Strengthening resilience - for more strength in everyday life

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Strengthening resilience - for more strength in everyday life

Anyone who wants to be healthy needs a functioning immune system - and that also applies to the psyche. If you can strengthen your resilience, you can overcome setbacks and continue to look forward. But conflicts, crises and stress make it difficult for you. That's why you should know how to strengthen your resilience. This way you can better cope with problems and protect yourself from mental stress.

It's worth it, Resilience to learn. You can work on it every day. With targeted resilience exercises, you improve your psychological defenses. In this way, typical problems and dangers can be cushioned. Even high demands in everyday life do not represent too great a burden.

In extremely stressful phases, even a healthy mind can only isolate itself with difficulty. With the necessary resilience, however, you can withstand the crises. Especially in the hectic world of work, protecting your own resilience is enormously important. Our resilience building exercises will help you stay resilient and strong.

Strengthening resilience: How to train your resilience

Resilience refers to personal resilience. It has an important influence on mental well-being. Meanwhile, many speak Study results against the earlier opinion that resilience is innate. This means that you can strengthen resilience with resilience training and exercises.

So resilience is considered a dynamic process that you can influence throughout your life. This is not only important for your Self-confidencebut also for your ability to solve problems. So regardless of your family background, profession and other factors, you have the chance to train your resilience and become more resilient.

Even trauma can be better managed through strong resilience. A genetic predisposition to resilience may be present, as stated in some studiesbut resilience can be strengthened with targeted exercises.

3 resilience exercises for your personal strengthening

For the strengthening of the mental defenses, we give you three specific tips. With resilience training and exercises for inner balance, you optimize your inner resilience. Obstacles and conflicts no longer upset you, but become challenges. A problem turns into a task that you can solve with a little attention.

In this solution-oriented approach, looking to the future helps you. Positive and realistic optimism is just as valuable as the support of a network. By taking responsibility, you rise out of the Victim role off. You yourself decide on your solution.

If you want to strengthen your resilience, we will show you helpful exercises to promote resilience. In principle, you can always improve your own resilience. A look at three typical resilience exercises shows you how this works.

Exercise 1: Regeneration

Stress has a negative effect on the mental immune system, but resilience can be strengthened through regeneration. The focus here is on the interplay between tension and recovery. Stress leads to tension. Sleep is often not enough to relax: You need other, more efficient recovery methods.

A short Meditation brings you back into balance. One minute is enough: You only need a little time for the short mindfulness exercise. The one-minute meditation creates a temporal island of peace in which you pause and reflect. You can meditate sitting or lying down, whichever suits you better.

Close your eyes and breathe calmly, following the rhythm of the breath. Try to breathe into your belly and take your time slowly exhaling. With each breath that flows out of you, let some of the tension flow out. Focus on your body and make your Head free from all thoughts. This small care unit for your mind can be easily integrated into your daily work routine.

We also have this Meditation for beginners prepared, if you want a little guidance:

Resilience exercise 2: Be optimistic

A positive, optimistic attitude has a strengthening effect on resilience. This makes it all the more important to strengthen optimism. Realistic optimism has nothing to do with a naïve, unrealistic attitude. It is not based on castles in the air, but has a solid foundation.

Be happy about the good things in life. A gratitude journal or even a daily meditation on the beautiful experiences in everyday life helps. These can be small scenes that happen on the street or a nice surprise.

What are you grateful for? What were you happy about today? Write down the answers briefly or make them conscious in your mind. Looking at the positive images trains your optimism and gets you out of the psychological low.

Exercise 3: Formulate goals

You want to strengthen your resilience? Formulating a goal also plays a big role in resilience-building exercises. Planning towards the goal is also important. Think positive: It's easier to work towards something than away from something. This keeps the Motivation awake.

Failure doesn't have to be final, maybe you just need a little more time or a second try. That's why you should keep your plan simple and clear. Individual steps will eventually get you to your goal. It is important that you give the starting signal yourself and keep control over your own goal setting.

formulate goals

8 Tips for Everyday Resilience Exercises

Strengthening resilience in everyday life can be difficult at the beginning. On the one hand, you want to become immune to stress and strain as quickly as possible, but on the other hand, you can't escape these strains. That's why it's important that you get to know yourself better. With our tips, a resilience training and exercises, you will gain more Self-confidence and resilience.

  • Tip one: Get to know your own crisis competence. Take a few minutes and write down which small and larger crises you have already mastered.
  • Tip 2: Become aware of your everyday talents and abilities. Humor, curiosity, or perseverance? If you're not sure, get feedback from your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Tip Three: Reality check. Are you really in a crisis or are you creating your own problems? Perhaps you have too high expectations of yourself or invest too much time in trivial things.
  • Tip Four: Take a little time out at regular intervals to regenerate. Make lists of positive experiences or meditate to relax. The Mindfulness with yourself helps you to recognize your inner values and desires.
  • Tip 5: Don't put off decisions for too long. This will only increase the stress. You have to find your own way, which is not dependent on the ideas of other people.
  • Tip Six: Work on your social network and maintain your Relationships. With a healthy social life and good friends, you can strengthen your crisis skills and resilience.
  • Tip 7: Stay flexible and recognize opportunities. An offer of change can Fear because the new is difficult to assess. But if you are curious and open to new situations, you will look forward to a previously unknown challenge. It is worthwhile to respond to learning opportunities, unusual experiences and new encounters.
  • Tip 8: Use crises as resilience exercises. You don't need a difficult problem to do this. An unfriendly conversation partner or an annoying phone call - such situations are perfect for training. Change your perspective, be extra polite or make an unusual suggestion: This way you can find your very own strategies to strengthen your resilience.

Strengthening resilience - we show you how it works

You want to strengthen your resilience - we know how to do it. With our resilience training and exercises, you can move forward purposefully. Get to know your own strength and competence better in order to protect yourself against everyday and special stress factors.

Everyday life is impossible without stress, but some people seem to be able to withstand more resistance and setbacks than others. Our resilience building exercises will help you improve resilience and resilience. This will bring you new optimism and courage to face life.

If you rethink your attitude and keep yourself mentally fit with the necessary exercises, you can specifically strengthen your resilience. Your life will change positively. Take the first step and accept our free personality test part. After that, we continue with the strengthening of resilience.

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