Personality training and leadership - Your path to success

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Personality training and leadership - Your path to success

Have you ever heard of personality training? Your personality develops throughout your life. But the growth of personality happens in a different way for each person. Think back to your childhood. When we come into the world, we are unselfconscious and free. Little children glow with personality. They live from the heart and do not think about what they are doing.

A child tries without questioning. And if it fails, it gets back up and tries again. They are unconstrained, don't think, and just do. Over time, our behavior changes. As adults, we often rack our brains and question. We are afraid of failure. This is precisely why personality development is especially important for leadership positions.

Personality training - your guarantee for success!

You've been promoted and now you're faced with the challenge of leading a new team as a manager? Whew. A big task that can raise many a (hidden) doubt. Because especially in the field of leadership, a strong personality is indispensable. After all, leadership starts with your own person. Your personality is one of the deciding factors for your success!

As a manager, you are versatile and have to take on several roles at the same time:

  1. Not only do you have an open ear for your employees, but you are always on the spot when there is a fire somewhere.
  2. Delegate tasks and keep an eye on the situation, orienting yourself to the strengths of your employees.
  3. You motivate and give feedback and to top it all off, you act as a fair and competent person in case of conflicts.
  4. Your tasks include setting up processes and preparing work paths.
  5. You not only give impulses, ideally you also create meaning.
  6. Put yourself in your coworkers' shoes, listen to them, and provide assistance.

As opposed to your skills and knowledge. "Soft Skills" you can't learn. For that, you have to be willing to work on a personality. Personality training can help you know yourself better and make better decisions. The right training can enhance your skills that will pave your way to success.

Personality training: Expand your self-competence

First and foremost, self-competence means dealing with yourself. As a manager, you should not only demonstrate competence in your specialist areas, but also be competent towards yourself. Reflect on your behaviour, analyse it and draw the right conclusions from it in order to be able to constantly improve yourself. Self-reflection is a must for you as a boss.

After all, a leader who does not have an eye on himself can hardly radiate authority. A realistic self-assessment helps you to analyse complex issues and situations and to avoid mistakes. Because Self-awareness is the best way to improve your self-competence. Good self-competence is a prerequisite for clear goals and affects your self-acceptance.

Set yourself goals

To generate success, you need to set goals for yourself, your employees and your company. As a manager, you are responsible for Achievement of goals exposed to different demands. Define your targets so you don't miss your goals.

Because personality development also means self-management. And self-management is based on Setting Goalsthat guides you through your work process. If you don't know where you want to go, you can't get there. This applies not only to the private but also to the professional context. What is your personal goal? What do you want to achieve in your company? How can you confidently solve conflicts of goals?

If you can't communicate clear goals and visions to your employees, how can they successfully implement them? Conflicting goals must be dealt with!

Take a quiet minute, maybe two, and ask yourself the following questions: What do you absolutely not want? What is not going well at the moment and what would you like to change?

Trust in yourself

Trust in your own abilities! What are you particularly good at? What do you enjoy doing? Where can you release all your energy? Accept yourself as you are. Be aware of your strengths and implement what is good for you and then act according to these principles! Because when you promote your strengths, your Self-confidence grow with you. Your Self-esteem will grow. Yours Self-acceptance will grow. Don't make the mistake of looking at your negative past. If you dwell on negative thoughts and take the "I can't do it anyway" approach, nothing will change in the long run. Positive thoughts create positive experiences! It is not possible, it does not exist. It is possible. Don't let life get you down. Accept yourself. Accept yourself as you are. Inner strength is the basis of Self-confidence. And self-confidence makes a confident leader.

Personality training: No fear of mistakes

Mistakes are human. Even a manager is not infallible. But that doesn't mean you have to bury your head in the sand. On the contrary! Make the best of your mistakes. You can't undo them? Then analyze what went wrong. If you deal with your mistakes in a reflective way, you can learn from them. Take challenges and mistakes as a gift. Every experience will strengthen you. You just must not give up. If you keep on going and gaining experience, your self-confidence and self-competence will grow.

Personality training can strengthen you individually and highlight your competencies. Always remember, as a leader you should know what you can and cannot do. And you don't have to simulate perfection - it's enough if you work on yourself. This will convince your employees more than covering up your own shortcomings.

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