Our Team & Culture

The Greator team now comprises over 100 employees - a group full of unique personalities, caring people and concentrated expertise. We are all "positive monsters" and not only want to change the world together but also make it better. We're all part of something Greator!

At Greator we live our outstanding corporate culture with full conviction - and this is only possible because we all pull together. We have a unique working atmosphere where our employees can grow with every challenge. We stick together and give our all to become the best version of ourselves. The Greator spirit is simply unbeatable!
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Our Leadership Team

At our helm is a management team that is passionate about our company purpose: self-realization for everyone. Get to know them here!

Alexander Müller

CEO & Owner
Alex has been leading the company with great passion since 2015. He gives his all to realize the full potential behind Greator to make a difference in this world. Alex shows his full ambition when it comes to building world-class teams, bringing new products to life and continuously developing the company culture.

Manuel Noya

As COO, Manuel is primarily operational for Greator. He always keeps an eye on the sales figures and the implementation of the company strategy. In addition, he always has an open ear for the team and shows his empathy when his help is needed.

Jens Echterling

Jens drives the strategic direction of our products and the development of our coaching platform with his professional know-how. As CPO he is behind the management of large projects and supports the team with his top skills in product management and online marketing.

Stefan Wieczorek

Stefan is our man for the finances. He always has a firm grip on the company's figures. To do this, he has built an action-oriented, insight-generating team made up of the Accounting and Business Intelligence/Analytics departments.

Madeline Timmer


Stefan Frädrich, MD

Founder & Owner
The initiator and founder of Greator had the vision in 2012 to fill the world with positive thoughts and to bring the best speakers of the country on one stage. And he has achieved that! Today, he is first and foremost the content engine of Greator. His coaching programs are unique and extremely valuable because they have one goal: to enable everyone to grow - personally and professionally.

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Our Core Values

A strong corporate culture needs a strong foundation. This foundation is made up of our 6 Core Values. They represent the values of the Greator team and how we work together every day. Get to know them here!


Roll up your sleeves and get it done.

Everyone has the freedom to make important decisions and explore new ways to achieve our goals.

This responsibility, combined with our passion, is what drives us to go that extra mile in everything we do.

As part of a team or your own projects, you own it like a boss!


If your ideas scare you, you are on the right path.

We are empowered and willing to take risks.

Thinking small is not in our vocabulary: Bold thinking, 10x, no-limits, anything and everything is possible when we put our minds and hearts to it.

We continuously make a "dent in the universe" and are damn proud of it.


The magic lies outside the comfort zone.

We regularly force ourselves to leave our comfort zones and face our fears, to further develop ourselves and our community.

We embrace change to learn, share and grow and are addicted to see what's on the other side.


We focus on measurable impact.

Jedöns is all the white noise and fuss from unnecessary actions or inefficient systems that slow us down. By the way, this also applies to people ?

If it doesn't add enough value to the business or further develop us and our customers, we just don't do it.


Our answer to the question: "What does quality mean?"

It's our customers that define what we do and why we do it.

Quality is not defined by what we think it is, it's what brings our community forward.

We empower and accompany our customers in their development until they have achieved their personal and professional goals.

Community success and self-fulfillment is our ultimate goal.


Yes, we can!

We are perpetually positive, hungry for success and we deliver solutions.

There's nothing we cannot achieve if we put our hearts and minds to it.

We are inclusive and open-minded. As individuals we are great, as a team we are unbeatable.

We leave bullshit and our fucking egos at the door.


Our business advisory board

The business advisory board behind Greator is a network of exciting personalities who are burning for our vision. They are experts from areas such as business, politics, sales and online marketing and enrich our company with a lot of expertise, strategic competence and great drive. Learn more about the members of our advisory board here.
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Marcel Knopf (CEO Fastlane Marketing GmbH), Achim Schalk (Vice President Hygiene EMEIA Berry Global Inc.), Frank Feist (Managing Director ROLAND Assistance GmbH), Alexander Müller (CEO Greator), former GEDANKENtanken employee, Stefan Frädrich (CCO Greator), Manuel Noya (COO Greator), Antonio Dominguez (Sales Director Summer Sports Infront Sports & Media AG), Elfi Scho-Antwerpes (Deputy Mayor of Cologne)

Ulrich Voigt (Board of Directors of Sparkasse KölnBonn), Christian Angele (Investment Manager Team Europe), Thomas Bachem (Founder of CODE University of Applied Sciences Berlin), Tobias Beck (Top Speaker), Hans Matthijsse (CEO Lieken AG), Sebastian Thielkes (Managing Director at Aéro Solutions SAS), Gerhard Witte (Managing Director of Control€xpert GmbH)
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