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Overcoming fears: So you can finally live in ease

Imagine waking up tomorrow and an infinite and positive life energy flowing through you! You feel full of joy and lightness. You are so clear and full of love. And you feel in your whole body: This will be your day! A wonderful day full of enchanting moments. Filled with authentic laughter and a feeling of happiness that has spread throughout your whole body. You can feel it everywhere... Why don't we always wake up like this? Because we love to fill our time with head cinema, live by habit according to old patterns and let ourselves be guided by our fears and doubts. 

Who would you be without your fears and doubts?

Close your eyes for once at this point. 

  1. Ask yourself the question: What do you think I'm full of fears and doubts. Take your time and enjoy writing the answers on a piece of paper. Are there answers like "I'm blocking myself, I'm not myself"... 
  2. Now ask yourself: Who would you be without these fears and doubts? Free, easy, without pressure, full of joie de vivre, happy, creative, yourself... What kind of answers arise in you when you ask yourself this question? 
  3. How do you know this fear from before? At what point in your childhood have you experienced these feelings before?

Release old beliefs that block you!

Remember now again that within you lies the power and strength to choose anew today who you really want to be. You are the creator of your own life every second - whether you are aware of it or not. You form it with your attitudes, thoughts, and your energy every day a little bit of yourself. But to reach your dream life, you may listen lovingly to your own heart, follow your heart's desires and old beliefs ...that block and slow you down.

You are what you think

Because psychological studies show again and again: We become what we think and expect. If you assume that a successful life is waiting for you, then you are very likely to lead one soon. 

  1. What image do you have of yourself?
  2. What convictions do you have about yourself and life?

So on an unconscious level beliefs can really block you. And you deserve the most beautiful life you can imagine.

Let go of your past with all your fears

How do you release this power again? Let go of your past, dissolve negative beliefs to rediscover your own value and live. If you want to connect properly with your heart, some blockages have to be cleared first. Your negative beliefs can only cause real unrest until you discover them, bring them into the light and thus take away their destructive life inside you. 

Meditate to release your fears

This can be very successful for example when meditating! Because that way you really get in contact with yourself. You get to know yourself in a way you never thought possible. And when you start to turn your energy inwards, suddenly many things change in your life in a miraculous way. Allow yourself to be yourself now! 

  • In meditation you discover your feelings or fears and can heal or transform them
  • You give your life a chance to change
  • You make a new decision

With courage comes joy and happiness

Fear might advise you now: Don't do it, the others are already doing better than you. But love will tell you that you can create unique things. Your creative path will bring you much joy and happiness. Go now for your heart's desires! Take your life in your hands to feel self-determined and powerful. If we make room for ourselves in our lives, we will gradually dig out our hidden wishes and dreams. Only you yourself must have the courage to stand up for your dreams. You may be preoccupied: 

  • What can I do to make my wishes come true?
  • What kind of partnership do I want? 
  • Which values are important to me?
  • What about my other areas of life, health, family, finance...
  • Where do I see myself in six months, where do I see myself in the future?

You steer your life through your choices

You see - life is waiting to be actively created by you. Direct your fate consciously through your thoughts and decisions. Set the first course today and sign up for our free Vision Challenge with Walter Hommelsheim and Christina Grahn Hommelsheim. Decide now to really keep an eye on your goals and make room for your needs and wishes!

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