Saving your relationship, but how - 9 tips for a fresh start

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Saving your relationship, but how - 9 tips for a fresh start

Over time, every relationship is put to the test. Small or big problems occur every now and then. This is normal and part of the love life. Now and then, however, larger crises come to the fore and suddenly you are faced with the question of whether you can save your own relationship. 

To give you the answer in advance: Yes, Relationship crises can be overcome. Passion can return and the relationship can become even more intimate. In this article, we'll tell you what you need to do to achieve this. All in all, you will receive from us 9 valuable tipsthat you can use to save your relationship.

The 5 most common reasons for relationship crises

"All relationships go through hard times, but only the strong get through them."

- Anurag Prakash Ray

Before we get to how to save a relationship, we first need to look at how relationship crises happen in the first place. And that's why in the following we would like to show you the 5 most common reasons who contribute to the fact that the house is once again crooked.

Living on borrowed time

Even in partnerships, we remain independent living beings with individual interests, hobbies and preferences. That is perfectly fine and an important part healthy relationships.

It only becomes problematic when we live past each other, deprive our partner of attention and no longer share moments together.

As soon as the distance in the relationship is constantly increasing, the alarm bells should ring very loudly with us. Because probably soon we will find ourselves in a situation where we need to save our relationship.

External burdens

Stress at work, a death in the family or arguments with the tax office can have a negative impact on a relationship. Because when the package we carry around is too big, we also suffer psychologically.

For this reason, it is immensely important that we find solutions for external burdens. If we do not succeed, we still have the possibility to talk openly with our partner.

Reasons for relationship crises

Lack of communication

You: "Honey, where are you going?"
He: "Ehm, I have a date with the boys for soccer."

You: "You're not serious, are you? Monika and Bernd are coming over for dinner today."
He's like, "How? When did you tell me about this?"

We are all familiar with a similar conversation. Suddenly a fight breaks out, because once again it was not communicated clearly. As soon as such arguments accumulate, which could have been prevented with a little more attention, the relationship can suffer significantly.

And that's why it's immensely important to communicate openly in the relationship, so that your partner doesn't feel put out and left out.

Unmet needs

Whether on a sexual or spiritual level, everyone has needs that they want to satisfy. However, these needs are very rarely openly communicated to the partner, which can lead to quite a lot of frustration.

Open communication is therefore again an important topic. Because the partner must know what is going on inside oneself. Only then can the partner respond accordingly and help to satisfy mental or sexual Needs contribute. In other words, talking about unmet needs can save your relationship.

Falling in love & cheating

First, the bad news: Every fifth German living in a partnership cheats. Ouch! That's a frighteningly high number that makes your blood run cold.

In this context, however, you need to know: Every Cheating is preceded by a reason. This means that in a happy relationship, your partner's heart and body belong to you alone.

Relationship in jeopardy

7 signs that your relationship is in danger

"A lot of problems in this world would go away if we stopped talking over each other and started talking to each other."

 - Joe Shetty

A relationship does not break up for no reason. Behind it there is always a longer process that is decisive for the breakup. And that is why it is even more important to recognize signs that are the reason for a Separation are.

After all, we all want to save a relationship in crisis. In order for you to succeed, we would like to show you the 7 most common signs by which you can recognize that your relationship is in danger.

Constant recriminations

"He's in Berlin again with his friends for the weekend? Hm, he must have someone else. I'm sure he's cheating on me. Just wait, let him come home. Then I'll give him a real telling off."

As soon as the Trust is lost in the relationship, it can only be salvaged with the greatest of effort. After all, trust is ultimately the foundation on which a healthy and happy relationship can thrive.

No desire for closeness & sex

Your partner wants to have sex and you prefer to turn to the side? Your partner cuddles up to you and you feel uncomfortable? You find touching your partner unpleasant?

Oh dear, if that is the case, then the house is very crooked. Because how can a happy relationship work without closeness? That's right, it can't! If the physical closeness is missing, then also the closeness in the heart.

