"How to Become a Greator Life Coach."

Improve your life and the lives of many others
Duration: 60 Minutes

Dive into the world of coaching with our experts. You'll learn not only how to deal with your problems, but also how it feels to pursue your dreams without fear.

In this masterclass you will learn:

how to dissolve the beliefs that are shrinking your self-confidence
how to listen to your heart again and create a clear vision
how to stop letting your subconscious control your reality
how to make peace with using your biggest problems as your greatest potential
How you help others lead fulfilling and successful lives

Find out what else is holding you back from your dreams!

This masterclass is not a classic "front-line" session, but includes exciting exercises: You will not only learn how to deal with your problems, but also how it feels to pursue your dreams without fear.

So it's best to have a pen and paper ready, not only to take notes, but also to your individual topics to look at.


Who do you really want to be?

Maybe you know this: Many people know exactly what they don't want - but not what they really want for their future.

This may be due to subconscious beliefs that are still holding you back from finding your dream job, inviting that one person out for coffee, ending that long-standing argument with your mother; simply living the life you really want.

In our new masterclass "How to become a successful Greator Life Coach" our coaching experts Christina and Walter Hommelsheim together with the CEO of Greator, Alexander Müller, explain to you how to recognize what is currently blocking you - and how to permanently unblock it.

Step by step instructions
Valuable input
Scientifically proven
The right questions
Free access

You're in the right place for this masterclass if you:

identify and dissolve your obstacles to success
want to get to know yourself better
want to have concrete implementation tips for a fulfilled life
you are thinking about making "helping people" your vocation

About Christina and Walter Hommelsheim

The Greator coach trainers and authors of the inspirational book "Heart Over Head" are experts in vision work, meaning & relationships.

For many years, Christina and Walter Hommelsheim have been training coaches with absolute passion. Motivated by their own stories and life crises, the two went through numerous trainings to bring people quickly and sustainably into change and to more ease, confidence and success in life with the right tools and their whole passion. 

As trainers of the Greator Coaches they live and love their vocation to lead people into the unfolding of their full potential - authentic, rousing and their refreshingly humorous way. Based on their concept "Heart over Head" and their book of the same name, they developed the holistic success method of the "lying eight", with which they accompany each individual on the path to a self-determined, conscious and happy life. At the heart of their method are lovingly conceived, profound meditations in which the old is released and the new is focused.

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