Online Marketing Jobs - What you need to be able to do!

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Online Marketing Jobs - What you need to be able to do!

You are open and curious. You call the Internet your home and know your way around Web 2.0. Internet and media affinity characterize you. Are you interested in technology and do you think marketing is great? You don't just surf the internet, but also want to dive deep? You stay up to date? That's great. Then you already have the first basic requirements to become a top Online Marketing Manager.

In the age of digitalization, online marketing is becoming increasingly important. The internet has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Of course, this also applies to business. Who wants to assert himself on the Internet, must show presence. The competition on the internet is huge, price wars are numerous and whoever does not appear in the vastness of the world wide web has as good as lost. Attention is the highest good and must be worked hard for. And so online marketing encompasses a wide range of tasks that are not only versatile but also demanding. Let's take a look at what you need to succeed in online marketing.

Strategy and analysis is the key

Strategy is at the forefront of online marketing. Your tasks include conceptualizing and developing marketing plans. As an online marketing manager, you organize all marketing efforts. As an online marketing expert, you implement performance-based online marketing measures and optimise processes. Competitor and market analysis is part of your daily business. As an online marketing expert, you have a good feel for brands, layout, usability and conversion. You prepare the most important key figures. Finally, you are the all-rounder and all-time contact person for all brand-related topics.

But watch out, online marketing is not (only) about pretty pictures and campaigns. Online marketing is very numbers-oriented. Your analytical skills are in the foreground. Does that apply to you? Wonderful, then let's move on. Generally speaking, traditional online advertising is one of the main disciplines in online marketing. This means that as an online marketing expert you place ads on social networks, set up Google Adwords and do SEO.

Search Engine Marketing

As an online marketer, SEO should not only be a term for you - you should live it. Because search engine optimization, SEO, is a major success factor for every company. Search engine optimization is all about directing potential customers and visitors to your website and ensuring that your internet presence appears as high up on Google as possible.
There is onpage and offpage optimization.

With onpage optimization, you optimize, as the name suggests, on your own website. The optimizations can therefore not be influenced from the outside. You provide qualitative content on your website and optimize formatting and headings, but it is also about your technical know-how. The meta description, for example, plays a major role when it comes to potential buyers clicking on your page. The keyword density is also relevant so that your website can be ranked in the index of the search engine. Search engine friendly markups, snippet optimization, tags - you see, there's a lot coming your way. Offpage optimization is mainly about your reputation. Backlinks are links that point to your page from other websites. Backlinks are very important because they not only give your website, and therefore you, confidence, but they are also relevant to search engines and have an influence on your ranking.

social media marketing

Social media is also a job. Who isn't on Facebook or Instagram these days? Your task is not only to give the company presence, but also to place Facebook ads. The social networks offer you the opportunity to distribute social content and thereby generate traffic for your own website. As a Social Media Marketing Manager, you are linguistically skilled and can solve problems quickly and efficiently. You create reports, measure successes and keep an eye out for the latest trends. And here, too, you are constantly up to date and try to optimize.

affiliate marketing

As a business, you can work with various partners. Your distribution partners, also called affiliates, place links on their websites that direct users to your site and generate traffic to your site. This not only increases your trust, but also your reach. A win-win situation. Of course, the company should fit to you and have a corresponding reach.

Your profile

To get started as an online marketing manager, many companies require a degree in the field of media, business administration or communication sciences. However, this does not mean that there is no way for you to get into online marketing without a degree. Especially in this field, practical experience is a big plus. An apprenticeship can therefore also open many doors for you. Important is and remains: Always continue your education. Stay up to date in the fast-moving times of online marketing. Attend seminars, read blog articles and become an expert in your field. Then nothing can go wrong.

The areas described here are only a small part of online marketing. As an online marketing manager, you need to be versatile. Depending on the size of the company, your responsibilities may differ or your focus may shift. You've read this article and checked off every point inside? You want to create new marketing concepts? You are fit in the field of online marketing and want a job in a great team? Traffic and conversion are not foreign words for you?

Then take a look at by! Exciting job offers in the field of online marketing are waiting for you here!

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