Self-realization, how does it work? 5 steps to the new you

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Self-realization, how does it work? 5 steps to the new you

What are you striving for in your life right now? What is your theme that is currently occupying you? Is it the job that is no longer fun? The relationship that is not going so well or do you even wish you had one? What are you missing for your self-actualization? What are you missing that makes you feel completely happy? Many of us are constantly striving for happiness: in love, in food, in leisure. That is, we see happiness as a result of emotionally joyful external circumstances. A sick person, for example, thinks that he would only be able to be happy if he were only healthy.

True satisfaction = self-realization in life

But how can it be explained that many rich, healthy and extremely successful people are plagued by melancholy or even depression? Why do we know many examples of high life satisfaction despite poor financial opportunities and limited possibilities for material development? One possible explanation was provided by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow († 1970): "True Satisfaction in life does not result from stringing together as many moments of joy and fun as possible, but from striving for self-realization in life."

You want self-realization? Change your thoughts

A first step towards your self-realization, is to change your thoughts. "That changes your life too," knows LIFEcoach Laura Malina Seiler. "Accordingly, we never see what is, but always only what we perceive and evaluate through our self-formed filter. The more emotionally charged these experiences have been - mostly through formative experiences in childhood - the more they influence our perception", Laura describes in her Book "May You Be Happy". The older we get and the more experiences we have, the more inner beliefs we develop. Either by taking them over from outside, or because we create them ourselves via our thoughts.

For more self-realization: Free yourself from your lack thinking

"Freeing yourself from the old lack thinking of the ego and connecting with your Higher Self means returning to your true essence one step at a time. It's your soul's call reminding you to recognize who you really are - and helping you reconnect with the universal consciousness that created everything," Laura explains. "Your soul is a part of that limitless consciousness that has chosen a human body in this lifetime so that it can experience and express itself through it."

With meditations to self-realization

Use the Meditate for you - not just to steer your thoughts in a different direction. It is the second key to your self-realization. Because with meditation you not only give yourself time for yourself, but you also concentrate on yourself. And only on you.

  1. Start with short meditation sessions. 10 minutes is already enough for the beginning to get into practice.
  2. Focus on your breath. Meditating helps you to get distance from your thoughts. To do this, the first step is to learn to consciously control your attention. Choose for the Meditation a quiet place and close your eyes. At the beginning, concentrate only on your breath. Does it flow slowly, does it flow quickly? Just notice everything.
  3. To free yourself from negative and limiting thoughts, you can use the mantra "Let go". Repeat "Let go" in your mind every time you inhale and "Let go" when you exhale.
  4. Develop a routine: Before meditation quickly becomes a victim of your busy schedule, start it in the morning right after you get up.
  5. Become the observer of your thoughts! One goal of meditating is to realize that you are not "being" your thoughts, but rather the energy through which thoughts can flow. You are the endless consciousness that can observe the thoughts and thus also distance yourself from them.

For your self-realization: Reflect on your values

The third keys to your self-realization, is the Reflection of your values. In which area of your life are you currently stagnating? Take some time to think about which Values that are important to you in the relationship, for example.

  • Dedication
  • Passion
  • Lust
  • Drop
  • Humor, laughing together
  • Openness
  • honesty
  • Trust
  • Lightness
  • Erotic
  • Adventure

Which of these values do you live, which ones have you neglected or even completely disregarded? calm? You can also apply this exercise to your job, your children or yourself.

Self-realization: Let yourself be attracted by the version of the future

The fourth key to your self-realization is surrender, trust and clarity: letting go. To let go and surrender is to act out of ourselves, out of our heart. Everything is connected. Everything is one. Let us return to this origin. To do this, we need to intervene in this principle much less often than we think. What needs to happen, just happens. It unfolds through us. "Give the infinite potential that surrounds you the opportunity to unfold. Follow the natural course of things. And everything becomes so much easier," LIFEcoach Christina Grahn-Hommelsheim knows from experience.

Let go!

"You get to learn to let go. Let go. Surrender. Instead of doing too much, you now come into your pure clarity: who are you really? Where do you want to go? How do you want to live? Set a magnet and let yourself be drawn to the vision of the future. Trust in yourself and your future. It gives you clarity," is Christina's tip. "Choose from the sea of possibilities where you want your journey to go!"

You are the creator of your life

The fifth key to your self-realization is the vision. Link your vision to emotions and your values like mindfulness, gratitude, Self-love. You can create a mind movie with various free apps. Or you can get yourself a pinboard and fill it with all the things you want to attract into your life. And then feel your way into the new you: Like you're already living in the new you. How do you walk? How does it feel inside you? Can you feel the Enthusiasm feel in the whole body? Then let it be there and expand and expand. Don't rein in your vision: think big and put the craziest ideas in there. Take a maximum of 5 minutes once a day to meet with the new you. Knock on the door and say hello to your new life!


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