"Disoriented, Restless, Unhappy: Here's How to Fill Your Inner Void."

An in-depth interview with Dieter Lange
Duration: 70 Minutes

Why are so many people unhappy, especially in the Western world? Even though they have everything they need to be satisfied. And why are especially successful entrepreneurs affected by inner emptiness, disorientation and restlessness? Dieter Lange knows the answer!

In this masterclass you will learn:

how to permanently overcome the feeling of inner emptiness
how to find inner balance and experience true success
what still keeps you from feeling true happiness
how to find your personal meaning of life and north star
why material wealth has nothing to do with true wealth

"The problem: there always has to be something going on, because otherwise I'm alone with myself and I can't stand that"

Our multi-option society today keeps you on your toes: there are numerous ways to be more productive, more powerful or healthier. You want more from lifeThat's why you continue to educate yourself so that you are always up to date and continue to be successful.

Standstill is not an option for you. You find it hard not to do something "productive" for a change, like read a book for pure entertainment, go for a walk, or take a bath - because you could use that time effectively for your projects.

Then, when you do get a moment's peace, you ask yourself:

What are you working so hard for? For the numbers you are constantly improving? For the goals you achieve one after the other? For your company? Or for yourself?

Suddenly you feel a terrible emptiness and futility in your activities. What is it that you really want to achieve?

You wish more energy and time for your family, friends and hobbies - but you just can't really switch off after work.

You find it hard to enjoy the moment, because your head is already three steps ahead. Time passes and the years go by. You have the feeling that your life runs through your hands like sand and you can't hold on to a single moment.


Find out what really fulfills you

Dieter Lange reveals in an interview with Alexander Müller where the inner urge comes that there must always be something going on, why it is so difficult to be present in the moment and how a Fulfilled life through a clear direction really succeeds.

In this interview, you'll learn how to fill inner emptiness and again in your midst arrive. You'll also learn how to help others with the same problem and how to create a inspiring model can be.

Now is your time to arrive at yourself and live a fulfilled life!

In this interview, you'll get answers to the following questions:
  • Why suffer just successful people at inner emptiness?
  • What do you think of the Answers on the biggest questions of life? (What is true success? Who am I? How do I find my purpose/my North Star?)
  • Like you overcome crises in the course of your life?
  • Why alienate people of yourself and how can you get back to yourself?
  • Why do you need Opposites in life to inner peace to find?
  • Why is Meditate not the solution for your problems?
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About Dieter Long

Dieter Lange is a recognized expert in the fields of personal development and leadership. With his extensive experience, he inspires people to push their boundaries and achieve their goals through effective strategies and profound insights.

Dieter Lange is a psychologist, top executive trainer, economist and an absolute impulse generator. For over 30 years he has been one of the most sought-after experts for change. He is a coach of top athletes and board members in several top European companies.

In his seminars and coaching sessions, the successful keynote speaker combines his many years of experience in business, his broad psychological knowledge and cultural wisdom - always presented with brilliant rhetoric and entertaining metaphors.

With his positive, optimistic outlook on life and radical Acceptance of all that is, Dieter Lange teaches you the importance of personal responsibility and intrinsic motivation on the path to success.

One of the central concepts in Dieter's work is the "North Star Life Plan", which serves as a model for personal and professional growth. The North Star stands for integrity, clarity, courage and self-responsibility and is intended to encourage people to pursue their goals consistently and authentically. Dieter emphasizes again and again that it is important to to remain faithful and not be distracted by external influences.

He has published numerous books in recent years, including "You can tell a winner at the start, but so can a loser". In his works, he not only imparts sound knowledge, but also practical tips and tricks to support readers and listeners in their personal and professional growth.

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