Wheel of life: How to optimize all important areas of your life

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Wheel of life: How to optimize all important areas of your life

What is a wheel of life? How can it help you achieve goals faster? And most importantly, can a Wheel of Life help you live a happier and more fulfilling life?

The answer: Yes, the Wheel of Life is an extremely useful tool with which you can noticeably increase your quality of life in all important areas!

What exactly the wheel of life is and how you can use it specifically, we would like to tell you in this article.

So read on carefully now if you want to learn how the Wheel of Life can help you live a full and happy life.

What is a wheel of life?

The Wheel of Life (also called the Wheel of Life) is a coaching tool that helps you reach goals faster and create an fuller life to lead.

It is also called the "balance wheel" and helps you to focus on certain areas of your life where you have deficits. Because we often pay more attention to some areas of life and less to others.

The wheel of life helps you to become aware of your current life situation. But it also helps you to recognize in which areas you can still work on yourself.

Here's an example: You may be doing really well at work and earning good money. But in return you sit at your desk for hours every day. Of course, this has an effect on your health.

Maybe you are in a happy relationship. But you neglect your friends, who also contact you less and less often, and you want to change that.

A wheel of life therefore helps you to focus your attention on areas of your life that are in need of optimization.

The aim is thus to work out all relevant areas of life equally in order to achieve a happy, fulfilled and content life to lead.

Eventually, that's gonna lead to inner balance and not have to constantly think about areas that you may have neglected in the past.

What do you think? Can you already say roughly in which areas you are doing well? Where do you still have deficits? What do you still want to work on and achieve?

Into which areas is the wheel of life divided?

The Wheel of Life is used differently by coaches. It is often divided into six to eight areas. These can be individually adapted by the coach or yourself.

We would like to briefly introduce the most common areas of life to you in the following.


Do you take care of your health? Do you eat a balanced diet? Or do you constantly stuff yourself with junk food, sweets and soft drinks? What about your energy level? Do you feel physically and mentally fit? Or do you struggle to get out of bed every morning? Do you have a good sleep rhythm or are you plagued by restless sleep?


How are things with the money? Is your bank account full to the brim? Or do you have to turn over every cent three times because the money is not enough to live on? What role do finances play for you? Is financial and material wealth important to you? Or is it enough for you if you can cover your running costs?


What about on the job? How are things there? Are you happy with your job? Or have you been stuck in the same position for years without being promoted? How is your relationship with your boss and colleagues? Would you like to be no longer employed at all? Would you like to take the leap into self-employment?


Are you living in a happy partnership? Or has the house been a mess for a long time? Are you perhaps single for some time and you would like to finally change something? Maybe you always end up with the wrong partner? Here too, the Wheel of Life can help you find a suitable solution.


What kind of people do you surround yourself with? Do you have friends around you who enrich you? Or are they just energy vampires who tug at you and drain your energy? Do you want to attract more people into your life who have similar goals and values? People with whom you have a special bond?


A strong family can be a pillar of support that holds you up in hard times. That's why it's important to spend enough time with your family. Therefore, ask yourself how much time you spend with your parents, siblings, and relatives. Do you see and hear from each other often, or are you really strangers?

Personality Development

What are you doing to develop personally? What are you doing to become a better you? What actions are you taking to reach your full potential? Do you read books regularly? Do you watch videos on YouTube? Do you listen to an educational podcast? Have you bought courses or taken a Coaching booked?


What does the look in the mirror tell you? Are you satisfied? Is everything sitting where it should? Or are you no longer satisfied with your appearance? Sport not only gets you in shape visually. It also strengthens your circulation, makes you fitter in the head, increases your energy level and the Joie de vivre.

Free time

Do you have enough time besides your private and professional obligations to enjoy your free time extensively? Do you have interesting hobbies that enrich you? Or are you still looking for a great pastime that will help you? switch off in everyday life and relax?


Hand on heart: How do you feel? Do you want to pull the covers over your head in the evening because your private and professional everyday life makes your stress level soar? Or do you jump for joy every day because your life is just great? Do you feel drained, stressed and lonely? Or are you happy and fulfilled?

