Free Masterclass:

"No fun at school was yesterday!"

With these methods you can motivate your students and teach stress-free

Tired of yawning students who are secretly on their cell phones during class? Learning expert Markus Hofmann tells you how children enjoy coming to your classes, have fun learning and personally outgrow themselves!

Duration: 90 minutes

One of the most successful learning experts in Europe reveals his secrets to you

Extreme workloads, teacher shortages and tight curricula: If you're a teacher, you know how stressful this job can be. It's not without reason that teaching is one of the jobs with the highest burnout rate.

In large classes you can no longer do justice to every child, the pressure to perform is enormous and some children lose touch.

Is this how you imagined working as an educator?

Probably not.

You wanted pass on knowledge to the next generation in a sustainable manner, impart values and prepare them for their future in the best possible way.

However, the status quo looks like this: Stressed parents, children and teachers somehow try to cope with the situation.
This masterclass is just right for you if the following points apply to you:
You want:
the Ability to concentrate and Motivation of your students increase
stress free teaching
Children individual with their strengths and weaknesses promote
a Nurturing ground for relaxed learning create
Children in their Self-realization support
Teaching can be fun - for everyone!
What if you, as an educator, had Fun teaching and would like to get up again in the morning?

What do you think about when you think back to why you chose this profession?
Bright children's eyes because they have fun in class
You in front of a motivated school class that is engaged in the lessons
Happy parents thanking you for your great work
You know what?

This could soon be your reality! In this free masterclass, learning expert Markus Hofmann tells you how to find the fun in teaching again with the right learning methods and motivation techniques.
Show your students effective learning methods
The experienced learning expert Markus Hofmann shows you in this Masterclass 3 simple steps, how to help your students become more Learning fun and success you can help.

On top you get 2 effective memory techniques that only a few people are familiar with. With these learning methods, your students can playfully remember information and recall it more specifically.

You can use these techniques apply immediately!
For whom is this Masterclass suitable?
The contents of this masterclass are not only for teachers but for anyone who wants to remember information more quickly and retrieve it in a more targeted manner.

If you you work with children or young people, you benefit in particular. Because you can pass on the techniques you have learned directly afterwards.

Of course, this also applies to Parents. After the masterclass you will know how to accompany you as best as possible through the school years and enthusiastic about learning.
This masterclass is just right for you if you want your students to: 
like to go to school come
simple and without pressure good grades write
itself playfully memorize information can
their Reduce learning time by 50 % and have more time for leisure activities
also still After school with pleasure learn

About Markus Hofmann

Memory expert & learning coach

Markus Hofmann is one of the most successful memory trainers in Europe and has helped over 250,000 people improve their memory through his presentations. He is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, Winner of the German Continuing Education Award and has been named Speaker of the Year several times.

Showing people with the right tools that learning can be really fun is his calling.

He not only knows the best memory techniques, but also simple and effective ways to convey these methods optimally. Whether for children, teenagers or adults: Markus Hofmann knows what is important in learning and how the learned knowledge remains in the head for a long time.
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