Robert Betz: "You have everything in your heart to make you happy!"

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We are in the age of the very great transformation - this is the phase you are living in. "Some people queued up there for a long time to get a ticket," Robert Betz greets the audience at LIFEfest in Munich. His message: "You have everything in your heart to make you happy."

Open your mind and your heart

"There is a movement afoot, an upliftment of energy that touches us completely as energy beings. That asks us to become of a new spirit." The coach is certain: there is a quantum leap in the consciousness of most people in the next ten to 20 years. "A new era of peace, of the Golden Age, is beginning. Don't just watch it. Because then you can only live through this time. Join in by opening your mind and heart and remembering who we really are?"

"You are love. Your heart knows it."

If it's after Robert Betz then we should already instruct all children in kindergarten and school so that they can get pregnant with it and answer this question with a clear conscience at the age of 18. In the past, it was always stated with a strange undertone, "Who do you think you are?" And with that, we were taught as children: "You are nothing." And that contributed greatly to our story. We are now awakened by pain and bad experiences. There's a lot going on in the world, as well as in families. "You are love. Even if your head still has funny ideas about love. Your heart knows it," Robert Betz tells us.

You are love. Even if your head still has funny ideas about love. Your heart knows it.

Robert Betz

Discover the center of your love, joy and wisdom

In all areas, such as politics, the waves are very high. And for things to change, they have to be very high. That means we can expect things to come to a head in various areas - and not just in terms of the climate outside. The climate within us, in our families, in our companies, will also come to a head. Many things are coming to a head. This has to happen so that everyone realizes, "This is not the way it's done, it's different." That is, we are reminded that we are wonderful heart people and that our hearts are not just Leadership has. It is the center of our love, joy and wisdom. This heart shows us every day what feels coherent: your partnership, your work, your friendships.

Listen to your heart: Come into your creative power

There are some who say, "Why, everything fits me." But this answer is no longer enough. You are being massively challenged to listen to your heart. We are being led back to ourselves. And you decide if you're ready to come back into your creativeness. That means you decide every day in which way you interact with your partner, with your children, colleagues or neighbours. Through this "shake and shiver" time, we are now moved to look. Am I going through my days consciously or unconsciously, with clarity or ambiguity?

Out of the old shoes

Without exception, we have all learned to walk in shoes that are so painful by now that they will not be usable for years to come. The oldest shoe is "I have to earn the love and attention". As a child, this is true because that's when you're still physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially dependent. That's when you need that dependence on mom, dad, or someone else. But we don't learn that when we're 18 we can say, "Hey! What my parents used to give me, I get to give myself today." You have everything in your heart to make yourself happy - encourages the Transformational Therapist.

Learn to accept yourself

You don't need a partner for that either. From this expectation, however, has stuck with many: I have to please the other person. But now you may decide for yourself to accept yourself and to learn to love. You may also come to peace with all that you have done so far. You have always done your best - but so have your ex-partner, your mother, your father and your siblings. And you may open yourself to this thought and feel, "Could this be?". What does your heart tell you?

Take responsibility for your life

Another old shoe is sacrificing yourself for others and not confusing that with love. These people who have always given everything for others over the years still become a great burden to everyone else. Caring brings a whole lot of grief later on. And now she (usually the mom) gets to learn to take care of herself. "Take responsibility for your happiness! Otherwise, later you'll sit with your therapist and say: After all I've done... Unless you honor and love and cherish yourself, it's written on your forehead: Please don't love me! Some others say: Please smack me!", Robert Betz finds clear words on this heart issue.

Have the courage to be truthful

Robert Betz appeals: Have the courage to be truthful, to explore what you think about yourself as a woman, as a man. What do you think about your body? Do you love your creations? Do you love your feelings? Do you love the little child inside you?

The greatest emotion is fear

We are a mental being, have beliefs and Beliefs and they create something. That is energy going into the world. It's creating something. It comes back to us and reveals itself in front of us as what we have created. That which we have created here, we have thought into being. We are emotional beings to do that, because with our thoughts, especially our judgmental thoughts. Each one of us here is creating 10-12 emotions right now, but we're not being given any guidance on how to deal with them.

The greatest emotion is fear.

Robert Betz

The biggest emotion is fear. As a child we are already afraid of being abandoned, of not getting enough love, of failing, of failing. We are afraid that dad and mom will break up. Later, we're afraid we won't get the To find the meaning of life. We are afraid of illness, pain and death. "And I invite you not to run away from your fears, but to turn towards them. It is not your enemy. Fear is your baby. You have it created through your thoughts. Be aware that you can change everything you have created. As long as you believe it was someone else, your hands are tied. You can therefore first allow a change in your thoughts, emotions and feelings."

"Listen to your body, open your heart!"

Your body is your best messenger for all conditions that are no longer coherent. Now in this time we may take responsibility for the symptoms. Because shame, guilt or Jealousy we repress everything in our bodies. Open your heart for a new path.

  1. You have the limitless creative power within you.
  2. Take responsibility for your feelings such as fear, shame or smallness.
  3. Take 1-1.5 hours for yourself at a time. We are now motivated to stop to orient yourself, whether you love what you are living right now.
  4. Change your priorities: ask yourself the questions, "Do you enjoy life right now?". There are no mistakes, you may be asked to approach things differently: "What am I doing and how am I doing it?"
  5. Bring order to your inner life and your outer life will follow.

Realize now what is the most important thing in your life

Realize that you are living at an incredibly important time in Earth's history. Take it as a huge privilege and that you have the choice to distinguish the important from the less important. The only important thing here is to remember that you are your most important life. Your heart can tell you the truth. But the power and might and wisdom of love you can only follow if you are willing. The judging is coming to an end now. The spirit world says the hospitals will be as empty in 20 years as your churches are today. You will see time perceived differently. It will disappear because time is a construct. Say to yourself: I am willing with my heart to look behind the mask of arguing and judging people. Realize now what is most important in your life!


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