Online marketing: new challenges - new advantages

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Online marketing: new challenges - new advantages

Online marketing is not just advertising. Marketing helps you and your company to orientate and position yourself in the market. Meeting the requirements of your customers is the top priority. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to reach potential customers. In times of digitalization, attention is a sought-after commodity on the market. The world is spinning faster and faster, competition is becoming more intense in today's times.

Everyone is trying to start a blog, on Facebook the fan pages are exploding. The options are many: everyone has the chance to bring themselves and their product to the front. At the same time, this opportunity also has its pitfalls for everyone. After all, the competition is only a click away. On the World Wide Web, there are countless opportunities to entice customers. One click, one purchase. And if your own website is not convincing, you not only lose money, but also potential customers. The right online marketing can provide a remedy.

Become an online marketing expert

What does online marketing mean for you and your success? Online marketing includes all marketing measures that are implemented with the help of the Internet. The goal is to be able to direct customers to your website, your offer. This "traffic" is called traffic. And the traffic participants who buy a product after their visit are called conversions.

Your goal is to generate as much traffic and conversions as possible. Countless factors flow into this marketing process, which must be taken into account. But according to Marcel Knopf, marketing expert and speaker, those who intensively deal with online marketing today will have a high chance of being one of the most sought-after experts on the planet in ten years.

Your USP is your success

Build yourself a so-called CORE Business Model on. Define for yourself what your product is. What is your service? Highlight your USP. You're on two tracks and don't really know what the core of your business is? Stop it! It only leads to dilution. Think about the funnel you want to use to present your product to your customers.

Stray bullets? Not with you!

A great advantage of online marketing is the targeted placement of advertising. Inform yourself beforehand and make yourself aware: Who are your customers? Who should buy your product? If you have precisely defined your target customers, you can display your ads to them on social networks such as Facebook or on Google. If, on the other hand, you put up a banner with your brand in the city centre, the coverage loss is enormous. Many passers-by will certainly see your poster, but you can't address your target group directly. Marketing is becoming more and more complex but at the same time more exclusive!

Online marketing: Content is king

Turn your customers into fans. This works if you deliver good content. They don't say "content is king" for nothing. The more good content you deliver, the more competent you'll be perceived. Your customers will trust you! And trust is your asset in the online marketplace. Customers who trust you are more likely to buy your products.

Your successes are measurable

You place ads but don't really know if the money you invested will really come back? Whereas you used to success Whereas in the past you were able to measure your performance decisively on the basis of key figures and subjective observations, today you have new tools at your disposal. Marcel Button, marketing expert, sums it up with a simple example:

Imagine you are the owner of a shoe store. You see the customers. They pick up shoes, try them on, eventually buy a pair. To analyze whether your marketing efforts are working, someone would have to stand at the door of your shoe store and document everything in writing. And even then, not all the data needed for analysis would be available.

Today, in the age of the internet, there are analytics accounts that hold a lot of potential. There you can track exactly who clicks where and when on your page and buys your product. And so you can align yourself completely with your customers, push the buttons in the right places and measure exactly which ad is worthwhile and how. Where does your customer click and where does he leave?

In the end, online marketing mainly consists of market research and includes all marketing measures that are implemented with the help of the Internet.

Therefore, get excited about your data and only then will you be able to understand your business. Calculate for yourself whether campaigns make sense or not. Dive deep into the matter. Set yourself goals!

Successful in the online market in 4 steps

To be successful in the online market, set yourself goals. Goals help you not to lose focus. Step by step you will get closer to your final goal.

  1. The generation of new customers
    You bring a new product and/or service to the market. Generate new customers to be able to exist on the market.
  2. Increase in turnover and sales
    Build a brand. Your product should tell a story. Your potential customers should know who you are and what makes you and your product special.
  3. Generate a wide reach.
  4. Build up your own know-how, because not only you but also your company will profit from it.

What does that mean for you? Face the new demands and use the new options.

If you master all the tools of online marketing and use them wisely, you can make several 100 percent profit per euro spent on ads. Seize the Personal initiative and leave your competitors out in the cold. You just need to know how. Online marketing seminars can help you to increase your success.

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