Letting go of fears: How to become the most beautiful version of yourself

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Letting go of fears: How to become the most beautiful version of yourself

Let go of your fears! Where do your fears of success come from? Why are you afraid of reactions? Or of thinking big? Why do we tick like this? Where do these Fears? Why do we prefer to repress and toil to maintain the status of the catastrophic quo? "Because the pain we know is often a pain we love. As absurd as this may sound. What we find in our lives, we protect - often unconsciously. Whether disasters, suffering, pain or problems. Man is a creature of habit, he gets used to even the most adverse circumstances," write Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim and Walter Hommelsheim in their new book "Heart Over Head - The Simple Formula for a Happy Life."

Without fears: don't stamp your life with "Ok".

It's easier and quite convenient to label your life as "ok". Because that way you don't have to take action. "That way you don't have to change anything. That way you don't have to venture into the unknown. After all, the unknown is not controllable to begin with. And loss of control is more feared than many a pain and problem in the now. Oh sweet repression, oh sweet whitewashing," the coaches know from their own experience.

Face your fear

At this point, we want to encourage you to face those fears. "Because we promise you, behind the fear lies a world that is more beautiful, fuller, and more colorful than anything you can imagine now. You are losing something. That's true. But you only lose that which no longer serves you and your wonderful being. In exchange, you gain a lot. Much more than you lose: new experiences, new people, new happiness, new life. Tailored to you, to your needs, your desires, your strengths, your talents, your being. You're breaking out of the corset you've been squeezed into for many years, or even squeezed yourself into. Freedom is waiting out there. Look forward to it. Be brave!

The world is the mirror of your inner beliefs

But now it's up to you to take the first or next step. You get to look at your blocks. You get to decide if you're ready to throw away your old shoes and put your Leave comfort zone! Do you feel like something new that makes your heart quiver? The world is the mirror of your inner beliefs. You can only experience what you believe is possible! The greatest act will be to rediscover your own glow and share it unconditionally. The world needs you. It needs your glow, it needs you in your beautiful uniqueness. Without fears. The moment you share your light, you can also suddenly see your own way, because the darkness gives way to the light.

Without fears: 3 tips for success

Are you ready to bring your radiance to the world? Do you feel like succeed and think big? Then get inspired by our 3 tips to become the most beautiful version of yourself. Exercise: Look in the mirror every day from now on. Look yourself in the eye and repeat the words:

  • Say your name and then, "I'm proud of you because..."
  • "I forgive you for..."
  • "I love you."
  1. Ask yourself: What new things would I like to learn? What do I want to grow in over the next six months? What can I do this week to get started?
  2. Network with others who are already successful. Ask them for their recipe for success. Get their advice. Or buy their books, listen to their podcasts or read interviews about them.
  3. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and for the next few days, write down all the beliefs that are currently holding you back from success. This task will possibly show you with which banalities we limit and restrict ourselves.

Actively shape your life without fears

However, it's not enough to just decide who you don't want to be anymore. "Who do you want to be instead? What do you want your future to look like? What do you want?", Christina & Walter inspire you to think. Start actively creating and shaping your life now. The coaching couple would like to give you 4 steps on how to (re)discover, develop and evolve yourself.

  1. Visions help to actively shape our future life. Steer your life in the direction you want it to go. A vision has to do with qualities which you cannot "achieve". You can't just make that desired image happen, but you can set out, take action, and make things happen.
  2. Visions may contain material aspects, they know no limits, rules or laws. But it is important that you surrender to this vision, that you associate qualities and attributes with it. Shoot your own film and cut in all the images and scenes that make your heart leap. Visions have to be tangible.
  3. Your vision is your guide. You must go yourself. You have the power to achieve everything. You are fully responsible for what you do and what you don't do.
  4. Visions are allowed to change. After all, we change too. Look and constantly check yourself and your vision.

Vision Exercise

Now, in order for your vision to feel like Belief Set burns into your head, flows through every pore of your body, we have another beautiful exercise for you: close your eyes for a moment. Breathe deeply in and out of your heart. Begin to feel from within smile. Imagine your heart smiling. Imagine how your cells are smiling, how all your organs are smiling, how you are creating a beautiful peaceful smiling state within you. Stay here. Breathe deeply in and breathe deeply out. Your heart is your guru. Connect with your nature, with your Spirit, with the endless source of love. Make connecting to your heart the most important priority in your life. Return to this place as often as possible and spend your time here. For it is only when we live from our heart that we truly live. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out. Live!

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