Living like a digital nomad - this is how it works!

Living and working everywhere - just wishful thinking or really feasible? Living like a digital nomad, in other words, as an entrepreneur or even an employee who uses digital technologies almost exclusively to do his work and at the same time leads a rather location-independent or multilocal life... Nothing is impossible!

Digital nomads: "We live our dream!"

This was also what Sarah Antwerpes and Jan Broders thought a few years ago. The couple met at work. They quickly shared a vision: to break down the tents in Munich, to travel the world, to touch and connect people from the most beautiful places on earth with their coaching work. How did they do this financially? "By house sitting! We applied to appropriate portals, usually watched the houses for a long time and worked from there in peace and quiet. That's how we made our dream of digital nomads come true," says Sarah. 

Kissed by the sun

Whether Bali, Berlin, America, or Mallorca - because the digital nomads freed themselves from all material things, the couple travelled the world for years with even greater freedom. Even with Lila's son in their luggage, who at the tender age of three is already talking in three languages. "We didn't work on the beach with a laptop, as one might imagine. But paradise lies at our feet. And it simply makes a difference whether you are kissed by the sun every morning and enveloped in warmth. If you are allowed to give seminars and coachings at these places, it is like winning the lottery," Jan raves about his lifestyle. "Now we are enjoying ourselves and our life currently on Mallorca - at Christmas we are travelling on to California!

Digital nomads: Break away from old beliefs

Wouldn't that be a nice idea for the wish list: Christmas under palm trees? And the office practically travels with you! Or don't you have the courage? Why don't you dare to make your passion your passion? Be honest with yourself for once: When was the last time you were brave and just tried something different? It is only your beliefs that keep you away from your creative potential or at least do not let you come into your full power. Allow yourself to think big. Allow the thought of living as a digital nomad.

Three exercises for your life as a digital nomad

You wish for a life of freedom too? To finally be your own boss and to be able to work from the most beautiful places in the world? Then we would like to give you three nice exercises so that your goal is soon within reach.

  1. Create a mindmovie with lots of pictures of how you imagine your life to be. Make your film with your wishes as concrete and detailed as possible. Watch it once a day. Believe in yourself and your visions - you alone are the creator of your life.
  2. Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Describe your new life from the perspective as if you already live it: I am editor-in-chief at Soulmate Publishing. I live as a digital nomad... Don't spare any details. The more concretely you formulate your vision, the better the universe knows what to give you.
  3. Get into action! You have this dream? Then prepare the first steps now. Create a to-do list, of which you can perhaps complete 2-3 points every week, so that your dream can soon become reality. Nothing comes from nothing.
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