Online dating tips in times of Corona - 7 dates of the special kind

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Online dating tips in times of Corona - 7 dates of the special kind

Online dating tips in times of Corona are currently a big topic among singles. Is it even possible to find the potential partner for life during the lockdown?

To give you the answer first: Yes, even in the Corona crisis it is possible to find the right partner.

We'd like to tell you exactly how you can get your love life going despite the Corona pandemic, using 7 tried and tested online dating tips as an example.

These are the challenges singles face in the age of Corona

Before the Corona pandemic sent the world into shock, there were plenty of places where we could meet potential partners. 

People went to bars, danced in clubs, and sometimes it happened that we met a special someone while shopping downtown. 

Online dating tips were not really necessary at this point. Because life before Corona opened up a lot more possibilities for us in this regard. 

Those options are no longer available since the lockdown. But that doesn't mean the dating world is suddenly at a standstill. 

Quite the opposite. For a few months now, dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble or Lovoo have been booming. 

In these difficult times, many people long for togetherness. All over Germany, thousands and thousands of people are looking for a strong Need feel for closeness. 

But what happens after you've met an interesting person over the Internet?

How to make the first date meaningful in times of Corona? What are the ways to get to know each other better?

To help you get some inspiration, we'd like to take this opportunity to share with you 7 online dating tips to inspire you. 

Let's go!

7 Online Dating Tips - How to get to know your crush better during Corona

You've probably already come up with a virtual date via Zoom, Skype, or another video chat platform on your own. 

But what is the best way to arrange such a date? What are the possibilities to give the first date a little more spice?

Here are a few online dating tips that you can use as a Use inspiration to leave a guaranteed lasting impression on your crush.

1. Dare culinary experiments

We all know it: on a first date, we go to our favorite Italian restaurant or the Asian place around the corner. 

Rarely we go new ways that make a date a special event. These new ways we can now go online. 

So how about a culinary excursion into new worlds? What dishes have you always wanted to try? 

Best make a list of 5 extravagant dishes to prepare next time you video chat with your crush.

2. A visit to the museum

You're probably thinking to yourself: "Visit a museum? How can that be done in the days of Corona? They're all closed."

Here, some museums have come up with something very special: These offer namely digital tours and are particularly popular with art lovers.

If you and your date are art lovers, this would be a really great idea to keep in mind. 

Afterwards you can exchange your impressions over a glass of wine (via video conference, of course).

As you can see, with the right online dating tips, you'll leave a lasting impression on your crush. Let's move on!

3. Takes a personality test

A great way to get to know each other better from the start is to have a Personality Test to graduate.

This will take each of you only 12 to 15 minutes. But the results are really impressive. This way you learn things about yourself that you didn't know. 

It will be particularly interesting if you compare the results and let your counterpart assess whether the respective first impression was correct. 

This way you get to know each other intensively and get a better picture of what it looks like inside of your crush.

4. Go on safari together

Let's move on to one of the most popular online dating tips in times of Corona - Go on safari together! 

Yes, you read correctly. With your new crush you can have a exciting safari experience and thus get to know new places all over the world. 

In this context, the Wild Earth organization always offers great Livestreams that you can participate in. 

Sounds exciting? Then go on an amazing safari with your date next time. You will love this dating idea especially if you are interested in nature and animals.

5. Marvel at the northern lights

Do you know this? You lie with your crush on a meadow and look dreamily into the stars. A great thought, right?

This is a truly romantic activity that you can enjoy while on a virtual date and even admire the Northern Lights. 

How does it work? The team around has installed a livecam that broadcasts northern lights 24 hours a day. On this page you'll find the livestream.

6. attend a concert

Music connects people, hearts and lovers. Fortunately, Corona could not banish this special magic of music from the world.

Many musicians therefore still offer concerts that are broadcast live on the Internet. Watching such a concert is also one of the best online dating tips in the age of Corona. 

Just talk to your crush about it. Maybe you'll get lucky and one of your favourite artists will soon be broadcasting the next concert.

7. singing and dancing

Not only music, but also singing and dancing connects people. You can also combine these two really great activities with a virtual date. 

In this context, you can, for example, prepare a playlist of your favorite songs, turn up the speakers loud and then dance off together. 

Or you can organise a karaoke evening where you perform your favourite songs. This way, a lot of fun is guaranteed.

By the way! If you need more exciting tips around topics like love & relationship, then have a look at here over.

Bottom line: with the right online dating tips, you can have a really great time with your crush even in the days of Corona.

In this article, we've revealed 7 online dating tips you can use to spend quality time with your crush despite Corona.

As you can see, even during Corona, it's not necessary for the ceiling to fall on your head when you're single. 

There are plenty of great ways you can make your time with your crush special and have great experiences. 

We sincerely hope that our online dating tips have been of some help to you, and finally, we hope you have fun on your next virtual date.

And who knows, maybe your next online date will turn into a really beautiful Relationshipthat brings lasting love happiness into your life.


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