Dispute out of nowhere

Honey, you didn't take out the garbage again. You said you were going to take care of that light bulb in the basement last week. I'm tired of you leaving your stuff everywhere and me always having to clean up after you."

Behind an "argument out of nowhere" is often a deep-seated frustration. There can be many reasons for this. The quarrel itself is simply a channel through which the frustration is carried to the outside. In truth, however, behind it is the statement: "Gee, we have a problem. I want to talk about it, but I don't know how. Please, I want to save our relationship."

Hardly any communication

He: "Honey, how was your day?"
You: "Good."
He: "That's it?"
You: "Yes."
He's like, "Are you serious?"

Such a simple conversation can, under certain circumstances, get out of hand and lead to an argument. But what is the reason why communication is so scarce in this case? Behind it often lies a conflict with the partner, which has not yet been expressed and is already bubbling inside like a volcano.

Shared moments are rare

When was the last time you and your partner magical moment in your relationship? When was the last time you gazed into the clouds in love and wondered, lost in dreams, what lies beyond the stars?

Magical moments in a relationship are immensely important. They are the mortar that long Relationships alive hold. If such moments are missing, then the cement that holds a happy relationship constitutes.

gossip among friends

"Man, Walter has really let himself go. He used to take better care of me. It really bugs me how he always smacks his lips when he eats. He's a human being, not a barbarian."

If you vomit about your partner to friends, then this is a sign that something is going violently wrong in the relationship. Because why should you blaspheme behind the back of the partner about this, if not already a huge rift has opened up. Rather, you should talk with the partner about differences, because only then you can save his relationship.

Saving a relationship when your partner no longer wants it?

If the partner no longer seems interested in the relationship, it is important to seek an open dialog to understand the true feelings and needs of both parties. It can be helpful to respect personal boundaries, show patience and possibly seek professional help. Sometimes a break or distance can open up new perspectives. It is important to stay true to yourself and recognize when it is time to let go if the relationship can no longer be saved.

When can a relationship no longer be saved?

A relationship may no longer be salvageable if fundamental values and goals are not aligned, if trust has been destroyed by repeated lies or deceit, or if communication and conflict resolution consistently fail. A lack of mutual respect, emotional or physical abuse, and a lack of commitment to the relationship are other signs that a breakup may be the healthier option. In such cases, it may be important to prioritize your own well-being and seek support from friends, family or professional counselors.

Saving a relationship: is it worth the effort?

"Our greatest weakness is giving up. The surest way to succeed is to try again."

- Thomas A. Edison

Yes, it is always right and important to fight for a person to whom you have given your heart at some point. After all, you also had times when you laughed together, cried with joy and lovingly lay in each other's arms.

These moments can recur. To make sure you succeed, we would like to present you with 9 useful tips below, which you can use to make your Save relationship and again a thoroughly happy partnership can lead.

Save relationship

How do I save my relationship? 9 tips for a fresh start

"Problems are part of life, and if you miss sharing them with the person who loves you, you rob them of the chance to love you even more."

- Dinah Shore

How do I save my relationship, you ask? With the following 9 tips, we want to help you rekindle the fire of passion in your relationship. The tips are suitable for every phase of a break-up and are also extremely effective if you want to save your relationship.

1. admit mistakes

Neither you nor your partner are perfect. You both made mistakes that hurt the other person. At first it may have felt like a stab in the heart, but it's not the end of the world.

Admitting mistakes requires strength, but at the same time can be liberating and the foundation to give the relationship a new chance. Therefore, always have the courage to honestly admit your mistakes and to correct them.

2. address differences

You can only look in your partner's head. What happens in his head, you can not know. So if there are differences in the room, then you should definitely address them.

Because a clarifying conversation can work wonders. In this way, differences that prevent you from having a happy, contented and, above all, a good life can be resolved. fulfilled relationship to lead.

