Neale Donald Walsch 2/3: Find the Divine in You!

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Neale Donald Walsch 2/3: Find the Divine in You!

For many people concerned with personal growth, the goal of life is to realize their inner power and live to their full potential. But Neale Donald Walsch takes a slightly more nuanced view of the goal of life. For him, the small nuances make all the difference: before the big question about the goal of life, he believes we should first ask ourselves another question. It is: What is the Purpose of life?

In an interview, Neale Donald Walsch explains, "When people talk about finding their potential and their true inner self, I ask them: Why? So they can get the husband, wife, car, job, house, income, or clothes they want? Is that the reason - so they can have a better life? What if life has nothing to do with any of that? What if none of it matters, or has nothing to do with the reason we're here?"

Live your true potential

According to Neale Donald Walsch, the most important questions we should answer are: Who am I? Am I just a physical being that lives and dies? Or is it possible that I am a spiritual being that has a physical body and a spirit? In the interview, Neale Donald Walsch answers, "My body is something that I have, not something that I am. If you assume that this idea could be true-and in my world it is-then your priorities change tremendously."

So if we want to realize our potential, we must first clarify what potential we mean. Our potential to make a lot of money? Our potential to be the most popular person in the room? Neale Donald Walsch says, "When I see my path as a spiritual being, my intentions are quite different. My intention is to evolve and become the next sublime version of myself. Or let's say, simply to show my true identity - and that is divinity."

Find your divinity

Neale Donald Walsch found his own divinity by. Conversations with God led. In addition, writing and reading helps him. In conversation he reveals: "I get up in the morning between 4:30 and 5:00. And then I read my own books, even though that might sound strange. Because it doesn't feel like I wrote them. In my perception, they were dictated to me by a divine voice. I merely wrote them down. That's how I wrote thirty-seven books."

The biggest problem of our time

Most mornings, the world-famous bestselling author gets up, pulls one of his books off the shelf, opens to a random page, and starts reading. In his latest work, he addresses the question of what is currently the biggest problem on our planet. He says, "It is alienation. We experience the consequences of this problem day after day. Yet most people don't know what it is or what is causing these results. That's what my new book is about."

In the 76 years of his life, Neale Donald Walsch has never felt such a strong alienation as he does at the moment. In the interview he reports: "People are angry with each other. There is political anger and economic alienation. There's also social, nationalistic and religious alienation. A lot of people think, 'If you belong to a different religion, country, nationality, political party, or economic status, then I'm automatically angry at you.' These people always blame others, and that leads to huge alienation."

The cause of the problem

But how can such a great alienation actually arise? Neale Donald Walsch knows: "We think we are separate from each other - as if I were sitting here and you over there. As if I had my goals and you had yours. But that is a false thought, which I consider a great misunderstanding. For we are not separate from each other."

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