Patric Heizmann: How to burn fat & build muscle

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Patric Heizmann: How to burn fat & build muscle

"I just read in a health report that we are consistently exercising less and less every year. There are people who exercise enough if they peel a banana once a day." Patric Heizmann is a personal trainer and expert in sports, muscle building and healthy nutrition. His passion lies in inspiring other people for a healthy lifestyle. With a large portion of humor and hard facts, he clarifies and reveals which diets and sports exercises really make sense. Are you ready to finally get your muscles back into high gear? Then this magazine article is for you. Let's go!

Burn fat: "Use it or lose it!"

Patric Heizmann knows that our muscles are - or at least should be - our largest organ. He says: "There is a law in nature and that is: Use it or lose it! Use it or lose it. And this is especially true for muscles for one simple reason: muscles need calories around the clock because they are made up of very metabolic tissue. They burn calories constantly, day and night. In addition, muscles have an extremely wide range of important tasks: For example, they help us stay fit and healthy into old age."

The only way to become more muscular in the long run is to exercise. You already see yourself running to the gym day after day and don't know where to find all the time? Don't worry, you don't have to do a lot of exercise at all, just the right kind! Patric Heizmann: "The simplest and most effective sports program in the world consists of, Saying no. No to cake and other unhealthy foods. With a little practice, you get the hang of it."

Burn fat the right way: You like to move it

When you have learned to say no more often, you are ready for the next step. Patric Heizmann: "And that brings us directly to the topic: the optimum is to walk 10,000 steps a day. Children, for example, are constantly running around and get at least 10,000 steps a day. Most adults, on the other hand, only walk 2,000 steps a day. We don't have to be top athletes, but we should learn to move more in our daily lives. Everyday life is our exercise routine!" Intermediate conclusion: don't live in energy-saving mode any longer, but move much more consciously again!

If you want to not only increase your step count, but also exercise, be sure to choose the right sport. From years of experience as a personal coach and fitness trainer Patric Heizmann knows: "Endurance sports tend to make you fat. Why? Because the calorie consumption of typical endurance sports is completely overestimated. Of course, any bit of exercise is better than hanging out on the couch. There's just one problem: If you chow down after endurance sports, you're importing significantly more calories than you were binging away before. And that's when exercise makes you fat in the long run."

That's how you burn fat: Work up a sweat

If you want to do really effective sport, you should therefore trust your body a little more. Patric Heizmann: "High intensity training, for example, is a really good thing. You can really work up a sweat in a short time and achieve great results. Just 15 minutes is enough to burn a lot of fat." Patric Heizmann has another good tip for you: "If you eat carbohydrates in the morning, at noon and in the evening, it is much more difficult to burn fat - calorie balance or not.

So instead of bread, pasta and potatoes, eat protein-rich foods such as fish, meat, vegetables and eggs more often. Patric Heizmann: "This forces the body to intervene even further in the fat metabolism during the regeneration phase." And here we are again with the endurance training. The expert knows: "If you really want to burn fat, endurance training is unfortunately not optimal. Strength training, on the other hand, can activate as many muscle groups as possible at the same time. This saves us a lot of time and at the same time we have an indirect form of cardiovascular training.

Kill calories - here we go

Have you really got the urge to kill a few calories yourself? Then watch our video in full length! At the end Patric Heizmann shows a few simple but effective exercises for home. He says: "As soon as you start, you get a feeling that something is happening in your body. And that's what motivates you to keep at it."

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