Of course, there are other areas of life that are important. What area of life have you been missing? Which area would you add to your wheel of life?

[Instruction] - How to use the Wheel of Life

At this point we would like to show you how you can apply the Wheel of Life. In order to make the application easier for you, you can create a Download template for free:

Otherwise, you can simply take a sheet of paper and a pen and follow the steps below. In just a few minutes you will have created your own wheel of life.

Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Determine areas of life

Which areas play an important role in your wheel of life? You should now name these. In the best case, work out eight areas that are important to you. Once you have done this, give each area a corresponding number. Then record the numbers clockwise on your Wheel of Life. Below you can record which areas are assigned to each number.

Step 2: Determine satisfaction level

Once you have entered the areas in your wheel of life, the next step is to determine your satisfaction level. This should correspond to a value on a scale from 0 to 10. 0 stands for "extremely satisfied". dissatisfied" and 10 for "extremely satisfied. As soon as you have determined the respective values, connect them with a line. You can now color the resulting inner area so that it is visually highlighted.

Step 3: Determine the horizon of expectation

The next step is for you to determine the horizon of expectation. In which areas do you want to improve? By how many points do you want to improve? Here, too, determine the value to be achieved and connect the dots again. You can also highlight the newly created area in colour. In addition, think about whether it is realistic to achieve these goals. You can ask yourself, for example, whether 2 weeks, 3 months or a year are necessary to improve significantly in the respective areas.

Step 4: Determine measures

What actions do you need to take to achieve each goal? What exactly do you have to do to achieve a jubilant life to lead? Take a pen and paper and think about which measures will really help you to achieve your goals soon. Example: You want to achieve your dream figure? Then one measure would be, for example, to go jogging three times a week and to give up sweets.

Step 5: Doing is the mother of the porcelain box

Goethe already put it in a nutshell: There are only three letters for success: T-U-N. That means: Now it's up to you. You have determined your milestones and written down your measures. Now you just have to keep disciplineFollow through and stick to your goals. Don't get distracted during this phase. Don't look left or right. Just look ahead and keep your focus. You will be amazed at how quickly you will achieve your accomplish goals when you reflect on the essentials.

Overview: This is what the numbers in the wheel of life say about your situation

1 to 4 points

Something is going very wrong in these areas. You are deeply dissatisfied and there is a strong need for optimization. If an area of life has a value of 1 to 4, you should seriously think about appropriate solutions. Because it is most likely that these areas are crucial for your well-being.

5 to 7 points

If there is a range between 5 and 7, then everything is running relatively "ok". However, there is still a lot of room for improvement. These are usually areas of life in which you have not yet exhausted your full potential. In other words, these are areas of life that will take you a long way forward.

8 to 10 points

Great! If some of your areas of life are between scores of 8 and 10, then all is well. The key here is to make sure that nothing changes in this great performance. So think about measures that will guarantee that you maintain the high standard you have set for yourself.

The Wheel of Life for Entrepreneurs

The wheel of life can be used not only for personal development use it. You can also use it to move your self-employment or business forward.

In this way you can, for example, find out in which areas of your self-employment there is still room for improvement and what you can specifically work on.

What might such a wheel of life look like?

In this regard, you should first ask yourself which areas are relevant for you. Below you will find a list of areas that could be relevant for you as an entrepreneur.

The most important categories for the business wheel of life:

  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Support
  • Management
  • Recruiting
  • Administration
  • Accounting
  • Branding
  • Products

These are just a few important areas that can be important for your business. Can you think of other areas? Then add them to your wheel of life.

By the way: You can also use our wheel of life template here. Download the Download template now and find out which adjustments you can still make in your business.

Conclusion: With the wheel of life you increase your quality of life noticeably.

In this article, you learned what the Wheel of Life is and how it can help you live a happy and fulfilled life.

You also got a free Wheel of Life Template that you can use to get started today.

The wheel of life helps you to find out in which areas of your life you still need to work on. As soon as you know the areas of your life where you still have problems, you can work on them specifically.

But what happens next? Which measures will help you to solve your problems in a targeted way? Here, too, we would like to give you a hand.

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