receive - as usual - learning content unlocked online. But there will also be two live events of 2 days each during your training.

Because everyday life is challenging enough, we make it as easy as possible for you:
Make our certified Seminar leader Education conveniently from home - when and where you want!
Make our Online Coaching Training comfortably from home - at your own individual pace!
Whether you're an early bird or a night owl - you can use our training content to flexible on your Day integrateas it suits you best.
We request from you not, to Dates Sync and corrected by dr.jackson for Location participate. Participation in the two live events is optional and not a requirement for admission to the final exam.
The Participation Sync and corrections by n17t01 Easy as pie! You need absolutely no technical experience, just a computer and a stable internet connection. We'll show you the rest step by step!

You will therefore receive all training content from us digitally:

Coaching videos
Live Sessions
1:1 Coachings
Live Q&A Sessions
Live Events
Whether in your family or society

Actively shape the future of education as a learning coach

Are you ready to help children and young people learn so that they can celebrate learning successes more easily? Then training to become a learning coach or learning coach pro could be the next step for you.

This investment pays off not only through more learning success and better grades - but through more meaning in the education system and happier children and young people. As a learning coach, you can therefore not only make a positive difference in your own family (Learning Coach), but even in society as a whole (Learning Coach Pro).

With the training to become a learning coach, you will receive everything you need to better support children and adolescents individually. The training as a learning coach pro also teaches you everything you need to know to set yourself up professionally as an independent learning coach and to become professionally successful with your learning coaching. Here you can see an overview of both training options:

Your training as a learning coach

*100% free & without obligation

The best learning expert trains you

Markus Hofmann

Markus Hofmann is one of the most successful memory trainers in Europe and has already helped more than 350,000 people improve their memory in his lectures. The author, keynote speaker and trainer is not only the winner of the German Continuing Education Award, but has also been named Speaker of the Year several times.

As an instructor of the learning coach training, he lives his vocation to show people with the right tools that learning can be really fun.

He not only knows the various memory techniques, but also simple and effective ways to convey these methods optimally. Whether for children, teenagers or adults: Markus Hofmann knows what is important in learning and how the learned knowledge remains in the head for a long time.

Be there and start a new chapter of your life

Arrange appointment
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Initial interview
The Greator team will call you on your desired date to see if this training is exactly right for you. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Next steps
If both sides are convinced that this training is perfect for you and there are no more questions, we will discuss together in a follow-up meeting when your suitable start into the training would be.
Arrange a free initial consultation now!
*100% free & without obligation

Frequently asked questions

How is a learning coach different from a tutor?

Tutoring focuses only on symptom treatment and repetition of the learning material. Learning coaching, on the other hand, focuses on the child with its strengths and weaknesses so that it enjoys learning and can use its full potential. Learning coaching works with personality development and not just pure content (as tutoring does).

What exactly is the difference between Learning Coach and Learning Coach Pro?

If you want to optimally support your child in his or her personal development and become a learning expert yourself, then the training as a learning coach is ideal for you.

If you want to show not only your child but also other children that learning can really be fun and you want to work professionally as a learning coach, then the Learning Coach Pro training is the right choice. Because there we show you how to build a successful learning coaching business.

How much time do I have to invest if I want to do the training?

The training is designed for 3 months. On average, our participants need about 4 to 6 months. So you don't have to complete the training in 3 months, but can do it flexibly at your own pace. You can plan about 4 hours per week for the training.

What exactly does it mean when I end up being a learning coach?

Once you have successfully completed your training as a learning coach, you will be able to provide your child with optimal support in everyday school life.

If you have opted for the Learning Coach Pro training, you will receive the Learning Coach certificate after passing the final exam. This entitles you to start your own coaching business. As a certified learning coach you are also part of our community and benefit from our Greator network, which already includes many well-known coaches.

This will give you the opportunity to be included in the international Greator Coachmap, which will help you get started in your coaching business and access to your clients.

Why should I schedule an initial consultation?

The initial interview is designed to give you the opportunity to ask your open questions in a personal conversation. A Success Coach will be happy to give you detailed answers to your questions on the phone and together you will see if the training is right for you. The conversation is free of charge and completely without obligation.
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