What makes a reputable nutrition coach?

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What makes a reputable nutrition coach?

Are you interested in exciting nutrition topics? Maybe you've even thought about a nutrition consultation? Then a nutrition coach is the perfect place for you. But before you invest time and money, you should know what a nutrition coach does.

Or maybe your own knowledge of nutrition is unbeatable and you could imagine working as a nutrition coach yourself? In that case, you'll be interested to know what skills are important and what criteria you need to meet to become a nutrition coach. succeed. For both scenarios, we provide you with useful tips and tricks in this magazine article. Let's go!

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Tasks of a nutrition coach

Among the most important tasks of the nutrition coach are the consultation and the creation of Nutrition Plans. In addition, a nutrition coach provides Motivation work - After all, he helps his coaching participants to remain steadfast and to change their diet in the long term. This is not always easy, but requires a little drive from the expert every now and then.

Another very relevant The task of the nutrition coach is to keep an eye on the changed values of individual participants. For this purpose, the coach measures the weight as well as the body fat percentage. Depending on the coaching, even the participant's blood values are examined. In this way, progress can be analyzed and changes be controlled.

In addition to the evaluation, the definition of goals is of course also one of the important cornerstones of holistic nutritional counselling. Because only with a fixed goal a really meaningful nourishing and/or Diätplan can be provided. Last but not least a nourishing coach points out the personal nutrient need to its consulting participant and gives hints and Tipps for the preparation of the meal. Sounds like a wide range of activities, doesn't it?

Regular coaching appointments

Let's imagine you've found the perfect nutrition coach. Together you've defined your goal and you've received an exact eating plan that meets your Nutrient requirements completely covered. Now it's time for implementation! You'll be doing this on your own, of course, but you'll probably see your nutrition coach at regular intervals.

During your appointments, the nutrition coach will at best draw up a so-called target-performance comparison. The "target" is the value that you should reach at this appointment. The "actual" represents your current value. With this comparison, the nutrition coach sees whether the Diet plan hitting.

He will also have intensive conversations with you. You should tell him whether it is easy for you to stick to the diet plan or whether it is rather difficult. The nutrition coach should always have an open ear for you and respond individually to your questions and needs.

When do you need a nutrition coach?

But when exactly is it worth going to a nutrition coach? In general: A nutritional consultation always makes sense if you want to change your diet and are not sure how to do it. Maybe you have set a goal in your mind, but don't know where to start? Or you've already developed a plan, but you're struggling to implement it?

Even if you are allergic to certain foods or have a food intolerance, a nutrition coach can help you. He will show you a variety of new recipe ideas and explain what you need to pay attention to in order to avoid deficiency symptoms. The same applies if you vegetarian or vegan and you would like to have a detailed consultation.

Even during pregnancy, a nutrition coach can help you find out what diet is perfect for the mum-to-be and her baby. If you do a lot of sport or are even a competitive athlete, nutritional advice can also be worthwhile to improve your performance. So as you can see, there are many different situations in which a consultation can be useful.

Where does a nutrition coach work?

Nutrition coaches work primarily in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation and spa centers. Here they help their patients to accelerate the healing process with the help of the right nutrition. Many symptoms can be alleviated with the help of the right diet.

Nutrition coaches can also be found in fitness studios. As a rule, they advise healthy people who want to lose weight or build muscle. In addition, you can sometimes even find nutrition coaches in schools, kindergartens and of course in counseling centers. Also the food industry is a potential employer. In addition, many nutritionists make themselves independent today.

Who can call himself a nutrition coach

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? If you're thinking about becoming a nutrition coach yourself, there are a few more things you should know beforehand: The term "nutrition coach" is not protected, which means that practically anyone can call themselves one. In order to give a serious impression, you should therefore always be able to present licenses, certificates and degrees.


You can obtain these licenses, certificates and degrees, for example, as part of training to become a dietician. The basis for this is an intermediate school leaving certificate, also called "mittlere Reife" or "Fachoberschulreife". Alternatively, you can complete a degree with a focus on nutritional science.

In addition, there is the possibility of Further training as a nutritionist to occupy. This option is open to almost everyone. During the training, you will, for example, expand your knowledge of metabolism and vital nutrients. In addition, you will learn everything about alternative diets and how you should conduct counseling sessions.

After successfully completing your final exam, you are then officially a nutrition coach. By the way: Nutrition coaches are often subsidised by health insurance companies, as they carry out important preventive work.

Conclusion about the nutrition coach

Your expert status can be helpful in many areas of life. It supports with the Change of diet and is a great motivational partner. You are an athlete, allergy sufferer or want to reduce your weight? Then a nutrition coach is just right for you! You want to work as a nutrition coach yourself? Then make sure you have a serious degree so that you can position yourself as a professional consultant! Either way, we wish you the best of luck.


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