Sarah Chernigov: "Here's how to beat your eating disorder!"

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Sarah Chernigov: "Here's how to beat your eating disorder!

Maybe you've heard the phrase, "You may care more about your diet?" Sure. But, are you also convinced that you don't have time for that? "It's a dilemma," finds Sarah Chernigov. "Because, after all, we have to eat every day - but we don't have time for it." During her appearance at the Speaker's Night at the Volksbühne am Rudolfplatz, the speaker shared a very personal experience on the topic close to her heart - nutrition. Because it took Sarah a long time to beat her eating disorder. Learn more now.

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"What priority do you place on nutrition?"

Sarah quotes an English writer who once said, "It is not time that passes more quickly today than it used to. It is only that we run past it more hurriedly." - "He published this wisdom 80 years ago - well before Instagram. But what is it really about? Isn't it more about where we set our priorities?" she asks the audience.

Every single one of us is a giant calculating machine. Even the one with the F in math. Whenever I say I don't have time for something..: "Something else is more important to me right now. None of us have to go to work on Monday. None of us have to eat that burger and fries. BUT: While we're on the subject of food - it doesn't take any longer to order a salad."

Excuses upon excuses when it comes to eating right.

Before you decide what to eat today, you probably start a real mental merry-go-round: "Once is no time", "That's too healthy for me", "Better later than never", "I don't like it", "I've already been through all the diets anyway!" - and today is Cheat Day! Or weekend, Christmas, I'm off work. I've earned it... There are plenty of excuses for you not to care about your diet right now.

Sarah Chernigov: "I make healthy eating easy!"

Are there possibly people around you who always have to make everything really complicated? "Some time ago I bought the brand No time to eat ...I've been working on. Because I realized that we all don't have time for nutrition. And I make healthy eating easy," explains Sarah Tschernigow, who herself suffered from an eating disorder.

"The question is, after all, in the age of Google and YouTube, is it about knowledge or rather about choices? It's true: our time is limited. We often forget that in everyday life. All we see is the clock with the numbers from one to twelve. The hand turns and turns. But our life is not like that. It's more like an hourglass. Every grain of life time that has seeped through at the bottom is gone!"

Valuable nutrition tip

Time is the most valuable asset - it says, "I maintain that our energy is our most valuable asset. Have you ever asked yourself what kind of energy you want? A Porsche or a Fiat Panda? If you choose a Porsche, what do you fill it up with? Do you use premium fuel or Diet Coke? The truth is, it's all about choices. I get asked a lot what my best nutrition tip is when I don't have time?"

"Then I'll answer: How do you want to feel all day? Not in the sense of "What do I still have to do?" Sarah Tschernigow finds that Germans in particular have a lot of time on their hands when it comes to planning their holiday in detail: when to check in? Where should we reserve the sunbeds? When will there be food and where? "These same people supposedly don't have time to think about how they might feel good the rest of the year," she laments. "Most don't ask themselves the question: 'What do I want in my life?"

Sarah Chernigov: "We live in a 'me must' society!"

Sarah Tschernigow has gained an experience: "Most people think all day long: 'I have to!' - followed by: 'And what might others think about what I'm doing?' Welcome to the 'I have to' society! Have you looked at that word? Do you know what it means?

  • M= Mache
  • U= Involuntary
  • S= Selfless
  • S= Things

I do involuntary altruistic things! We don't have to watch what we eat. We have to watch Sugar Don't reduce. But, a quick shift in perspective: maybe we want to - because we want to feel good all day!"

When an "I need to lose weight" becomes an eating disorder

Sarah Chernigov knows a true story about a "must have" person. A young woman in her late 20s, Sarah gives her the alias "Steffi." "Everything in her head was always about what she needed to get done in her life. One morning, Steffi stands in front of the mirror and thinks to herself: 'I need to lose weight.' Being an absolute doer, Steffi decides to embark on a weight loss program.

The first measures are quickly implemented. She really gets into her goal. First she was ridiculed, then admired. And nothing motivates us more than success and recognition. But after about three to four months, Steffi's plan tips over: She feels tired and exhausted. She would much rather go to the cinema with her friends again instead of doing sport compulsively.

One evening she comes home completely exhausted. Alone she sits in her apartment. And her heart is as heavy as her gym bag. She feels an emptiness - and fills it with chocolate. It doesn't stop there... She slips into an eating disorder - alone she can't beat it. And yet she doesn't ask herself at the time: 'What do I actually want?' Because then the inner voice in her head would also become quieter - the one that keeps telling you: 'You're not good enough. You don't have discipline and you're not lovable.'"

Sarah Chernigov: "I decided to beat my eating disorder!"

"I told you Steffi was here today. She is standing in front of you and her name is Sarah. "I was driven for ages by a permanent... "I have to. Through coaching, I realized that I don't have to do anything... Except to be maximally happy! Happiness is a choice. And beating the eating disorder. My choice. After all, each of us is just the sum of many small and big decisions in our lives. And by the way, not doing things is also a choice! And you can make them every day. You don't have to be afraid of anything!", motivates Sarah.

"What do you want?"

Remember, we're all genius calculating machines. Even you, with that F in math. And we weigh our advantages all the time. "In order to make decisions that we also feel good about, we're all allowed to take a big step away from: 'I have to,'" Sarah knows from experience. "Instead, regularly ask yourself: 'What do I actually want?"

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