"Become a successful coach in just 5 steps"

Duration: 60 Minutes
You finally want change your life and the lives of many other people and start your career as a coach? Learn from our coaching experts Christina & Walter Know the most effective methods of successful coaches.

In this masterclass you will learn:

what makes a good coaching method & how to find the right one for you
how your chosen coaching method helps you to get to know yourself better
how your chosen coaching method helps you to get to know yourself better
how your relationship with money relates to your success as a coach
how to properly position yourself and your coaching business through online marketing

Are you ready to follow your calling and help people professionally?

Have you ever thought about becoming a coach? In other words, learning skills that will help you grow both personally and professionally? And with which you can support people from your environment to realize their heart's vision? Then this is the right place for you!

Our mission is to give people like you all the tools you need to make your calling as a coach a reality. And make the world a little bit better together with us!

The 5 main StepsOur coaching experts Christina & Walter Hommelsheim will show you how to become a successful coach in this new 60-minute masterclass . Through their many years of experience in the coaching business, they know exactly what really matters in this industry!

Step by step instructions
Valuable input
Scientifically proven
The right questions
Free access

About Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

The Greator coach trainers and authors of the inspirational book "Heart Over Head" are experts in vision work, meaning & relationships.

For many years, Christina and Walter Hommelsheim have been training coaches with absolute passion. Motivated by their own stories and life crises, the two went through numerous trainings to bring people quickly and sustainably into change and to more ease, confidence and success in life with the right tools and their whole passion. 

As trainers of the Greator Coaches they live and love their vocation to lead people into the unfolding of their full potential - authentic, rousing and their refreshingly humorous way. Based on their concept "Heart over Head" and their book of the same name, they developed the holistic success method of the "lying eight", with which they accompany each individual on the path to a self-determined, conscious and happy life. At the heart of their method are lovingly conceived, profound meditations in which the old is released and the new is focused.

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