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"In 3 steps to your vocation"

Your path to a fulfilled life

You ask yourself the question more often, where you want to go in your life? Do you find it difficult to name specific things that you are really good at and that fulfill you from the bottom of your heart? Then let the experienced relationship and life coaches Christina and Walter Hommelsheim show you what questions you should ask yourself in order to find your find out your true calling - and what steps you can take to really live it out.

Duration: 80 minutes

Goodbye exhaustion and emptiness - hello joy and fulfillment!

If you often fall into bed drained and exhausted after a long day at work, something is wrong.

Because then you haven't found your vocation yet for sure ...

Many people can hardly imagine that they can go full throttle all day, meet deadlines and rise above themselves - without this ending in exhaustion, lack of sleep or even burnout in the long run.

But in fact, that is exactly the case. And even better:

When you do things that fulfill you, they actually give you energy instead of robbing you of it!

If you are looking for meaning and fulfillment in your life and want to start your day every morning full of enthusiasm and joy (and go to bed at night just as happy) - there is only one thing you can really do:

Listen to your heart!

Because there is an inner voice inside you that already knows which path is the right one for you. You've probably just forgotten to listen to it and trust your head too much when it comes to important decisions.

In this masterclass you will learn to listen to your heart again. In what form does it speak to you? And how do you hear what it says to you?

Now is the time to find out what fulfills you!

Exercises, everyday tips and reflections

With intensive exercises you can find your calling within yourself

The right questions

With intensive exercises you can find your calling within yourself

Free access

With intensive exercises you can find your calling within yourself
You're in the right place for this masterclass if you:
want to find yourself and your way - professionally and privately
have the feeling that life still has more in store for you
want to find out what you really like and enjoy doing
allow yourself to show your true, authentic self
have the courage to break out of old patterns for your freedom

Hi, we are Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

Life coaches and authors of "Heart Over Head
We will walk you through this masterclass together.

For more than 20 years we have been accompanying people as trainers and coaches to develop their full potential.

As trainers of the Greator Coach Training we are companions on the way and can pass on our conviction that heart and head only work together - but the heart (or "gut feeling") always shows us the way that is meant for us.

Privately, we now live a financially free and location-independent life. Half a year we enjoy the sea and the sun on the Canary Islands. The other half of the year we spend in Germany in our house on the lake.

The fact that we have not only achieved our goals with this life, but also feel deeply happy and grateful in the process, is because we have found and are living our calling.

Our motto "Heart over Head" plays an important role in this.

In this masterclass we will show you how to listen to your heart again, in which form it speaks to you at all, and how to live a fulfilled life by recognizing your desires.

We look forward to finding out your calling with you!

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