3. love takes time

A relationship crisis does not disappear just because it has been addressed. It needs Timeso that the fire of passion can be rekindled. And that is why it is important not to rush things in a crisis.

It is important to Dear to give it time to develop again. With Pressure, on the other hand, achieves You only do the opposite and make your partner distance himself from you.

4. magic moments

A relationship needs magic moments. These lead to feelings that feel like a roller coaster ride. Such an adrenaline rush that makes you and your partner release happiness hormones can be planned.

What have you always wanted to do with your partner? What adventure did you want to go on together? What great moments did you want to share that painted happiness on your face?

5. arguing properly

Fighting's a good thing? Yes, you just have to know how to do it. You have to realize one thing: There are two versions of arguing. In the first version, the argument has a cursing character. This is destructive and damages your relationship.

In the second version, you just let off steam and scream your frustration at the top of your lungs, only to come back to a common denominator afterwards. The other person will understand this kind of argument and will not be angry with you. In this way, you can even save a relationship in the end.

6. try something new

Over the years, a relationship can seem like a roundabout. Everything repeats itself and there are hardly any new experiences to get the blood pumping. Again, it's up to you what you make of the situation.

It is you who determines the direction in which your relationship develops and therefore it is again in your hand, what you make of the situation. To bring some fire into your relationship, it is therefore immensely important that you constantly test new things.

7. forgive your partner

You have flaws. Your partner has flaws. After all, you are both people and people make mistakes. What matters is how you deal with mistakes and how you react to them.

For example, if your partner has said something that has offended you, then you should not carry this around with your partner forever. Because he probably only said it in an argument and did not mean it as seriously as you interpreted it.

8. leave room for maneuver

You are an independent person. Your partner is an independent person. Although you should of course have things in common, you also need your own hobbies, interests and preferences.

For this you need to give each other the appropriate space so that you don't squat on each other all day and get tired of each other. Because although it sounds contradictory: Sometimes you need distance to create closeness. It is precisely this distance that can save a relationship.

9. work on yourself

Working on oneself is the key to being able to be happy with one's fellow human beings as well. For this reason, working on oneself, personal growth and reflecting on one's self is important in order to achieve a lead happy relationship to be able to.

Saving a marriage through distance

Sometimes distance in a marriage can act as a kind of reboot, giving both partners the opportunity to reflect on their feelings and desires. This physical and emotional space can help them to change their perspective, recognize their own needs and revive their appreciation for each other. It is important to accompany this process with open communication and clear agreements in order to avoid misunderstandings and set common goals for the future of the relationship.

Saving a relationship after cheating

Saving a relationship after cheating requires work, forgiveness and the willingness of both partners to work on the relationship. Open communication, building trust and understanding the causes of cheating are essential. Couples therapy or coaching can be supportive in addressing the underlying issues and finding new ways to connect. It is important to give yourself time and take steps towards healing both individually and together.

When is it better to separate?

Separation may be the better decision if ongoing conflict, lack of communication and lack of trust dominate the relationship. When attempts to resolve issues fail or when emotional or physical abuse is involved, a separation may be necessary to ensure the well-being of both partners. It is important to be honest with yourself and recognize when the differences are irreconcilable and shared happiness no longer seems achievable in the long term.

Conclusion: Yes, you can save your relationship and be happy again

"Behind every happy couple are two people who have fought hard to remove all obstacles to their happiness."

- Kim George 

In this article you have learned what is the reason why partnerships fail, on which Signs you can recognize a love crisis and how you can can save.

We sincerely hope that our tips will help you to save your relationship and have a happy partnership, so that soon you will be a fulfilled life can enjoy in full joy.

Do you really want to finally live in a perfect partnership? In our free mini-course "How to learn how to have a happy relationship" we show you exactly that. You will also learn how to create a relationship at eye level, how to dissolve negative and repetitive patterns in relationships and how to create a vision for a fulfilling partnership in the future! 


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