"Everybody's Weird Except Me: How to Better Understand Yourself and Others".

Duration: 50 Minutes

In this exclusive interview with personality expert Debora Karsch, you'll learn how to better understand yourself and others.

You often feel like the only normal one in the room full of strange people?

There are situations in which we absolutely cannot understand why our counterpart acts the way he does. We find the behavior funny and completely inappropriate.

Why does this one person feel put on the spot at every little thing? Why does this one employee make the same mistake over and over again - even though you've discussed the solution so many times? And why does your boss simply not understand that his constant control harms the team cohesion and demotivates the entire staff?

That can really make you despair, can't it? But here's the thing: You probably seem just as funny to these people in reverse!

Misunderstandings like these occur when we fail to categorize our personalities

We all walk through the world with our own glasses and perceive things fundamentally differently than others. Because we only have our own point of view, we automatically assume that it is correct.

But people have different perceptions. This is due to our personality structures, how we grew up, what experiences we have had, what beliefs shape us ...

This can sometimes bring us to the brink of despair. And that's always when we don't manage to take the other person's perspective.

Can't you imagine? Then just try it out!

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You're in the right place for this masterclass if you:

want to work more efficiently with colleagues
Want to better manage your own employees or teams
you wish for more harmony in relationships of any kind
have more understanding for the peculiarities of other people
want to negotiate more strategically with superiors, customers or partners

About Debora Karsch

Debora has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, speaker and trainer and is the managing director of persolog GmbH.

Personality and behavior expert

Debora has over 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, speaker and trainer and is the managing director of persolog GmbH.

With her books, lectures and coaching on the topics of personal and organizational development, self-management and recruiting, she inspires people on the path to change, convincing them with genuine understanding, pragmatic ideas and an infectious drive to act.

Over the course of her career, she has helped thousands of people discover their strengths, tackle challenges and thereby lead successful lives with the help of the DISG personality model.

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