Ending a relationship: How to do it appreciatively and without drama

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Ending a relationship: How to do it appreciatively and without drama

The decision to end a relationship is rarely made lightly. It is usually a time-consuming process, starting with initial doubts and ending with a firm decision to leave the partner. This step requires courage and is never entirely without pain.

When a partnership breaks down, the emotions about. In the worst case, a real war of the roses ensues after the separation, which robs both parties of their last strength. But that doesn't have to be the case! The more appreciative you end a relationship, the lower the risk of subsequent crises. In some cases, it is even possible to maintain an amicable basis.

When should you end a relationship?

Most of the time you have long since rationally understood that a relationship no longer makes sense, but your heart is still resisting this realization. This is perfectly normal and takes time. Especially if you still love your partner, the decision to separate is not easy. Wait a minute, did we just talk about a possible Separation despite love spoken? Yes, you read correctly.

The book and film industry gives us the impression that love overcomes all obstacles. As long as there are still feelings, it would supposedly always be worth holding on to the relationship. In reality, however, this is not so. Sometimes, unfortunately, love is not enough. This is the case, for example, when you have completely different ideas about the future.

If your partner treats you condescendingly, love is also not an argument to stay. The same is true, of course, in the case of physical abuse. Whether a breach of trust is a reason for you to end your relationship depends on the extent. A one-time Side jump for example, is easier to forgive than an affair that lasted for years.

how to end a relationship

7 signs that you should end your relationship

Often it is a subtle feeling: you are no longer happy within your relationship. Maybe you also have the feeling that your partnership has changed, without being able to name these changes concretely. Therefore, we will now look at the seven most common signs that indicate that you should end your relationship:

1. you hold on to your relationship only out of habit

The shared house, the shared circle of friends, the cordial relationship with your in-laws: there can be a thousand possible reasons to participate in a unfortunate partnership. However, realize that the external factors will not make you happy in the long run. It is your partner that matters. Once the feelings have faded, all "pro-arguments" for the Relationship pointless.

Of course, it is at your discretion to have a purely functional relationship. If one of you still feels love for the other, this is not an option. In addition, you block the chance for a new, true love happiness.

2. you no longer feel passion for each other

You still get along with your partner fantastically on a human level, but your feelings are more of a family nature? The physical longing has worn off a long time ago and you can't even remember the last time you made love? And you don't feel the need for it at all?

It is normal for passion to diminish over the years of a relationship. However, no longer having any desire for each other is a clear indication that it might be better to end the relationship. Especially if all attempts to revive the passion fail.

3. end relationship, because you quarrel non-stop

Arguing is part of every partnership. However, if you only communicate with each other screaming, you should think about whether you want to end your relationship. Appreciative communication forms the basis of a functioning partnership. If this is no longer possible, it becomes problematic.

4. you have developed in different directions

This phenomenon can be observed particularly often in couples who have already come together in adolescence. We humans develop throughout our lives. Surely you judge some things differently today that you were completely convinced of as a teenager. This is also true for your partner. You may find that your values and desires no longer conform.

But how do you notice that? For one thing, you no longer have any common interests and can no longer talk animatedly. When you talk about the future, you realize that you are heading for completely different goals than your partner.

5. your partner is a disturbing factor for you

After a long day at work, instead of craving your partner's closeness, do you feel disturbed by his presence? His little quirks, which you once found cute, now infuriate you? If you feel this way, it would be wise to think about a breakup.

6. you have the feeling that you are missing something

On the outside, everything seems perfect: you and your partner have built a beautiful life together. Your togetherness is harmonious. All your friends describe you as a dream couple. Yet you are driven by an inner longing that you can't explain. Something seems to be missing.

Such sensations cannot always be explained rationally. Nevertheless, it is advisable to listen to your gut feeling. Perhaps a breakup would be a chance for you to find another partner who is able to completely fulfill your desires.

7. trust is destroyed

Are you afraid to confide in your partner because he or she immediately starts peddling your most intimate secrets? You have often been told that he or she speaks condescendingly about you elsewhere or even ridicules you? This destroys the basis of trust. You cannot be together with such a partner. You should end the relationship.

You get dumped all the time? This could be the reason

Now we have dealt in detail with the possible signs that can help you realize that you should end your relationship. But maybe you are in the opposite situation. Are you getting dumped over and over again and wondering why? It is difficult to find a general answer to this question. Every partnership is too individual for that.

However, Sigmund Freud already believed that a central cause of constant abandonment could lie in childhood. People who have experienced a drastic loss at a young age (e.g., divorce or death of a parent) unconsciously attract similar situations again and again. Behind this is the desire to come to terms with the traumatic experience.

It can often be observed that adult women and men choose partners who are similar in character to their own father or mother. This is even scientifically proven in this Study proven.

If you were insecurely attached in childhood, you try to compensate for this in adulthood. As a result, you keep getting involved with people who remind you of your (unreliable) parent. However, it is almost self-explanatory that this cannot be a basis for a healthy and stable partnership.

Ending a relationship: How to do it appreciatively and without drama

Ending a relationship is one of the most difficult challenges in life. Even if you've been thinking about this step for a long time and you're sure about it, anger and sadness are perfectly normal.

Depending on the reasons for the intended Separation you may want to reproach your partner severely or even call him names. However, you should not give in to such impulses. No matter what has happened, try to end the relationship in the most respectful way possible. Great dramas put an additional strain on your already damaged soul.

The following 4 tips can help you:

1. end the relationship: Don't beat around the bush!

Telling your partner about your decision to break up will not be easier if you delay it. Therefore, get to the point as quickly as possible in the breakup talk. Make sure you have the right words ready beforehand. Communicate your decision as clearly as possible so that your partner doesn't get the wrong idea. Hopes makes more.

2. refrain from accusations

Reproaches put your counterpart in a defensive posture. In this way, your emotions build up unnecessarily. Objectivity is the order of the day in a breakup talk. You have certainly discussed all the accusations often enough; this is no longer helpful. Present the reasons for your decision in as non-judgmental a manner as possible. Use "I-messages" for this.

3. do not be persuaded

Be prepared for the fact that your partner will not agree with your decision and will try to dissuade you from your decision by all means (tears, begging, etc.). The rule here is: stand firm. You have good reasons why you want to end the relationship. You did not make the decision easily. So stick to it.

4. place and time

A breakup talk cannot be held between door and door. Announce the conversation in good time and make sure that you are undisturbed. Be sure to switch your cell phones to silent mode! If you do not live together, it is important that each of you can easily leave the place of the conversation.

Conclusion: What comes after the separation?

In the phase of the first Pain of separation it is not easy to see the separation as a new beginning. However, that is exactly what your goal should be. Ending a relationship that no longer feels right for you is the first step towards a happier and more self-determined future.

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