Shary Reeves 3/3: How to find the way to yourself

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Shary Reeves 3/3: How to find the way to yourself

For Shary Reeves death is a part of life. In the interview she says: "We like to suppress the ugliness or push it away. We imagine it as something that might happen to others, but not to us. In our minds, we have nothing to do with it. But we need to be aware that these things are just so part of life." When Shary Reeves' foster mother, one of the most important people in her life, died, the 44-year-old consciously took time to grieve. 

But at the same time she was happy and grateful - happy for the great time together and grateful for all the good conversations. She says: "These are the things we should see and feel after a death. I was sad, but on the other hand, there were so many great years together to be thankful for. It wasn't easy, but I found a way to deal with it. Everyone can find a way to cope. Because at the end of the day, the path always leads to you."

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Shary Reeves: "Nothing can really knock me out anymore!"

The fact that her brother, father and foster mother are no longer alive has had a huge impact on Shary Reeves. She reveals: "Nothing can really knock me down anymore. Even if I have tax debts, I know where they come from: Therefore, that I experienced something for two years that took me out of my actual life situation. During that time, I lived outside of my active living space. I have always tried to explain and understand situations. And it's also good that something like that happens to you. Because it brings the really important things back up to a higher level."

Against the current

Friendships and a deep trust are something that many people in the media and show business lack, according to Shary Reeves. But she herself has never gone with the flow and says: "I have very close relationships and, figuratively speaking, I just take forks in the stream. The goal is the same: At the end of the day, we die - and hopefully live a happy life before that."

Shary Reeves: "I feel home in my heart!"

Particularly important qualities for Shary Reeves include creativity and the ability to think outside the box. The climate, the environment, sports and music are also important to her. A colorful spectrum, then - just as colorful and diverse as Shary Reeves' life. She is convinced that these are precisely the subjects that should be taught much more in schools. For the presenter, by the way, home is what she feels in her heart. She is at home in herself and so close to herself that she doesn't need a geographical description of a place that reflects the feeling of home for her. She says, "When I am at peace with myself, I can be at home anywhere."

For more helpfulness

Another last aspect is particularly important to Shary Reeves: helpfulness. She herself is very social and gets involved wherever she can. She thinks: "Willingness to help is an instinctive Trait. To all those who are not helpful: With respect, but that's not possible! All over the world there are people who can be helped. Helping is what brings us together at the end of the day. For me, it's perfectly normal. I like to help and I don't need to get anything in return."


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