Motivational coaching - successful through action!

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Motivational coaching - successful through action!

Breaking out of old behavior patterns and breaking through thought structures is not easy. It is especially difficult when you have been working as a manager in a company for years and are one of the old hands. Routines and rehearsed behaviors permeate everyday work - and often seem more comfortable than motivational coaching. Making changes without hedging, that takes a fair amount of courage! "How do you think my employees will react? Will the new thing be well received? Will it even work?" are thoughts that like to settle in your head and make themselves comfortable there.

Then it's better not to take any risks and use the safe, tried and tested methods. After all, it has worked perfectly well all these years. That would be nice if it were that simple. But unfortunately, things don't always work out the way you'd like them to. And then comes the moment when things can't go on any longer. You feel hemmed in by problems and conflicts, there are more and more resignations, the Motivation on the team is down. And you decide for yourself: Now is the time to act. But how?

Motivation is the salt in the soup and the pillar of your company. If this pillar breaks down, it has a negative effect on your success. Take the initiative. Have you ever thought about motivational coaching? A Coach can help you make sure that your Courage grows to implement new things and your fears fade into the background.

With these 7 coaching tips you really help people
Our professional coaches have created a checklist with 7 valuable tips for you - easy to understand and to implement immediately!

What is motivational coaching?

Motivational coaching gives you the tools you need to motivate yourself again. To help your inner bastard to say goodbye. However, to help you feel motivated again, there are a few things you can set in motion beforehand: Including your Self-reflection. Motivational coaching can help you with this.

  1. Consider what cause has brought you to the situation that you are not moving forward.
  2. How does that make you feel?
  3. Which Belief Set is stopping you from taking action?
  4. What is your vision of life?
  5. Close your eyes and imagine that you are already the person from your vision. How would that feel? What would your life be like?

Feel free to take notes on the exercise. And maybe just the idea of your dream life will release a spark of motivation in you to get a little closer to your dream.

Motivational coaching and help for self-help

Helping people to help themselves pays off in the long term

With the help of motivational coaching, you can break new ground and break out of rigid and awkward routines. A coach is a temporary companion and will guide you through a learning process. Uncertainty and doubts determine your behavior? That's okay. After all, no master has fallen from the sky! New behaviors are created by training them. Just because you know how something works doesn't mean you can apply it.

Often you stand in your own way. Coaching is then necessary so that you can reduce inhibitions. Together with your motivation coach you can work out individual motives that cause problems for you and your company. But be careful, a coach does not take over any task from you. Unlike training, coaching does not present you with an exact solution to a problem that you can implement one-to-one. Your coach serves as an advisor, conversation partner and listener and accompanies you on your own way to your goal. The focus is clearly on "helping you to help yourself".

And also your personal development is in the foreground. Psychotherapeutic methods and techniques are used. (Be aware that coaching is not an option for serious mental health problems). So when you decide to go for coaching, make the choice with great care. Define your goals and your concerns. Where is the problem? Is it the lack of motivation in the team, is it your behaviour?

Cheers to change of perspective and self-reflection

Coaching is mainly about improving your performance and analyzing your perception of the tasks. For this purpose, a coach is at your side in an advisory and observing capacity. Where are there grievances, what behaviors have you acquired over the years that could be responsible for the demotivation of your employees?

As an external person, a coach can perceive and analyse you as a manager and your company from a different perspective. This allows you to understand your own decisions retrospectively and to see possible mistakes better. Your ability to self-reflect is strengthened.

Coaching offers you a framework to build up and break down specific skills. You should take advantage of this. Because as a process consultant, a coach has a variety of methods with which you can work together and develop your personality. Coaching is not a type of training. But coaching can include training!

A coach advises in relation to your social environment and your working conditions. This means that you must give him insight into the professional field and the coach should have knowledge in organizational development. It is important for the success of the coaching that you see a sense in it. Your coach is not some kind of friend, nor a stooge who bends to your will. You should be open to accepting the changes you want to make. accept.

Motivational Coaching

Motivational coaching or rather motivational training?

Training or coaching: the two terms are often pigeonholed and confused. But there are considerable differences. Whether training or coaching comes into question for you depends on various factors. Both motivational coaching and motivational training have their strengths and weaknesses. Often a preliminary discussion helps to determine whether there is a need for coaching or whether training is sufficient.

While your coach puts you as a person in the foreground, a motivational trainer acts as a guide and moderator. He analyses concrete behavioural deficits. In workshops or seminars, he emphasizes learning content - but he does not coach his participants. Your personality is not in the foreground for him and he will not advise you intensively. His function mainly concerns the communication of content and specialist knowledge and the targeted development or reduction of behavioural patterns.

A motivational trainer guides, gives Feedback and corrects. In contrast to a motivational coach, he does not work in a relationship-oriented way, but conveys his expertise and gives concrete solutions. This means that he instructs you and determines the content as well as the procedure himself. A motivational trainer has no specific target group, whereas a coach focuses on people with management tasks.

Your Team should be on the subject of motivation Receive instructions? Then a training for knowledge transfer is more interesting for you. For this no Coaching necessary. You should consider coaching if you want to take new paths and do not trust yourself to implement the necessary changes. Both forms are suitable if you want to improve the performance of yourself and/or your employees and would like to consult an external person.

3 reasons that speak for motivational coaching

  1. You are in a position with leadership responsibility or tasks in the management area.
    You are aware that changes are necessary but you do not dare to go new ways without professional support.
  2. You don't just want to be guided, you want a personalized and individualized process that builds and breaks down your skills.
  3. Helping yourself is very important for you to achieve long-term success.
Motivational coaching and coaching training

Coaching Training - The most exciting training for yourself

We hope that we could help you now to more clarity and many questions were answered. Whether Systemic Coach, NLP, Motivational Coaching or Greator Coach Training - everywhere you have your change in your own hands. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you develop - and which opportunities you tackle!

As a Greator Coach, you will come into your full power ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of many people. In our training to become a Greator Coach you go step by step through your individual areas of life. Open yourself to bring more and more clarity into your life. The insights will amaze you. You have your Change in your own hands. You decide how you want to live your life, in which direction you develop - and which opportunities you tackle! As a Greator coach, you come into your full power, ready to make a lasting difference in the lives of many people. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch here on. Or as we say at Greator: Go for it!


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